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CHINA: Memories & Imagination

CHINA: Memories & Imagination



‘China: Memories and Imagination’


A postscript to Modernisation


The artists in this exhibition are amongst the leading ‘realists’ in China today. The two exceptions; Hung Tunglu (b.1968) and Li Wei (b.1979), are also representational artists but differ from the others in their approach and style. In her ‘dot matrix’ series, Li Wei works with the primary Chinese artistic concerns of the line and landscape, but the imposition of a grid, akin to digital pixels, regulates the environment to the extent that it ceases to be natural. The artist decides that the world today is only comprehensible when its various elements are classified and measured. If Li seeks to tame nature, then Hung Tunglu places the art of harnessing the universe’s energy, through Gongfu and Tai chi, within the compass of the popular, virtual character of his alter ego, inspired by a Japanese manga character . By so doing Hung turns these ancient and hard practices into trivial and comical exercises that anyone can do if they learn to operate basic technology.

本次参展艺术家除了洪东禄(生于一九六八年)和李威(生于一九七 九年)之外,都是当今中国『写实主义』代表性的人物。上述两位具 有同样的代表性,但不同于其他艺术家的是他们处理手法与风格。在 她的『点阵』系列中,李威表现了中国传统美学所关注的线条与景 观,但网格拼版—类似于数码的像素点—在一定程度上控制了环境, 使它的自然性不复存在。艺术家相信理解当今世界的唯一途径只有通 过对它的各种元素进行分类和测量。如果李威的作品是试图征服自 然,那么洪东禄将艺术置于一个驾驭宇宙能量的位置,通过功夫、太 极等古老武术,他的作品紧跟普普文化,虚拟一个他我的角色,受到 了一个日本漫画人物启发。如此一来将这些古老而又具有难度的训练 转化为简单而又滑稽的实践,以至于任何只要学会使用基本技术的人 都可以做到。

The southern Chinese oil painters are extremely skilled. With the exception of Li Wei and Shi Guowei all the artists in the exhibition are from the landlocked south. Hung Tunglu is from Taiwan. Luo Fahui (b.1961) is both a leading light of the Sichuan School and the most senior artist in the show. He depicts, in a sumptuous palette, the sub-conscious. Luo’s women float in a world of dreams, but the dreams are spiked with sexual innuendo and the erotic as the artist confronts the reticence of traditional Chinese artists to deal with the nude. Luo’s bloodied busts, head studies, and the Fairyland series, recall with bitterness the horrors he endured as a child of the Cultural Revolution and echo in sentiment and power the bloodline paintings created by Zhang Xiaogang. Chen Liangjie (b.1971) found fame in the 1990s with his ‘Whispers’ series, in which he depicted in oil on canvas co-conspirators exchanging confidences on television. His current concern for the engineered ‘performances’ of North Korean children further his interest in the manipulation of appearances and control exercised on human behaviour by manmade institutions, both of which are hallmarks of the ‘hermit state’. The confrontation between the authorities and the people in the cityscapes of Li Chang-long (b.1975) also come under the scrutiny of the lens. Li paints with a deft touch, the dynamic movement of human beings engaged in scuffles. He situates the action in a carefully constructed architectural space. The artist’s commentaries on China’s life and times document a fast changing society.

这些来自中国南方的油画家手法非常熟练。除了李威、史国威以外其 他参加展览的艺术家都来自南方内陆。洪东禄来自台湾,罗发辉(生 于一九六一年)既是四川美术学院代表人物之一也是这次展览中最资 深的艺术家。他在一块华丽的调色板上描述了人性的潜意识,罗发辉 画面上的女人沉浸在梦想世界中,而梦想中穿刺著性与色欲的暗示, 艺术家把这作为对中国传统观念对待裸体的挑战。罗发辉创造出的血 迹斑斑、满布伤痕的头像以及仙境系列, 使我们苦涩的回想起他作为 一个孩子在文革中所经历的的恐惧与迷茫,同时在感情表达上与张晓 刚血缘系列作品有同样的情绪。陈亮洁(生于一九七一年)在一九九 零年以他的『私语』系列而出名,他在画布上描绘了一群阴谋家在电 视上交换机密的情景。他最近对『设计表演』的关注投射在朝鲜儿童 特殊表演活动上,以满足自己在外表操纵和通过人为机构来控制人类 行为的好奇心,这些都是『隐士国家』的特色。李昌龙(生于一九七 五年)对于当局与全国人民抗争之间的描述也备受关注。李昌龙对作 品做了巧妙地处理,他将人类的肢体冲突置于精心建构的建筑空间 中,艺术家对于中国快速变迁的社会提出他对生活与时代之批判。 孟后均(一九七九年生)同样是社会写实画家。他的近作时常蓄意让 油彩缓缓滴落流淌到画布底部。颜料的足迹与留白如同艺术家离开都 市喧嚣时的思绪一般恣意挥洒,同时也代表著过去的回忆点滴萦绕著 当下的每一刻。蒋华君(一九七八年生)亦偏好在大尺幅的画布上创 作,艺术家赤裸的自我徜徉于幻境中,时时伴随著充满野性美的野 兽、恐龙与巨大哺乳类动物。史国威(一九七七年生)是一位摄影

Meng Houjun (b.1979) also paints what he sees. In his most recent body of work he leaves the image incomplete and allows the paint to drip to the bottom of the canvas. White, spectral forms will sometimes fly across the face of the work and these represent a whimsical thought that crosses Meng’s mind on his journeys out of the city. The artist describes the lingering effect on the present of recent or distant memories. Jiang Huajun (b.1978) also steps into his imagination depicting, mostly on giant canvases, his naked self in fantastical settings and often in the presence of magnificent beasts, giant mammals and dinosaurs. Shi Guowei (b.1977) is a photographer, but each one of his images is hand-painted. His interest is clear, to measure the worth of contemporary Chinese society against its Western historical equivalent. Botticelli’s ‘The Birth of Venus’ is a picture of perfect corporeal grace. It literally and metaphorically reaffirmed a Classical Renaissance, reintroducing, after one thousand years, nudity and a pagan subject matter into Western art. The work is pregnant with metaphor to which Shi has responded in ‘About Birth’ with his own Chinese symbolism fit for the twenty-first century. A sexually provocative girl stands in place of Aphrodite (Venus) while around her the cascading roses of love have been replaced by bank notes, emphasising the attraction of money. The Hora of Spring is substituted for a Beijing Opera singer - denoting the pull of tradition. The artist transforms Zephyrus, the god of the wind, into super-man in a pointed reference to Western-style individualism, which threatens to take hold of Chinese society. The backdrop bears an uncanny resemblance to the West lake in Hangzhou. Shi’s China is without spirit. Money and excitement are the new aphrodisiacs. Artists, and particularly traditional Chinese brush painters, have typically sought refuge in their imagination. The artists represented in ‘China: Memories and Imagination’ are no different although their dreams are marked by the great societal changes that have characterised China’s recent history; one of political change, rapid modernisation and social transformation. The artists in this show feel compelled not only to document China’s metamorphosis, but to tie to it their sense and sensibility. Iain Robertson Head of Art Business Studies Sotheby’s Institute of Art

