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American Idol Season 9 Fans Can Place Their Votes Faster and Easier Using MediaRing Talk - Free Internet Phone Service Used by Over 3 Million Gives American Idol Fans a Better Solution for Casting Votes. American Idol Season 9 is officially off and running and voting begins this week. Just as in past seasons of the hit show, internet phone provider, MediaRing Talk , is offering viewers a quick, easy, and free solution for casting their votes for their favorite idols.

While viewers have phoned in and texted their votes for the last eight seasons of American Idol, internet phone technology has become the new and improved way for placing votes. By enabling quick dialing and free calls within the United States, MediaRing Talk will continue to attract a growing number of Idol fans who want a better solution for voting this season. …And what a season of Idol it’s gearing up to be. With Ellen DeGeneres now sitting alongside Simon, Randy, and Kara this season, television’s No. 1 hit series is poised to be full of laughs, excitement, and many surprises. With past winners and contestants that include Kelly Clarkson, Carry Underwood, Adam Lampert, Chris Daughtry, Clay Aiken, and Jennifer

Hudson, there is no disputing that true talent is found on American Idol. This is why so many viewers participate in the voting. Last year’s American Idol finale received nearly 100 million votes. Although AT&T continues to be the official telecom sponsor of American Idol, it still does not have internet phone service available in many markets across the United States. In the areas where it is available, phone service with unlimited calling within the United States is priced from about $30.00 when it’s bundled with cable television service. With over 3 million users, and thousands more signing up every day, MediaRing Talk is quickly gaining ground in the internet phone market. By offering free PC to PC calls and free PC to landline and mobile phone calls to eight countries including the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, and China , more and more individuals are choosing to use MediaRing Talk for voting for their American Idol favorites and for staying connected with friends and family across the country and around the world. American Idol fans can take advantage of MediaRing Talk’s free VoIP calling services throughout this season and can also utilize many of its other highly useful features including multi- user voice conferencing which has allowed fans to connect and chat about contestants and judges in conference calls of up to five participants. To take advantage of free calls and the many other services that MediaRing Talk enables, go to . About MediaRing Talk MediaRing Talk is a pioneering VoIP provider that offers unlimited free PC to PC calls worldwide, free PC to phone service to eight countries, instant text messaging, voice conferencing, text collaboration, and many other features. MediaRing Talk also provides highly competitive rates to landline and mobile phones to all other global destinations. To learn more, go to For more information checkout here, http: / / w w


American Idol Season 9 2010  
American Idol Season 9 2010  

American Idol Season 9 is officially off and running and voting begins this week. Just as in past seasons of the hit show, internet phone pr...