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C r e p u s c u l a r

PHILIP MOUNT Crepuscular

6 – 29 October 2016


UK-born abstract painter Philip Mount started his first Artists Residency in the late 1990’s, as a visual recorder for the Houses of Parliament, documenting the building progress of Portcullis House with pen and ink drawings. In the early 2000’s his style evolved from the literalism of observational drawing into abstract painting. He also took his work to Los Angeles, where his UK Agent introduced him to Ed Ruscha's assistant and the L.A. Louver Gallery in Venice. Mount’s links to the interior design world are strong. In the mid 2000’s he collaborated with design houses JVB and Linley to produce exhibitions in their showrooms on Pimlico Road in London. Since then Mount has produced many commissioned pieces for high-end private residences throughout the world: “I offered to take the work to the client directly, it would have been much easier as a loose canvas stretched on the premises, but people like to do things in their own way and I totally agree with that.” Mount’s latest body of works, The Crepuscular Series, shows the fusing of geometrical shapes and blocks – that he calls “placed architecture” – with seemingly chaotic gestural throws and swirls of colour. They are bright, however softened by a hum of darkness. For his next project, “Tile Dreams”, Mount shifted his interest on hand-painted custom tiles. He is currently in talks with Kelly Wearstler and other major L.A. designers, as his tiles can be used to accent walls or entire rooms.

1 Crepuscular - Pink stripe Acrylic and Hi-Gloss on Reversed Fabric Stripe 117 x 117 cm (46 x 46 in) £10,750

2 Crepuscular - Fields Acrylic, and House Paint with Cracked Gesso on Raw Canvas 117 x 117 cm (46 x 46 in) £10,750

3 Crepuscular - City Noir Acrylic and House Paint on Thrice Stretched Denim 152 x 122 cm (60 x 48 in) £12,500

4 Crepuscular - Exactitude of Bobcat Acrylic and House Paint (throw of ‘Rectory Red’) on Raw Canvas 137 x 117 cm (54 x 46 in) £11,750

5 Crepuscular - Bronze on Grey Acrylic and Black Gesso on Striped Fabric 117 x 152 cm (46 x 60 in) £12,500

6 This Was Not A Chance Meeting (Diptych) Acrylic, House Paint, Car Spray Paint and Reflective Flake

on Raw Canvas 122 x 152 cm (48 x 60 in) and 122 x 61 cm (48 x 24 in) £15,000

7 Crepuscular - This Has To Be The Betty Dearing Trail Acrylic, Black Gesso, Car Spray Paint and Reflective Flake on Striped Fabric 107 x 152 cm (42 x 60 in) £11,750

8 Crepuscular Soundscape Acrylic, and House Paint with Cracked Gesso on Raw Canvas 117 x 117 cm (46 x 46 in) £10,750

9 China-pop Acrylic and High Shellac Black Chinese Ink on canvas 152 x 122 cm (60 x 48 in) £12,500

10 Panky Acrylic and High Shellac Black Chinese Ink on canvas 152 x 122 cm (60 x 48 in) £12,500

Education 1994 – 2001 New Academy Gallery 1993 – 1994 Royal West of England Academy 1991 – 1992 Christie’s Contemporary Art Exhibitions 2016 Albemarle Gallery 2015 KM Fine Arts, Los Angeles Albemarle Gallery 2011 Frost Reed Gallery 2013 Cadogan Contemporary Art 2011 Cadogan Contemporary Art 2009 David Linley 2007 JVB 2006 Elizabeth Gardens, New York 2005 The Fashion Show 2002 Unicorn Gallery, New York 1997 Palace of Westminster Public / Corporate Northern Trust Building – commissioned to provide non-figurative, large-scale triptychs throughout the building in Canary Wharf, London. Broadview – provided large-scale New York-themed paintings for the boardroom and main reception for territorial headquarters in St. James’, London. John Lewis and the Grand Arcade – created a 16’ triptych of the main pedestrian entrance at St. Andrews Street, Cambridge. Corporate clients include, amongst many others: Ford, RMC, Lotus, Canadian Pacific Shipping, Amersham International, Abbey National, Osborne Clark, Morgan Grenfell Bank, Mercury. Government British Embassy of Spain – served as the British art representative to the inauguration of the new embassy in Madrid. Millbank Project – created a 21’ triptych for the main reception area of the ICI Building in Millbank; pictorial themes relevant to the merger of Britain’s two largest power providers. The Parliamentary Collection – commissioned to provide extensive artwork for the Parliamentary offices of Portcullis House, Westminster.

Philip Mount - Crepuscular  
Philip Mount - Crepuscular