家,但是他的摄影作品均以手工上色描绘。他喜好将西方历史与当代 中国社会价值观互做比较,杨.凡艾克所画『阿尔诺芬尼的婚礼』充满 著隐喻符号,孤独的吊灯中燃烧著的蜡烛象征著洞悉一切的基督,新 婚夫妇脚边的小狗象征著繁荣和忠诚。在史国威的当代版本中物件被 改变以适应一个非常不同的时代和社会。高跟鞋代表著爱欲沉沦,取 代了十五世纪象征圣地的木屐。那只狗被贪食的猫所取代,无暇镜( 新娘纯洁的标志)现在却是一个时钟,在测量和计算著婚姻的每一秒 钟,而端庄的妻子已成为一个脚踏实地的红卫兵。孤独的蜡烛被一个 无装饰的简单的电灯泡所取代。 艺术家,尤其是中国传统水墨画家,经常在想像中需求慰借,本次参 加『中国:记忆与想像』展览的艺术家亦是如此,现代化发展迅疾、 社会与政治变迁快速的近代中国为他们的梦想写下注记,而这些艺术 家的作品不仅仅纪录事实,更投注了他们的情感与感性。 罗伊恩 苏富比艺术学院艺术商业系系主任

Li Changlong (b.1975, Guizhou) Li ‘s studio in Beijing houses a stage set on which the artist choreographs his inventive real-life dramas. He draws his ‘incidents’ from everyday reality and is a keen observer of the unfolding daily life of Beijing. One of the artist’s abiding interests is the battle for land in the capital. With real-estate prices at an all time high, Li is a witness to forced evictions, bulldozed properties and the sudden appearance of vast residential compounds where once there was a field or low rise courtyard houses. Li heightens the drama by choosing to recreate each event in an heroic style. 李昌龙(1975年出生于贵州)

李昌龙在北京的工作室内有个自制的舞台,艺术家以此导 演来自真实故事的情节。他描绘现实生活中的『事件』, 并敏锐的观察日常生活下的北京。艺术家长期关注首都的 土地之争,房地产价格一直居高不下,李昌龙见证了居民 被迫逐出,推土机强制拆迁等等事件,大片的田野或低矮 的四合院突然消失,变成栉次鳞比的住宅小区。李昌龙以 英雄叙事性风格通过再现各个事件加深了其戏剧效果。

1. Opportunities 机会 oil on canvas 布面油画 120 x 160 cm (47 x 63 in)

2. Let some of the artists become high-and-mighty first 让一部分艺术家先牛起来 oil on canvas 布面油画 150 x 200 cm (59 x 79 in)

Luo Fahui (b.1961, Chongqing) Luo’s oeuvre is large and diverse. His oil paintings are very well made and imaginative. He will often include himself in his soft and warm studies of women. Sometimes this has comic effect. Luo includes himself in a line of females all of whom, one assumes, he knew at some point. But the great attraction of Luo’s paintings is their ambivalence. We are unsure whether the artist is painting from life, depicting an event, drawing from memory or conjuring up his images from his imagination. The head studies, St Sebastian, kiss and fairyland sculptures are clearly fantasies, but the underlying emotion comes from within the artist. It is clearly a painful process. Luo’s experience of the cruelty of the Cultural Revolution runs throughout this work. 罗发辉(1961年生于重庆) 罗发辉的作品是多样多变的,他的油画极其富有想象力。他 将自己安插在画中柔弱温软的女性氛围中,常常产生一些意 想不到的喜剧效果。构图上罗发辉将自己置身于许许多多女 性之间,观者也许假设她们都是艺术家的旧识,因而联想翩 跹,但最吸引人却是画面中呈现出的矛盾感情。我们不确定 艺术家画面中所表达的是来自于生活、场景的描述、抑或是 从记忆或想象虚构的图像。本次展出的『吻』、『仙境』、 『色境』等作品显然是作者的想像,但其中压抑的情感却在 在表露出过往的痛苦经历。罗发辉,一个经历过文革的艺术 家,作品中体现了难以摆脱的历史记忆。

3. Kiss (ed. 3/4) 吻 (3/4版) painted fiberglass & stainless steel 烤漆着色玻璃钢,不锈钢 80 x 50 x 30 cm (32 x 20 x 12 in)

4. Fairyland No.2 仙境 No.2 oil on canvas 布面油画 140 x 180 cm (55 x 71 in)

5. Fairyland (ed. 2/4) 仙境 (2/4版) painted fiberglass 烤漆着色玻璃钢 50 x 60 x 40 cm (20 x 24 x 16 in)

6. Fairyland 仙境 oil on canvas 布面油画 140 x 180 cm (55 x 71 in)

7. Erotic Realm No.3 色境 No.3 oil on canvas 布面油画 120 x 120 cm (47 x 47 in)

8. Erotic Realm No.2 色境 No.2 oil on canvas 布面油画 120 x 120 cm (47 x 47 in)

Shi Guowei (b.1977, Henan) Shi has a strong interest in the history of art, but it is more than just an academic concern. He is keen to draw a parallel between the events described in Western and Chinese Old Master painting and the current concerns of contemporary China. He has depicted brash pink coloured roofs and a blank and soul-less sky. Stripped of its nuance Shi’s homage speaks of ennui. Gericault’s vast ‘Raft of the Medusa’ is transformed by Shi into ‘About Saving’ (2008). The wooden raft of the original is now constructed out of bamboo and the protagonists no longer heroic but masked, superficial creatures, selfish, pampered and perpetually dissatisfied. Van Eyck’s ‘The Arnolfini Marriage’ is pregnant with metaphor, from the solitary burning candle in the chandelier, signifying the all-seeing Christ, to the little dog at the couple’s feet symbolising prosperity and faithfulness. In Shi’s contemporary Chinese re-enactment the articles have been changed to suit a very different time and society. Stiletto shoes, representing promiscuity, have replaced the fifteenth century clogs, which symbolised holy ground. The dog is now a predatory cat, the spotless mirror (a sign of bridal purity) is now a clock measuring and calculating each second of the marriage, while the demure wife has become a hardheaded red guard. Shi’s China is without spirit. The solitary candle has been replaced by a naked electric bulb. 史国威(1977年出生于河南)

