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Beyond the Hype of Skype There are many brand names that have become synonymous with products. Everything from Kleenex. Band-Aids, and Scotch Tape to Post-its, Lego’s, and Jell- O have been etched into the colloquialisms that most of use every day Even in the fast-paced technology market, there are brands that have inched forward into becoming generalized trademarks.

Google and Twitter have

become commonplace action verbs, and many consumers are now not even aware that Xerox, White-Out, and Teleprompter are actually trademarked brands. One brand that has also been heading down the path of becoming generalized is Skype. It’s often now used to mean any type of voice over internet protocol (VoIP) service. We’ve all heard someone say that they’re going to “Skype” someone, when, in actuality, they are using Skype’s consumer VoIP service to make a call over the Internet. No doubt, Skype is an industry leader, and their brand name has a catchy and memorable ring to it. However, Skype is by no means the only VoIP provider out there. In fact, there are many others that are revolutionizing the market by developing new technologies and offering increasingly competitive pricing. Some providers such as Jajah and Bubble Motion are leading the way with bringing together VoIP and social media. Calls can now be made on Twitter, and voice-blogging for mobile phones is even now a reality. MediaRing Talk , a long established leader in VoIP , has focused on a global market by providing the lowest rates to over 220 countries around the world. With rates that are often about a penny a minute, many consumers, who rely on VoIP technology to stay connected with their loved ones, have discovered that Skype isn’t the only game in town when it comes to making cheap calls. As technologies continue to evolve and long distance pricing continues to be highly competitive, there will undoubtedly be even more pressure on Skype. Consumers will increasingly realize that Skype isn’t their only option, and, in fact, it might not be the best choice depending on how they are using the technology.

Whether or not Skype becomes as synonymous with VoIP as Kleenex is to tissues remains to be seen. However, it is becoming increasingly unlikely as we all become more knowledgeable about the technology and more inclined to use it as a primary source of voice communications. For








Beyond the Hype of Skype