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Remove Security from NSF File With Advance Securase Utility When admin is out of your reach and have got a NSF file with local security protection and you are not able to access its data. In such condition first question that will hit any user’s mind is how to remove security from NSF file. The right answer to this question is Securase as this tool along with removing local security from .nsf file also ensures accuracy of data. Software ensures no alteration in format or content of data present in NSF file while removing local security from file.

What leads to Locking up of NSF file database? Lotus Notes mailing client is known for its security services. With the help of Access Control Rights (ACL) administrator can put restrictions on NSF to stop any third person to read, write or do any kind of operation with the data. If an unauthorized person try to access that data then a pop up on the screen of computer will pop up “You are not authorized to perform this operation”. Although the feature of security service is good to protect the data from any kind of external attack but some time it creates problem to user, especially when a right user receives a restricted file from right person. Then to remove security from NSF file using some third party tool remains the only option for a user. Visit for Remove NSF Security Official Site: - Other Important and interesting Feature of Software

Have easy and self-explanatory interface

One of the safest tool to remove local security from NSF file

No alteration or modification is done in NSF file data

Supportive all version of Windows

Use Free Edition of Tool Remove Security from NSF file

Free version of this tool offers complete removal of security from sample .nsf file and let the user know about functioning of software and its interface after getting ensured, user can buy full version of software.

Easy Steps to Remove Local NSF Local Security

First, go to Start > Programs > Securase > Securase to open the initial software screen. Start-up Screen will appear as shown below:

Remove security from nsf file  

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