史国威对艺术史有强烈的兴趣,但不仅仅是从一个学术 关怀的角度。他致力于在西方大師绘画、中国传统书画和 当代中国现实问题之间作出比较。席里柯巨大的『梅杜萨 之筏』被史国威转化为 『关于救赎』(二零零八年作)。 原来的木筏被现在的竹筏所取代,英雄人物被一些带着面 具,肤浅、自私、骄纵和永远不满足的生物所取代。杨.凡 艾克所画『阿尔诺芬尼的婚礼』充滿着隐喻符號,孤独的 吊灯中燃烧着的蜡烛象征着洞悉一切的基督,新婚夫妇脚 边的小狗象征着繁荣和忠诚。在史国威的当代版本中物件 被改变以适应一个非常不同的时代和社会。高跟鞋代表着 爱欲沉沦,取代了十五世纪象征圣地的木屐。那只狗被贪 食的猫所取代,无暇镜(新娘纯洁的标志)现在却是一个 时钟,在测量和计算着婚姻的每一秒钟,而端庄的妻子已 成为一个脚踏实地的红卫兵。孤独的蜡烛被一个无装饰的 简单的电灯泡所取代。 9. The Wedding Invitation (ed.3/3) 婚柬 (3/3版) hand coloured b&w photograph 黑白照片手工上色 150 x 104 cm (59 x 41 in)

10. Happy Golconda (ed.1/3) 欢乐大师 (1/3版) hand coloured b&w photograph 黑白照片手工上色 112 x 139 cm (44 x 55 in)

11. About Birth (ed.1/3) 关于诞生 (1/3版) hand coloured b&w photograph 黑白照片手工上色 120 x 232 cm (47 x 91 in)

12. About Saving (ed.1/3) 关于救赎 (1/3版) hand coloured b&w photograph 黑白照片手工上色 120 x 163 cm (47 x 64 in)

Meng Houjun (b.1979, Hunan) Meng Houjun is a great oil painter in the style of Liu Xiaodong. His love for his subject is apparent in all his figure studies and group compositions. Meng’s portraits are full of empathy and show the artist’s ability to get beneath the skin of his subject and uncover the individual beneath. Crucially, he is also able to create a compelling story when he places his figures in groups and ‘real’ environments. His most recent work has built on these two strong facilities and added a further dimension; his own memories. 孟后均(1979年出生于湖南)

孟后均是具有刘小东绘画风格的一个伟大油画家。从他的 人物肖像与群像构图中,我们可以看见他对于自己笔下人 物的情感。孟后均的肖像作品充满了移情作用,从而表达 了艺术家透过表面揭示个体内涵的能力。最关键的是,他 把人物的形象成组的置于整体『真实』的环境中,且同时 创造一个引人注目的故事。基于此他最近的作品在这两个 强大的主轴上增加了进一步的维度:他自己的回忆。

13. White Dresses 白色连衣裙 oil on canvas 布面油画 150 x 250 cm (59 x 98 in)

14. The Distance of Memory 记忆的距离 oil on canvas 布面油画 150 x 200cm (59 x 79 in)

Jiang Huajun (b.1978, Hunan) Jiang is a sensitive and slightly reticent man. His shyness is due in part to his upbringing in a small mining town, a world away from China’s glamorous art market capital, Beijing. He paints monumental, dark impressions of pre-historic mammals, dinosaurs and great beasts but also huge capriccios in which the artist is depicted riding a horse. The inspiration comes from his childhood hometown memories of visits to the zoo. The artist will often depict his naked self in these fantastical studies. The works are, as a result, deeply personal, autobiographical visions. 蒋华君(1978年出生于湖南)

蒋华君敏感而沉默寡言。他的腼腆来自于他的出生背景: 一个距离中国艺术市场首善之都北京很遥远的矿业城市。 他绘制了庞大的史前哺乳动物、恐龙和野兽的黑暗形象, 但最深刻的狂想还是他自己骑在巨大的神马身上:灵感来 自他的童年参观家乡动物园的回忆。艺术家往往描绘他赤 裸的自我在幻想世界中徜徉,因此这些作品充满自传式的 深刻个人幻想。

15. Hello 你好 oil on canvas 布面油画 50 x 150 cm (20 x 59 in)

16. Untitled 无题 oil on canvas 布面油画 50 x 150 cm (20 x 59 in)

Chen Liangjie (b.1971, Chengdu) Chen is fascinated by human interaction. He recognised two decades ago that technology would, by enabling authorities and institutions gain access to intimate moments, increasingly compromise human relations. This phenomenon, the artist maintains, eventually affects the way in which we behave. Social engineering is at its most stark in North Korea, but all societies direct human behaviour through media technology. The artist’s great technical facility permits him to paint on a large and small scale. 陈亮洁(1971年出生于成都)

陈亮洁著迷于人际互动。他二十年前就已经意识到科技会 成为权威机构获取人与人私密时刻的来源,从而增加人际 关系的妥协。艺术家坚持认为这一现象最终会影响我们的 行为。虽说社会工程在朝鲜极其显明,但是所有的社会其 实都通过媒体技术指导人类的行为。艺术家炉火纯青的技 巧使其在大小尺幅间均游刃有余。

17. The Childhood of North Korea No.1 朝鲜的童年之一 oil on canvas 布面油画 150 x 200 cm (59 x 79 in)

18. The Childhood of North Korea No.2 朝鲜的童年之二 oil on canvas 布面油画 150 x 200 cm (59 x 79 in)

Hung Tunglu (b.1968, Taipei, Taiwan) Hung is famous for his hologram pictures of high-kicking manga girls performing martial arts. His 3D light-boxes of Svara a quasi-spiritual super-hero also attract considerable curatorial and commercial interest. The series of brass-plated metal statuettes, which were inspired by Japanese anime girl characters and represent Hung’s alter ego, bear a striking resemblance to Mickey Mouse. The figurines adopt martial art positions and represent an extension of the artist’s interest in popular culture. The sculptures have the size, colour and feel of a Hollywood Oscar. So Hung subverts the award by suggesting that the stars are in fact a product of the industry’s own invention. 洪 禄 (1968年生于台湾)

洪东禄近年以3D光栅作品闻名,太极系列截取卡漫文化中 的美少女形象,搭配以中国功夫等电影文化元素,在二度 平面呈现三度空间不同角度的动作,莲花生、涅盘、业等 灯箱作品则以充满后现代与科技感的人物造型呈现仿宗教 精神领袖般的超现实感,颇受艺评界与藏家瞩目。本次展 出的小红系列铜雕延续艺术家对普普文化的关注,艺术家 自创人物小红灵感来自于电玩与卡漫人物中的中国元素, 两个圆髻不免让人联想到世界知名的米老鼠,光滑的黄铜 表面与线条则类似奥斯卡奖座,术家借此讽喻艺术市场与 好莱坞明星文化之异曲同工。

