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Crackerjack: a colloquialism meaning, “of excellence, quality, or ability” We, as a society, are intrigued and awed by any talent or skill. We see it on television and in every aspect of entertainment. My art has always promoted and documented such gifts. I set no regulations on the kind of skill or who possesses it; and am confused at times to what the ability even is. Being able to put reality in the backseat is one of the perks of my job. I spend every night, in my studio, rewriting the laws of physics and reality, and then document it on a 2 dimensional level. I do not know what talents are going to resolve when I begin a painting; but, by the end, an unforeseen ability has not only appeared, but, glorified itself right on the canvas. This show, entitled “Crackerjack,” is a glimpse into the skills of lesser-known individuals. I start each piece building the background and environment, without any preconceived composition. The progression is very abstract in its stages, even though I am painting realistic objects and scenes. The purposeful act of letting the painting dictate its own path is a key component to the unique stories that unravel. The process is not only very interesting to create as an artist, but allows unexpected tales to unfold. The painting’s completion is once again decided on a somewhat conceptual level. Color and composition are often analyzed from an abstract point of view (how does your eye move around the painting? How do the colors and patterns interact with each other?). This perspective, in conjunction with the story being told must come together creating imagery that will not only be eye catching but never wither of the imaginative energy that incarnated it. Simply put, I want these crackerjacks to have legs, so that no amount of time, can dull there vitality and their small feats can dazzle the eyes of any passersby. Ladies and gentlemen; enjoy the show.


1 Helium Filled Sub-Inflatable Cord Bound Wooley Puffer acrylic on panel 76 x 76 cm (30 x 30 in)

2 Rhinocliner (Phase II) As Demonstrated by Whistler’s Mother acrylic on panel 76 x 104 cm (30 x 41 in)

3 Pointing the Finger at Naughty-Hare acrylic on panel 56 x 102 cm (22 x 40 in)

4 Aquatic Homily acrylic on panel 76 x 102 cm (30 x 40 in)

5 Inamorata in Sheep’s Clothing acrylic on panel 102 x 71 cm (40 x 28 in)

6 Count Boo Fon-Du acrylic on panel 91 x 76 cm (36 x 30 in)

7 SeaWorthy acrylic on panel 76 x 97 cm (30 x 38 in)

8 Beleaguered acrylic on panel 81 x 107 cm (32 x 42 in)

9 Dream #84 (The Third Inaugural Flight) acrylic on panel 56 x 102 cm (22 x 40 in)

10 Winning acrylic on panel 76 x 97 cm (30 x 38 in)

11 Dual Ostri-Flutter acrylic on panel 56 x 102 cm (22 x 40 in)

12 Paper Trail acrylic on panel 74 x 89 cm (29 x 35 in)

13 Tent-tacular acrylic on panel 74 x 81 cm (29 x 32 in)

14 Hidden Talents acrylic on panel 74 x 84 cm (29 x 33 in)


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2011 Obsolete, Inc., Solo Exhibition, Venice, CA (July) Albemarle Gallery, Solo Exhibition, London, UK (November)

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1998 Nelson/Rovzar Gallery, Annual Solo Exhibition, Kirkland, WA Provenance Gallery, Eugene, OR Blackfish Gallery, Portland, OR

BORN 1972 Newcastle, WY EDUCATION 1996 B.F.A. Painting—Southern Oregon State University, Ashland, OR

2007 Patricia Rovzar Gallery, Posers, Kirkland, WA (October) Fay Gold Gallery, Contrapolations, Atlanta, GA Schneider Museum - Southern Oregon University, Alumni Group Exhibition, Ashland, OR 2006 Albemarle Gallery, Selections from the T. P. Grumm Society, London, UK Patricia Rovzar Gallery, A ‘Series’ of Odd Events, Kirkland, WA Beppu Wiarda Gallery, Hobnobbers, Portland, OR 2005 Berman Turner Projects, Parables from the Niche, Santa Monica, CA (catalogue) Albemarle Gallery, Eclectic Encounters, Group Exhibition, London, UK (catalogue) Patricia Rovzar Gallery, —And a Cast of Thousands, Kirkland, WA Hidell Brooks Gallery, Introductions, Group Exhibition, Charlotte, NC 2004 Patricia Rovzar Gallery, Characters of the Alphabet, Kirkland, WA Jenkins Johnson Gallery, 6th Annual Realism Invitational, San Francisco, CA Froelick Gallery, Clown Show, Group Exhibition, Portland, OR 2003 Robert Berman Gallery, LandLoper, Santa Monica, CA Albemarle Gallery, Summer Exhibition, Group Exhibition, London, UK Patricia Rovzar Gallery, Eclecticon, Kirkland, WA (catalogue) Jenkins Johnson Gallery, Introductions— The Year of the Palindrome, Group Exhibition, San Francisco, CA R2 Gallery, The New Collection, Group Exhibition, New York, NY 2002 Froelick Gallery, Eccentric Neighborhood, Portland, OR Patricia Rovzar Gallery, Line of Flight, Annual Solo Exhibition, Kirkland, WA 2001 Patricia Rovzar Gallery, Building Pieces in a Modern Style, Kirkland, WA Victoria Boyce Gallery, Group Exhibition, Scottsdale, AZ Storyopolis, Group Exhibition, Los Angeles, CA Froelick Gallery, Winter Group Exhibition, Portland, OR

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Tyson Grumm: Crackerjack  

An Exhibtion of new paintings by Tyson Grumm

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