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Five Reasons Why You Need VoIP Out of all of the countless online tools that are available to internet users, voice over internet protocol technology (VoIP) remains one of the most powerful and versatile.

VoIP or internet phone technology allows us to communicate less expensively, more efficiently, and in ways that bring real value to both our personal and professional lives. Since being introduced to consumers over ten years ago, the number of VoIP users has grown tremendously, and millions more are joining the conversation online as technology continues to improve. For those who are reluctant to experiment with new technology, VoIP has such real-life applications that they might want to give it a try. Fortunately, it’s

incredibly easy to use and the benefits are immediate. If you’re not already reaping the benefits of being a VoIP user, here are five reasons why you should be. Cheap Long Distance If you make long distance calls, particularly to other countries, you can save considerably on per minute rates using VoIP. In some cases, you can even make free calls. For example, VoIP provider MediaRing Talk offers free PC Phone call to over 200 global destinations and free international calls to landlines and mobile phones in eight countries. You Can Use VoIP with Your Mobile Phone Roaming charges for long distance mobile phone calls can be outrageously expensive even if you have a good calling plan. A growing number of VoIP providers are now offering solutions for their users to enjoy cheap phone calls using their technology, helping them save a substantial amount on their monthly bill. Voice Conferencing Voice conferencing has been used for business applications for quite a few years. However, now individuals can take advantage of VoIP providers’ free voice conferencing tools to chat with friends and families. The ability to start an impromptu online conversation that spans multiple countries is enabling people to communicate in ways that they never thought were possible. Good Backup Communications When You’re Traveling If you travel on business, you probably carry your laptop as well as a mobile phone. You’ve most likely also experienced having a dead phone battery or dropped calls because of spotty reception. Having the ability to call from your computer is a great backup solution for any business traveler. It works even when there is poor cell phone coverage, and it’s always available if you have your computer and a connection to the Internet.

Useful Tool When You Want to Work from Home Even if you haven’t joined the legions of telecommuters, you might want to work from home every once in a while when you’re under the weather or need a break from the office. VoIP technology is a flexible communication solution that allows you to chat with coworkers and clients around the world without

having to spend a fortune on a pricy telecommunications system. Simply download the software and start working. Yes, it’s really that simple!

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Five Reasons Why You Need VoIP  

Out of all of the countless online tools that are available to internet users, voice over internet protocol technology (VoIP) remains one of...

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