19. Looking Up (ed.6/6) 向上看 (4/6版) brass 铸铜 74 x 28 x 28 cm (29 x 11 x 11 in)

20. Kung Fu (ed.6/6) 功夫 (4/6版) brass 铸铜 62 x 72 x 27 cm (24 x 28 x 11 in)

21. Maneki Neko (ed.6/6) 招财猫 (4/6版) brass 铸铜 74 x 34 x 28 cm (29 x 13 x 11 in)

22. Pray (ed.6/6) 拜拜合掌 brass 铸铜 73 x 28 x 28 cm (29 x 11 x 11 in)

23. Kicking (ed.6/6) 踢腿 (4/6版) brass 铸铜 69 x 57 x 28 cm (27 x 22 x 11 in)

24. Hands on Back (ed.6/6) 手在背后 (4/6版) brass 铸铜 74 x 28 x 28 cm (29 x 11 x 11 in)

Li Wei (b.1979, Heilongjiang) Li’s work appears, on first encounter, to be traditional. The colours are muted and the imagery predominantly drawn from nature. On closer inspection the materials that passed initially for ink and xuan (mulberry bark) paper or rice paper are more often than not acrylic and canvas. The sfumato is not achieved by brushwork but by a strictly enforced grid or matrix. Now the works have a completely different feel. When they are set beside the precise charcoal and rice-paper studies of linear architecture in particular, the Modernist approach and intent behind the works becomes clear. 李威(1979年出生于黑龙江)

李威的作品乍看传统。色彩柔和,意象主要来自大自然。 但经过更仔细观察,媒材是水墨与宣纸而非丙烯和帆布。 模糊轮廓则不完全由是笔触创造,而是由网格或者矩阵加 以强化。经过审视后作品有一种完全不同的感觉。当观者 抛开精确的炭笔画法和宣纸线性结构的研究,作品中的现 代方法和意图就变得清晰可见了。

25. Free Life Pond 19 放生池 19 ink on silk 绢本水墨 30 x 72 cm (12 x 28 in)

26. Free Life Pond 20 放生池 20 ink on silk 绢本水墨 37 x 69 cm (15 x 27 in)

LI CHANGLONG 1975 Born in Guizhou Province, China Education 1999 Graduated from Southwest China Normal University, Fine Arts College 2002 Teaching at Chengdu Academy of Fine Arts

1975 生于贵州,中国 教育背景 1999 毕业于西南师范大学美术学院 2002 任教于川音成都美术学院油画系

Selected Solo Exhibitions 2009 Every Step ?Different Views, Wall Art Museum, Beijing, China 2007 This is Not My Landscape, Zendai MOMA, Shanghai, China Selected Group Exhibitions 2011 Duet - Chongqing International Art Invitational Exhibition, Chongqing Yu’ao Arts Center, Chongqing Chengdu Biennial-Reproduction Realization, Chengdu Modern Art Museum, Chengdu Fossil Like Dream, Shanghai Yuehu Art Museum, Shanghai 2010 “METAMORPHOSES” World Gallery, Hong Kong Invisible Wings, Times Art Museum, Beijing Image consumption and realistic classics, Times Art Museum, Beijing Reshaping History-China Youth New Art Invitational Exhibition Today Art Museum, Beijing, China Red Storm, Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Netherlands National Art Museum, Twente Branch, Netherlands. 2009 Experience/Gorgeous Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition Jaguar cars 4S flagship center of SCAS,China ‘Histoire Recente - China Contemporary Art Exhibition’, Chateau Latour Art Museum, France ‘Art and Cultural Vision at Moment: The First Chongqing Biennale for the Young Artists’, Chongqing Exhibition Centre, China ‘Image Spirit – Contemporary Art Invited Exhibition III”, K-Gallery, Chengdu, China ‘Beyond the Borders’, NO. 10 Gallery of Art, Chengdu, China ‘Reflecting Light - New Art’, Xihu Art Museum, Hangzhou; Wall Art Museum, Beijing, China ‘2009 2nd 54 International Young Art Festivals’, Beijing Hongwan Art Centre; Asia Art Centre, Beijing, China 2008 ‘Sketch and Plainsong——Sketch exhibition of He Duoling , Pang Maokun , Zhong Biao and Li Changlong’, K? Gallery, Chengdu, China ‘5.4 + 5.6 Contemporary Art Exhibition’, Shanghai Basai Art Centre;Palais des Nations Marseilles France ‘Future Sky – Chinese Young Contemporary Artist Works Selection Exhibition’, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China ‘People ? History -- Exhibition of Studies of Chinese Art of the 20th Century’, CAFA Art Museum, Beijing, China ‘Art Contemporary of Southwest Power’, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, China ‘Collection and Self-Control - Contemporary Art Exhibition’, Taiwan ‘Seoul Contemporary Art Fair’, Seoul, Korea ‘Asia International Contemporary Art Exhibition’, Asia World-Expo, Hongkong Collections

部分个展 2009 『移步置景』李昌龙个展 墙美术馆 。北京 2007 『这不是我的风景』李昌龙个展,上海证大美术馆,上海 部分群展 2011 『二重奏—重庆国际艺术邀请展 』,重庆渝澳艺术中心 ,重庆 『成都双年展—再现写实』 ,成都现代艺术馆,成都 『浮世若梦 』, 上海月湖美术馆 ,上海 2010 『METAMORPHOSES"』,世界画廊,香港 『隐形的翅膀 』,时代美术馆 ,北京 『图像消费与写实经典』,时代美术馆,北京 『改造历史—中国青年新艺术邀请展』, 今日美术馆,北京 『红色风暴 —中国当代艺术展 』,荷兰国家美术馆屯特分馆 ,荷兰 2009 『经验/惊艳 中国当代艺术展 』中汽南方捷豹汽车中国旗舰4S中心, 北京 『近历史—中国当代艺术展』,图尔城堡美术馆,法国 『当下艺术的文化想象』首届重庆青年美术双年展 ,重庆会展中心 ,重庆 『图像精神之三—当代艺术邀请展 K画廊』,成都 『边界之外—当代艺术现象与状态系列展』空港10号艺术机构,成都 『反光—新艺术纵深邀请展』 ,杭州西湖美术馆 ,北京墙美术展 『第二届五四国际青年艺术节』,北京虹湾艺术馆 ,亚洲艺术中心 北京 2008 『素歌』何多苓,庞茂琨,钟飙,李昌龙 四人素描展 ,K画廊 ,成都 『5.4+5.6当代艺术邀请展』 ,上海巴塞艺术中心 ,法国马赛 ,万国艺术宫 『未来天空—青年艺术家提名展 』今日美术馆 ,北京 『人民?历史—20世纪中国美术研究展 』,中央美术学院美术馆, 北京 『西南力量当代艺术邀请(巡回)展 』上海 深圳 成都 『汇聚与自持』当代艺术展 ,琢璞艺术中心, 台湾高雄 韩国首尔当代艺术博览会 韩国首尔 亚洲国际当代艺术展香港亚洲国际博物馆 个别奖项 收藏机构 成都现代艺术馆 、上海证大现代艺术馆 、墙美术馆、 上海巴塞艺术中心

Chengdu ,Modern Art Museum, Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art, Wall Art Gallery, Shanghai Basel Arts Center

Luo Fahui 1961

Born in Chongqing, China

Education 1981 1985



教育背景 Graduated from the High School attached to the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute Graduated from the Oil Painting Department of the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute Now resides in Chengdu and Beijing

