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Makingsystems systemsbusiness-ready business-ready Making Dynamics GP and Posting Server Products Solutions Dynamics GP Posting Server is a tool designed to improve your Great Plains data integrations, independent of the integration method used. Whether data is imported into Dynamics GP via eConnect, Integration Manager or stored procedures, Dynamics GP Posting Server will automatically recognize and post transaction batches

Automatically post all types of GP transactions, without manual intervention

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Set it and forget it! Dynamics GP Posting Server is an application that runs on the background of any workstation within your network. Posting Server can recognize any standard batch type in Dynamics GP and automatically post them

Post batches in multiple companies

• Post batches to any number of companies. • One single instance of Dynamics GP Posting server will handle all your companies. • Posting Server allows multiple instances to operate in parallel, increasing performance and capability Posting Server uses standard Dynamics GP Posting Logic

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Posting Server will work seamlessly with any existing customizations or third-party products. All Dynamics GP posting rules are followed, guaranteeing a flawless posting process

Monitor reports on batches handled by Posting Server

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• Control and monitor all batches submitted to the posting server. • Posting Server offers a control panel that displays real time information about batches being posted and any errors encountered.

• Receive error notifications via configurable emails and resubmit batches for posting

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