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Windows and grouts are the expensive objects in your home. They are made of porous materials it is our duty to keep it clean. To prevent glasses from degradation we need to follow certain tips to keep windows and grouts healthier.

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Stop using hard brushes while rubbing :

If you don’t want any scratch on your grout and windows, be generous while cleaning windows and grouts.

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Don’t scratch the windows or grouts : Scrubbing and scratching of windows to remove stains with finger nails or any other pointy substances remains scratches on the surface.

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Take care of proper hygiene while using modern chemical cleansers : Precautions should be maintained while cleaning the windows and grouts with harmful and toxic chemicals

Apart from toxic chemical cleanser we can also use homemade chemical cleanser like Products like vinegar, soap or baking soda, a smooth piece of sponge and some hot water.

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Protect your finger tips and nails : Cover your all sensitive areas like skin, face, finger tips while washing windows and grouts to avoid hazards.

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Avoid ultra high pressure :

While power washing always use moderate pressure to clean your windows to avoid breakage of windows

Honestly, cleaning of windows and grouts reflects ones personality and defines the way of living of individuals. So, it is our duty to keep our windows, grouts and other living places hygienic and clean. 516 Brookway Drive Charlottesville, Virginia-22901 PH: (434)906-9228 USA

Cleaning of windows and grouts 5 necessary tips to follow