1981 1985

毕业于四川美术学院附中 毕业于四川美术学院油画系 现居成都,北京

Selected Solo Exhibitions


2010 “If Not Like This-China Project”, 575 Sutter Gallery, San Francisco, USA 2008 “Fairyland”, Dolores Desierra Gallery, Madrid, Spain 2007 “Rose Coordinate”, Beijing Sunshine Art Museum, Beijing 2006 “Unfulfilled Lust and Desire”, National Archives of Indonesia, Jakarta 2005 “Depth of Desire: Luo Fahui’s Oil Painting Exhibition”, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China 2004 “Rose 2003 – 2004”, Karin Weber Gallery, Hong Kong 2003 “Mysterious Life”, A+A, Hong Kong 2002 “Rose 2002: Luo Fahui”, Chengdu Modern Art Museum, Chengdu, China 2001 “Along the Path of Being”, Yi Hong Xuan, Hong Kong 2000 “Luo Fahui Solo Exhibition”, Bloxham Galleries, London, UK 1993 “Luo Fahui Oil Painting Exhibition”, National Art Museum of China, Beijing 1990 “Twin Cranes: Luo Fahui Solo Exhibition”, Seattle, United States

2010 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1993 1990

Selected Group Exhibitions 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2003 2002 2001

“Art Progressing, China” Pierre Bergé, Brussels, Belgium ART Asia Miami-Midtown, Miami, USA “Scope Basel 2009”, Miami, USA “Back to Beijing I”, Willem Kerseboom Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands “AJAC 35”, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan “Chine - Nouvelles Visions II”, WE Project, Brussels, Belgium “Art Charity for China”, Shanghai, Japan and Hong Kong, “New Vision of China”, La Spezia Modern Art Museum, Italy ACAF NY2007, First Asian Contemporary Art Fair, New York, USA “Red Mountains and Green Water: Sino-Germany Art Travelling Exhibition, Lübeck Gallery & Speyer Museum, Germany “Art Miami 2006”, Miami, United States “Dreams of the Dragon’s Nation: Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition”, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, Ireland “Art Exhibition of China Today”, Beijing Century Alter Art Museum “Focus on the Mainland”, Beijing Century Alter Art Museum, China “Chengdu Biennale”, Chengdu Contemporary Art Museum, Chengdu, China “Chilis Aus Chongqing”, Kassel, Germany

Selected Collections National Art Museum of China, Shanghai Art Museum, Guangdong Museum of Art, Shenzhen Art Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art Chengdu, Macao Fundação Oriente, Dolores De Sierra Gallery, Madrid, Spain, 575 Sutter Gallery, San Francisco, USA, Pierre Bergé Space, Brussels, Belgium, Brands United, Germany, Hong Kong Anting Art, Tang Contemporary Art, Bangkok, Vanessa Art House, Jakarta. Selected Private & Corp. Collections UK, Germany, France, Holand, Belgium, Spain, USA, Canada, Southeast Asia

『如果不是这祥-中国项目计划罗发辉』,美国旧金山575萨特画廊 旧金山 美国 『仙境』,西班牙马德里Dolores 画廊,马德里 西班牙 『玫瑰坐标』三尚艺术·北京空间,北京 中国 『欲未央,色未央』印尼国家档案馆,雅加达 印度尼西亚 『欲望的深度』上海美术馆,上海 中国 『玫瑰2003 - 2004』Karin Weber画廊,香港 中国 『玄妙人生』A+A,香港 中国 『罗发辉玫瑰2002』成都现代艺术馆,成都 中国 『Along The Path Of Being』亿鸿轩,香港 中国 『罗发辉油画展』BLOXHAM GALLERIES,伦敦 英国 『罗发辉油画展』中国美术馆,北京 中国 『罗发辉油画展』双鹤画廊,西雅图 美国

部分群展 2011 2010 2009

中国艺术进行时, Pierre Bergé空间,布鲁塞尔 比利时 ART Asia Miami-Midtown,迈阿密 美国 『 Scope Basel 2009 』,迈阿密 美国 『 Back to Beijing I 』 威廉画廊,阿姆斯特丹 荷兰 『日本东京都美术馆第35届AJAC展』 东京都美术馆 日本 『中国新视觉II –』,布鲁塞尔站 比利时 2008 『艺术慈善中国』国际巡回展上海 日本 香港 『中国新视觉』来自上海美术馆藏中国当代艺术展 ,拉斯佩齐亚美术馆 意大利 2007 『ACAF NY2007』首届纽约亚洲当代艺术展 纽约 美国 『赤山水绿水』中德艺术家作品巡回展 ,吕贝克美术馆 德国 2006 『艺术迈阿密美国』迈阿密 美国 2005 『龙族之梦』中国当代艺术展 ,爱尔兰现代美术倌, 爱尔兰 2003 『今日中国美术展』北京世纪坛美术馆, 北京 2002 『关注本土』北京世纪坛美术馆, 北京 2001 『成都双年展』成都现代艺术馆, 成都 『重庆辣椒』 卡塞尔 德国 收藏(部分) 中国美术馆., 上海美术馆, 广东美术馆, 深圳美术倌, 成都当代美术馆, 澳门东方基金会 西班牙马德里Dolores 画廊, 美国旧金山575萨特画廊, 比利时布鲁塞尔Pierre Bergé空间 Brands United德国, 香港安亭艺术香港, 泰国曼谷当代唐人艺术中心泰国 印尼华艺莎艺术中心印度尼西亚 雅加达, 国外机构,私人收藏 英国.德国.法国.荷兰.比利时.西班牙.意大利.美国.加拿大.及东南亚

SHI GUOWEI 1977 Born in Luoyang, Henan Province, China Education 2002 2006

Graduated from Photography in Upholster Department, Academy of Arts & Design Tsinghua University (Originally Central Design & Art College) Obtained Master degree in Photography Institute of Dortmund FH University

Selected Solo Exhibitions 2010 “What Year is it Today”, In-Shine Gallery, Beijing 2008 “Old Stories, Contemporary Retellings”, Cetus Gallery, Shanghai Selected Group Exhibitions 2011 Art Nova 100 Project, Art Nova 100 Organizing Committee, Beijing's Ditan Park, Beijing, Jinhan Exhibition Centre, Guangzhou, Shanghai International Sculpture Exhibition Center Micro-Life, Soka Art Center, Beijing, China Asian Art Festival, Chongqing Young Artist Biennale, Chongqing Micro-Life Tour, Soka Art Center, Taiwan 2010 Art Beijing, Photography Beijing 2008 Art Beijing, Photography Beijing 2007 “Dressing” Photography Exhibition, Cetus Gallery, Shanghai Art Beijing, Photography Beijing 2006 Dimplom-Arbeiten Dortmund Photography Exhibition, Germany Neue Horizonte-Landschaftspark emscherbruch,Germany BFF Nachwuchsfoederpreis,Germany 2005 Hellweg Region Photography, Ruhr Tour Exhibition, Germany 2004 Sino-Germany Young Artists Photography Exchange Exhibition, Freiraum Galerie, Germany

