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Tina Buchholtz Tina Buchholtz was born in 1963 in Berlin. The end of the nineties marked a shift away from her erstwhile traditional portrayal of landscapes to usher in a phase of informal colour montages that provided medium to indulge her fascination with colour phenomena to the full. Paintings of merging patches of colour give rise to layers in a sea of colour with deep intensity of expression. This process of dispersal and reattachment came about by chance. As time progressed, canvasses used became steadily larger. Following an in-depth study of the life and works of Jackson Pollock, with whom ZOLMLLSZHJSVZLHY[PZ[PJHMĂ„UP[`)\JOOVS[aKL]LSVWLKH[LJOUPX\LPU^OPJOZOL\ZLZ various sizes of spatulas and spread the colours in a relief and montage form. The prominent feature is a colourfully scattered expression of rhythm and movement.

1 The Treasure in the Field acrylic, gold- and metal-pigments on canvas 100 x 160 cm (39 x 63 in) ÂŁ 5,750

2 Lazy Afternoon acrylic-, gold-, pearlescent pigments on canvas 120 x 160 cm (47 x 63 in) ÂŁ 6,000

3 Mermaid acrylic, pearlescent pigments on canvas 80 x 140 cm (31 x 55 in) ÂŁ 3,750

4 Lullaby acrylic-, metal-, pearlescent-pigments on canvas 100 x 100 cm (39 x 39 in) ÂŁ 3,500

JayShree Kapoor JayShree Kapoor was born in 1965 in Kenya. Her current body of works are concerned with depicting a universal expression of spirituality. These paintings are spontaneously composed, from the moment of inspiration, in a meditative state, capturing the intense period of time when the mind is devoid of all thoughts apart the connection with the inner self. The paintings are made up of complex layers of colour and texture, with a cosmic energy that is intrinsic to the soul of her work. She is generous with her works, but reluctant to provide explanations, letting you explore your soul through her paintings.

1 In the Moment mixed media on canvas 183 x 183 cm (72 x 72 in) ÂŁ 8,750

2 Entrance of Orange II mixed media on canvas 150 x 200 cm (59 x 79 in) ÂŁ 8,500

3 Green Echoes II mixed media on canvas 100 x 100 cm (39 x 39 in) ÂŁ 4,500

4 Incredilble Worlds II mixed media on canvas 121 x 91 cm (48 x 36 in) ÂŁ 4,500

5 I am the Light mixed media on canvas 182 x 122 cm (72 x 48 in) ÂŁ 7,250

6 Saffron Rains mixed media on canvas 182 x 122 cm (72 x 48 in) ÂŁ 7,250

7 Entrance of Orange I mixed media on canvas 178 x 178 cm (70 x 70 in) ÂŁ 8,750

8 Where Vapours Meet mixed media on canvas 122 x 152 cm (48 x 60 in) ÂŁ 6,000

Eishin Yoza Eishin Yoza was born in 1952 in Okinawa (Ishigaki island). At the age of 18, he left for Tokyo where he enrolled in the Shinjuku Art school and he studied the occidental ways of painting. In 1976, he departed for Kyoto and studied traditional kimono design (Sumi-é) ; in 1976, from Yokohama he left Japan on a sailing boat to (SHZRHÃ&#x201E;YZ[[OLUVU[VV[OLYZ[H[LZPU[OL<:KVPUN]HYPV\ZQVIZ[VWH`MVYOPZ[YPW 0U HM[LYHYYP]PUNPU,\YVWLOLZL[[SLKPU7HYPZHUKTHYYPLZH-YLUJONPYS  /LJVWPLK[OLVSKTHZ[LYZPU[OL3V\]YLT\ZL\THUKKPZJV]LYLK[OL[LJOUPX\LZVM L[JOPUNHUKLUNYH]PUN:PUJL[OLUOLOHZILLUH[[LUKPUN[OL7HYPZPHUZHSVUZZ\JO HZ¸:HSVUK»H\[VTUL¹¸3LZ(Y[PZ[LZ-YHUsHPZ¹¸5H[PVUHSKLZ)LH\_(Y[Z¹

1 Forest I oil on canvas 130 x 162 cm (51 x 64 in) ÂŁ 7,500

2 Forest II oil on canvas 130 x 162 cm (51 x 64 in) ÂŁ 7,500

3 Forest III oil on canvas 130 x 162 cm (51 x 64 in) ÂŁ 7,500

4 Forest IV oil on canvas 130 x 162 cm (51 x 64 in) ÂŁ 7,500

Tina Buchholtz, Eishin Yoza & JayShree Kapoor  

Introducing new works from Tina Buchholtz, JayShree Kapoor & Eishin Yoza.

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