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A L B A N Y, T H E B A H A M A S

transform. reset. restart your body.

ReBoot Wellness Boot Camps bring together movement combined with a diet rich in nutrient-dense, plantbased foods to fuel your body for the ultimate change. Set in The Bahamas, the six-day Boot Camp is all about creating more energy, losing weight, cleansing, repairing and recovering, gaining mental clarity, and connecting with nature and each other.


R eBoot offering

controlling your environment ReBoot Boot Camps are all about controlling the environment in order to create change in habits and behaviors. Participants will spend the week at Albany, with a trip mid-week to the Exumas, and will focus on intense movement and fitness activity along with a regimented nutrition plan.

ReBoot Wellness Boot Camp includes Six days of intense fitness activity and movement along with recovery classes Five nights accommodations in a shared four-bedroom marina residence or villa at Albany, with one night at Highbourne Cay Cottages in The Exumas Seaplane transportation to and from Albany and The Exumas All meals, including three meals and two snacks daily

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lose up to eight pounds and inches during the week Create new movement habits at ReBoot, while building strength and endurance, losing pounds and inches, and detoxifying your body. Centered around continual movement, participants will walk, hike, swim, kayak and participate in various strength training and conditioning classes as well as end with a round of Beach Olympics. While most of the week is spent at Albany and on New Providence, participants will take a mid-week trip to the Exumas for hiking and paddleboarding. The goal of ReBoot is to retrain how your body thinks about movement and create a renewed sense of physical fitness going forward.Â


a results-oriented Boot Camp ReBoot Wellness Boot Camps are designed for results. They are designed to transform and adapt the body and mind as new behaviors are formed. While no two bodies are the same, ReBoot participants can expect to lose up to eight pounds and inches during the six-day Boot Camp, and should continue seeing weight loss and change in the weeks to come as the fitness, wellness and nutrition programs are implemented at home. Prior to arriving, ReBoot participants will receive a recommended exercise, diet and wellness plan to implement at home at least 14 days prior to best prepare their bodies for the retreat. 


n utrition

plant-based nutrition During the week you will fuel your body with gluten and lactose free, plant-based cuisine designed to transform your diet to optimally achieve your health and lifestyle goals. All healthy meals, along with two snacks per day, total approximately 1,500 calories per day and center around whole ingredients like grains, legumes, vegetables and fruits. The right combination of proteins and healthy fats combined with complex carbohydrates ensures your body intakes the nutrients it needs throughout the day. Recognizing nutrition plays an integral role in bringing about balance to one’s wellness, ReBoot participants gain insight into nutrient-rich foods and recipes which can be made well beyond the retreat.



stay in luxury residences at albany ReBoot participants will stay within the luxury resort community of Albany, just ten minutes from Nassau’s international airport, in a shared four-bedroom marina residence or villa. These private residences are complete with living room, full kitchen and spacious indoor-outdoor living areas to enjoy the beautiful tropical weather.

Marina Residence, Albany

Private Marina Residence, Albany

Club Villa, Albany 13

ReBoot prep

prepare at home 14 days prior All ReBoot participants should follow the prep plan two weeks prior to arriving at Albany to help prepare your body for ReBoot. This includes reducing/eliminating caffeine, sugar, carbohydrates and animal products, while ramping up activity levels and weaning away from the outside world. ReBoot is a time to disconnect from the world and focus on your body, movement and mindfulness.

Week 1 If your current cardio exercise is minimal, it is suggested you walk at least three times throughout this week for 60 minutes each. Weather permitting, this should be done outside with a goal of hitting 15,000 steps a day. If your current strength training is minimal, it is suggested you do three rounds of: 12 push-ups, 1-minute plank, 10 series of lunges, 1-minute plank and 10 air squats. Diet: reduce caffeine and artificial sugar intake and eat two vegetarian meals.

Week 2 Participants should increase walks to four to five times throughout the week for two hours, with a goal of hitting 30,000 steps a day. It is suggested participants do five rounds of: 15 push-ups, 1-minute plank, 12 series of lunges, 1-minute left and right side plank, 15 air squats and 40 mountain climbers. Diet: eliminate caffeine and artificial sugar completely and eat three vegetarian meals.



from ReBoot to re-entry The goal of ReBoot Wellness Boot Camps is to create a longterm change in one's habits and behaviors, bringing about a sense of renewal and regeneration for a healthy life going forward. Recognizing life beyond ReBoot Boot Camps brings many challenges, our team is here to support and encourage participants well beyond their time in the program. Participants will receive communications from ReBoot featuring tips, recipes, encouraging thoughts and interviews with wellness experts, all in an effort to make entry back into the real world as seamless as possible.

ReBoot repeats The ReBoot team understands many participants may want to repeat the program annually or bi-annually, and we would love to have the opportunity to continue making significant changes in the lives of our clients.


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