1977 出生于河南省洛阳市 教育背景 2002 毕业于清华大学美术学院(原中央工艺美术学院)平面视觉艺术交流系摄影专业 2006 获得德国多特蒙德高等专业学院/Fachhochschule Drotmund 大学,摄影专业硕士学位 部分个展 2010 『今夕为何年』个展,印象空间,北京 2008 『前事今声』个展,海鲸画廊,上海 部分群展 2011 『青年艺术100 项目』青年艺术100"组委会, 北京地坛公园, 北京 中国 广州锦汉展览中心 ,广州 中国 上海国际雕塑展览中心 ,上海 中国 『微生活 』 , 索卡艺术中心 : 北京 亚洲艺术节,重庆青年艺术双年展,重庆 『微生活』巡展 ,索卡艺术中心 ,台湾 2010 艺术北京,影像北京 2008 艺术北京,影像北京 2007 『装扮』摄影群展,上海 艺术北京,北京 2006 Diplom Arbeiten Ausstellung 多特蒙德摄影作品展,德国 Neue Horizonte-Landschaftspark emscherbruch 摄影展,德国 BFF Nachwuchsfoederpreis,德国 2005 Hellweg Region “Gesehen”鲁尔区摄影巡展,德国 2004 中德青年摄影作品交流展,Freiraum Galerie ,德国

MENG HOUJUN 1979 Born in Zhuzhou, Hunan Province, China Education 1997 Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts, Oil Painting Department Selected Solo Exhibitions 2010 Everything has Changed—the solo Exhibition The First Sound Gallery, Beijing, Selected Group Exhibitions 2011 Art Nove 100— Beijing Shanghai, Guangzhou 2010 Academy New Philosophy—CAFA Artists’ Works Group Exhibition, Beijing 2009 Creator Who Lane—Young Artists Group Exhibition, Beijing One Take Only—Contemporary Art Invited Exhibition, Beijing 2008 Memory or Reality—Contemporary Art Group Exhibition, Beijing The Ideals’ Boundary—Contemporary Art Invited Exhibition, Beijing Proceeding ll—Contemporary Art Group Exhibition, Beijing Selected Awards 2007

Graduation Works <Landing on Unknown Island>, Wang Jialian oil painting scholarship artwork exhibition, the third award

Collections Embassy of Italy in China

1979 湖南株洲,中国 教育背景 1997



部分个展 2010 部分群展 2011 2010 2009 2008 个别奖项

『物是人非—个人作品展』, 先声画廊,北京

『青年艺术100』,北京 上海 广东 『院体新境』中央美术学院艺术家作品展 ,北京 『造物弄人』新锐艺术联展 ,北京 『take2』当代艺术艺术邀请展 ,北京 『意幻忆真』当代艺术联展 ,北京 『理想边界』当代艺术邀请展, 北京 『行进II』当代艺术联展 ,北京

2007 毕业作品<登陆无名岛>获王嘉廉油画三等奖学金 收藏机构 意大利驻中国大使馆

JIANG HUAJUN 1978 Born in Hunan Province, China Education 1997 Graduated from Art Institute of Hunan Province

1978 生于湖南,中国 教育背景 1997 湖南省艺术学校

Selected Solo Exhibitions 2010 No Way—Jiang Huajun’s Solo Exhibition, PIFO New Art Gallery, Beijing, China Selected Group Exhibitions 2010 RESHAPING HISTORY — China Youth New Art Invitational Exhibition, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China 2009 Phenomena and Situations since 1985—Bearing of Hubei and Hunan-Chinese Contemporary Art 1985-2009, Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou, China The Fourth A+A, PIFO New Art Gallery, Beijing, China 2008 Invisible Youth —Young Artists Exhibition of China, WATERGATE gallery, Seoul, Korea Waiting in the Wings, Beyond Art Space, Beijing, China The Third A+A, Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, China 2007 Chinese Contemporary Art Document Exhibition, Wall Museum of Beijing, China Multiple Perspectives - 11 Chinese Contemporary Artists' Exhibition, You Gallery, Beijing, China Exhibition of western and Chinese Artists, A-SPACE, 1ARTBASE, Beijing, China Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Tel Aviv, Israel 2005 Lights of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Museum of Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China

部分个展 2010 『消磨——蒋华君个展』,偏锋新艺术空间,北京 部分群展 2010 『改造历史—中国青年新艺术邀请展』今日美术馆,北京 2009 『两湖潮流—湖北·湖南当代艺术展1985-2009』,广东美术馆,广州 『A+A第四回展』,偏锋新艺术空间,北京 2008 『看不见的青春——中国新锐艺术家展』,WATERGATE画廊,韩国首尔 『后场』,别处空间。北京 『A+A第三回展』,上海多伦现代美术馆,上海 2007 『中国当代艺术文献展』, 墙美术馆,北京 『多维视角艺术家联展』,你画廊,北京 『中外艺术家联展』一号地艺术园D区A-SPACE,北京 以色列中国当代艺术展,特拉维夫美术馆,以色列 2005 『中央美术学院学院之光』作品展,中央美术学院美术馆,北京

Collections Guangdong Museum of Art, PIFO New Art Gallery, Beijing and Seasons Gallery etc

个别奖项 收藏机构 广东美术馆, 偏锋新艺术空间,季节画廊等等

CHEN LIANGJIE 1971 Born in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China Education

