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Five Ways to Keep Chinese New Year’s Traditions Alive With millions of people of Chinese birth or descent living outside the territories of the People’s Republic of China, the influences of this diverse ethnic group on other cultures have been substantial. From cuisine and art to technology and medicine, there is simply no denying that the Chinese have contributed substantially to many countries around the world.

Chinese descendents and expatriates have also carried on the traditions of their culture by celebrating holidays such as Chinese New Year. Public celebrations of this Chinese holiday include parades and parties that take place in many cities around the world. However, for those living in regions with smaller Chinese populations, celebrations are often limited to private get-togethers with family and friends. And, it can be challenging for those outside of larger urban areas to find the traditional foods and items needed for a proper New Year’s celebration. Yet, there are ways to keep Chinese New Year’s traditions alive. With the following tips, you’ll be well on your way to creating a meaningful and traditional holiday. Clean Your House

A pre-holiday cleaning is essential for preparing a home for the festivities. Sweeping away any bad luck which may have collected over the past year symbolically gets everyone ready for the upcoming celebration. Decorate Chinese New Year is the time to decorate in the lucky color of red. Hang lanterns and adorn doors and windows with traditional paper cuts. Templates for papercuts and other supplies can be purchased online through specialty retailers such as Fun Alliance and Oriental Trading. Make Dumplings on New Year’s Eve Families getting together and preparing food is very important to carrying on the traditions of Chinese New Year. On New Year’s Eve, Chinese dumplings (Jiaozi) are made, and a coin is placed in one for a recipient who will receive good luck in the coming year. For Chinese dumpling recipes, go to http: / / w w Call Home using MRT Have family or friends in China? Call them for free during Chinese New Year using MediaRing Talk PC to Phone service. Reaching out to loved ones during the holiday is not only traditional, it’s also a great way to stay connected. To make a free call to landlines and mobile phones in China and seven other global destinations, go to . Give Out Money Packets Called “leisee”, the red packets decorated with gold symbols and filled with money are a common Chinese New Year’s tradition. They are usually handed out to children or adults who are not married, and frequently contain money in denominations that represent lucky numbers such as 88 or 168. For more information checkout here,

Five Ways to Keep Chinese New Year’s Traditions Alive