1971 出生于四川省成都,中国 教育背景

1995 Graduated from Oil Painting Department, China Academy of Fine Arts, Hangzhou, China

1995 毕业于中国美术学院油画系,获学士学位 部分个展

Selected Solo Exhibitions 2008 Chen Liangjie, Hanart T Z Gallery, Hong Kong 2007 Chen Liangjie, Hanart T Z Gallery, Hong Kong Selected Group Exhibitions 2011 “Decor” Beijing arrow factory “+Follow” MOCA Shanghai “Small Oil on canvas” Chengdu “CAFAM Biennale: Super-Organism” CAFA Art Museum “Chuan liu bu xi” Chengdu Biennale specially invitation 2010 “RESHAPING HISTORY” Chinart from 2000 to 2009 “Shi Dao” Konggang 10 Chengdu “Ten year” Chengdu 2009 “Art in two cities ”re-C art space “A Certain Kind of Post-modernism” A thousand plateaus art space 2008 “Virtual World” ELLITA contemporary Gmbh Switzerland 2007 N.S.W Art exhibition K Gallery Chengdu “Starting from the Southwest-Exhibition of Contemporary Art in Southwest” THE GUANGDONG MUSEUM OF ART 3st Guiyang Biennale “Word of Mouth from the Four Corners” Rewind<<remix>>fast-forward: Chinese contemporary art 07’ Shanghai Art Fair of international Contemporary Art Exhibitions 2006 “Micrology : the Politics of Realism. A Case of Chinese Contemporary Art” MUSEU DE ARTE DE MACAU “Beyond Dimension Chinese New Painting” Si fang art museum of Nanjing “Under the Radar” Robischon Gallery Denver 2005 “Live in Chengdu” Soobin Art Gallery Singapore “The Second Triennial of Chinese Art ” Nanjing, China Chinese Contemporary Art in Hangar-7 Salzburg Austria “In the Deep of Reality: A Case of Chinese Contemporary Art” Hangzhou 2004 “New Painting” Shanghai “Ten Brick” Chengdu 2003 “Embracing The New Century-Third China National Exhibition Of Oil Paintings” 2001 1st Chengdu Biennale Chengdu Contemporary Arts Museum, Chengdu, China 2000 “International Young Art2000”, Sotheby’s International, Tel Aviv, Chicago, Vienna “The Figure in Chinese Contemporary Art” Air Gallery, London UK “TALE OF TWO CITIES” Asia Contemporary Art, London UK “The Chengdu Movement” Canvas World Art” Amsterdam and Kunsthal Hof88, Almelo, the Netherlands. Collections Upriver Gallery Chengdu China, Chengdu Contemporary Arts Museum, RCM art museum Nanjing, Today art museum Beijing , Si fang art museum Nanjing, Switzerland Burger Collection foundation, China Club Hong Kong, Hanart T Z Gallery Hongkong, The Guangdong museum of art

2008 2007

陈亮洁个展 ,汉雅轩 ,香港 陈亮洁个展 ,汉雅轩 , 香港

部分群展 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2001 2000 收藏机构

『装饰』,北京箭厂空间 『关注+』,上海当代美术馆 『小幅油画展』,成都美术学院 『超有机』,中央美术学院美术馆 『川流不息当代艺术文献展』, 成都双年展特别邀请展 『改造历史』中国当代艺术主题展, 北京国家会议中心 『师道』,空港十号 ,成都 『十年』,四川省展览馆 『双城记』,成都廊桥艺术中心 『一种后先锋主义 』,千高原艺术空间 『虚幻世界』瑞士ELLITA contemporary Gmbh 『新西南当代绘画作品展』 K·画廊 , 成都 『从西南出发—西南当代艺术展1985—2007』, 广东美术馆 第三届贵阳艺术双年展『口传和耳闻的四方』 『回转《融合》前瞻:中国当代美术』,上海 上海艺术博览会国际当代艺术展 上海展览中心 『显微境-观 』中国当代艺术展,澳门艺术博物馆 『超越的维度』中国新绘画,南京四方美术馆 『雷达之下』,美国 丹佛 Robischon Gallery 『居住在成都』,新加坡 第二界中国艺术三年展 ,南京博物院 Chinese Contemporary Art in Hangar-7, 奥地利Salzburg 『寓.言 中国当代艺术展』,杭州 『新经验图像』成都艺术家作品展, 上海 『十匹火砖』,当代艺术展 『携手新世纪 』第三届中国油画展 ,北京中国美术馆 成都双年展 成都现代艺术馆 『2000年国际新艺术』巡回展 ,苏士比 ,特拉维夫,维也那,芝加哥 『形象』展, 英国伦敦 『双城记』Asia Contemporary Art ,伦敦 『The Chengdu Movement』 ,荷兰Kunst 88博物馆

上河美术馆、成都现代艺术馆、南视觉美术馆、今日美术馆、四方美术馆、第七机库萨尔 斯堡、瑞士Burger Collection基金会、香港中国会、汉雅轩、广东美术馆等

HUNG TUNGLU 1968 Born - Taiwan Education 1999 Master of Fine Arts, Tainan National College of the Arts, Taiwan Selected Solo Exhibitions 2008 Android: Hung Tung-lu, IT Park Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan 2006 Hung Tunglu Solo Exhibition, China Art Seasons Gallery, Beijing, China Hung Tunglu Solo Exhibition, Gallery 75 Faubourg & Hanart TZ Gallery, Paris, France 2004 “Karma”, Lin & Keng Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan 2002 “Nirvana”, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan “@-May Cyberspac”, IT Park Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan Hung Tunglu Solo Exhibition, Marco Noire Contemporary Art Gallery, San Sebastiano, Italy Mangas and Contemporary Art by Hung Tunglu, University of Quebec, Hall-Ottawa Art Gallery, Canada 2001 Hung Tunglu Solo Exhibition, Gallery 456, Manhattan, New York, USA Selected Group Exhibitions 2011 “East Meets East”, Etemad Gallery, Dubai “The Mystical Self”, Project by Cecilia Freschini in collaboration with ArtVerona and Visualcontainer at [.BOX] VIDEOART PROJECT SPACE Homologous the actual and virtual ——Beijing New Media Arts Exhibition 2011 “Blink! Light, Sound & the Moving Image”, Denver Art Museum, USA Art Stage Singapore 2010 “Asian Landmark”, Iberia Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China “YOU WEST I EAST” ,Shen Zhen Art Museum, Wu Han Art Museum, China “Absolute Expressions”, Absolute vodka art Foundation 2008 “Dual Reality”,The 5th Seoul Internatonal Media Art Biennale, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, South Korea 2007 “Art verona”, LipanjePuntin artecontemporanea, Verona, Italy “The New Literati”, Osage gallery, Singapore 2006 “Seoul International Photography Festival 2006”, Seoul, Korea 2005 “Young Chinese Contemporary Art”, Hangar-7, Salzburg, Austria 2001 Art Basel, Marco Noire Contemporary Art, Basel, Switzerland “Some Islands” - Project Room of ARCO International Contemporary Art Fair, Presented by Lin & Keng Gallery, Madrid, Spain

1968 生于台湾 教育背景 1999 毕业于国立台南艺术学院造型艺术研究所 個展經驗 2008 『安卓罗伊 — 洪东禄个展』,伊通公园,台北 台湾 2006 洪东禄个展,北京季节画廊,北京 中国 个展,75 Faubourg画廊 & Hanart TZ画廊,巴黎 法国 2004 『业』,大未来画廊,台北 台湾 2002 『涅盘』,台北市立美术馆,台北 台湾 『@-may电脑空间』,伊通公园,台北 台湾 个展,Marco Noire当代美术馆,圣撒贝提那,义大利 『洪东禄:漫画与当代艺术』,魁北克大学Hall-Ottawa画廊,加拿大 2001 个展,56画廊,纽约曼哈顿 美国 群展经历 2011 『当东方遇见东方』, Etemad Gallery,,杜拜 『神秘的自我 』,Box Video Art Project Space,,义大利 『2011北京新媒体艺术年展 —虚实同源』,宋庄美术馆 ,北京 中国 『Blink! Light, Sound & the Moving Image』, 丹佛美术馆,美国 新加坡艺术博览会 2010 『亚洲路标 —丰田艺术项目』,伊比利亚当代艺术中心 ,北京 中国 『你西我东— 中国当代艺术邀请展』, 深圳美术馆 、武汉美术馆 中国 『绝对表现』, Absolute vodka 艺术基金会 2008 『双重现实』, 第五届首尔媒体艺术双年展,首尔美术馆,首尔 韩国 2007 维罗纳艺术节,利本耶普丁当代艺术,维罗纳,义大利 『新文艺青年』,Osage gallery, 新加坡 2006 『不可禁止的艺术 — 2006北京艺术博览会主题展』,北京 中国 2006首尔国际摄影节,首尔 韩国 2005 『当代中国青年艺术 』Hangar-7,萨尔斯堡 奥地利 2001 『一些岛屿:西班牙拱之大展』,Project Room,马德里 西班牙 巴塞尔艺术展 Marco Noire当代美术馆,巴塞尔 瑞士

LI WEI 1979

Born in Harbin, Hei Longjiang Province, China

Education 1999 Graduated from The High School of China Academy of Fine Arts Hangzhou China 2003 Graduated from The Oil Painting Department of Nanjing Institute of the Arts Nanjing China 2007 Obtained the Master degree of The Mural Department of The Central Academy of Fine Arts Beijing China Selected Solo Exhibitions 2011 2009

Matter of the Invisible, Life of Circle Art Space, Hong Kong, China In-Shine Gallery, Beijing, China Winding, Beyond Art Space, Beijing, China Simple Complicated, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China Simple Complicated, GeFeng Contemporary, Gallery 22 ART District, Shenzhen, China Simple Complicated, Nantong Central Art Museum, Nantong, China

Selected Group Exhibitions 2011 Micro-Life Tour, Soka Art Center, Taiwan, China Art Nova 100 Project, Art Nova 100 Orgnizing Committee, Beijing’s Ditan Park, Beijing, China Jinhan Exhibition Centre, Guangzhou, Shanghai International Sculpture Exhibition Center BOUNDLESS - Young Ink Painters Guest Exhibition, Agricultural Exhibition Centre, Beijing, China Micro-Life, Soka Art Center, Beijing, China From Trees to Forest, Galerie Alice Mogabgab, Beyrouth, Lebanon Infinite Multiply, Visual Case 2011 Contemporary Female Artist Invitational Exhibition, Shenzhen Guanshanyue Museum, Shenzhen,China Optical via Invisibility - Li Wei & Shang Yixin Dual Exhibition, In-shine Gallery, Beijing, China 2010 Beyond Fashion, 1st Crossover between Young Chinese Fashion Designers and Young Chinese Artists, Beyond Art Space, Beijing, China Whisper of the Wind, Chinese Artist Group Exhibition, Beyond Art Space, Beijing, China The City: Manufacturing Urban Landscapes, Art+Shanghai Gallery, Shanghai, China Art Beijing 2010 Contemporary Art Fair, Thematic Exhibition, Agricultural Exhibition Centre, Beijing, China 2009 Art Beijing 2009 Contemporary Art Fair, Thematic Exhibition - Art Unforbidden, Agricultural Exhibition Centre, Beijing, China The Original State, 2009 Art Beijing Extension - Heiqiao Studio No.1, Beijing, China METROPOLIS NOW - A Selection of Chinese Contemporary Art, Meridian International Center, Washington, U.S.A 2008 MY OWN WAY - Recommended Young Artists Exhibition, SZ Art Center, Beijing, China Heiqiao No.1 open studio, 2008 Art Beijing Extension, Beijing, China Academic and Un-academic II Exhibition, Yibo Gallery, Shanghai, China The first Moon River sculpture festival “source”, Moon River Museum of Modern Art, Beijing, China Selected Awards First prize of the Central Academy of Fine Arts Graduation Exhibition Collections Guan Shan Yue Art Museum, Nantong Central Art Museum, Deutsche Bank Collection, DSL Collection

1979 教育背景 1997 2003 2007 部分个展 2011 2009 部分群展 2011 2010 2009 2008


毕业于中国美院附中 杭州 中国 毕业于南京艺术学院油画系 ,获学士学位 毕业于中央美术学院壁画系,获硕士学位

南京 中国 北京 中国

『无观紧要』李威作品展 ,Life of Circle 艺术空间,香港 中国 『逶迤——李威个展』,印象空间画廊 ,北京 中国 别处空间 北京 中国 『简单复杂』李威作品展,今日美术馆,北京 中国 『简单复杂』李威作品巡展,深圳22艺术区格丰当代艺术馆 ,深圳 中国 『简单复杂』李威作品巡展,南通中心美术馆 ,南通 中国

『微生活』巡展 ,索卡艺术中心 ,台湾 ,中国 『青年艺术100 项目』 ,青年艺术100"组委会 ,北京地坛公园 ,北京 中国, 广州锦汉展览中心 ,广州 中国 上海国际雕塑展览中心 ,上海 中国 『无界——青年水墨艺术家作品邀请展』 ,经典北京2011专题展 ,农展馆,北京中国 『微生活 』,索卡艺术中心 ,北京 中国 『树到森林』,Galerie Alice Mogabgab ,贝鲁特 黎巴嫩 『无限繁衍.视觉案例—2011当代女艺术家邀请展』,深圳关山月美术馆 ,深圳 中国 『视而不见——李威 、尚一心作品展』,印象空间,北京 中国 『被城市——中壁画系创作年展』,中央美术学院 ,北京 中国 『超时尚!——中国年轻艺术家』,时装设计师跨界展第一回 ,别处空间 北京 中国 『且听风吟——中国艺术家联展 』别处空间 ,北京 中国 『制造城市风景 』,艺术+上海画廊 ,上海 中国 艺术北京2010当代艺术博览会,农展馆 ,北京 中国 艺术北京2009当代艺术博览会主题展『艺术突破』, 农展馆,北京 中国 『状态』2009艺术北京外围展黑1号院工作室开放展第二回 ,黑桥1号院 ,北京 中国 『都市中』--中国当代艺术选展 ,子午线空间 ,华盛顿 美国 『左灯右行—青年艺术家推荐展 』,圣之空间 ,北京 中国 艺术北京外围展 ,黑桥1号院工作室开放展 ,黑桥1号院,北京 中国 第一届月亮河雕塑艺术节『源』 月亮河当代艺术馆 ,北京 中国 『学院与非学院第二回展——时间性:差异时代与立场当下』,艺博画廊 ,上海 中国

个别奖项 获中央美术学院毕业生作品展一等奖 收藏机构 关山月美术馆






CHINA: Memories & Imagination  

The group of artists selected for this show reflect the figurative tradition exemplified by the painters of the Sichuan School. Luo Fahui's...

CHINA: Memories & Imagination  

The group of artists selected for this show reflect the figurative tradition exemplified by the painters of the Sichuan School. Luo Fahui's...