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Ursula King


Spirit of Fire The Life and Vision of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin 9781626981140 • 264pp PB • 2015 • £18.99 Revised edition of the lucid biography, featuring quotations and photographs that document Teilhard’s dramatic life. An ideal introduction to the life and thought of the remarkable man.

Teilhard de Chardin and Eastern Religions Spirituality and Mysticism in an Evolutionary World 9780809147045 • 432pp PB • 2011 • £21.99 An in-depth examination of Teilhard’s mysticism and knowledge of the Middle and Far East, especially China, his comments on eastern religions on mysticism and spirituality.

Christ In All Things Exploring Spirituality with Pierre Teilhard de Chardin 9781626981904 • 256pp PB • December 2016 • £18.99 Offers both a concise introduction to the spiritual vision of Teilhard, the mystic and scientist, and a fascinating survey of contemporary themes through a “Teilhardian” lens.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin Selected Writings 9781570752483 • 160pp PB • 1999 • £13.99 Contains Teilhard’s visionary writings on faith and spirituality in the light of evolutionary theory and demonstrates how his holistic vision speaks with growing relevance to contemporary spirituality.

From Teilhard to Omega Co-creating an Unfinished Universe

Personal Transformation and a New Creation The Spiritual Revolution of Beatrice Bruteau

Edited by Ilia Delio 9781626980693 • 256pp PB • 2014 • £21.99

Edited by Ilia Delio 9781626982093 • 256pp PB • September 2016 • £18.99

Wide-ranging essays by different authors, including Ursula King, that shed new light on God and evolution, secularity and spirituality, and the wisdom needed to forge the future.

Top scholars, including Ursula King, examine the theories of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin through the lens of Beatrice Bruteau’s pioneering work on evolution and consciousness.

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Christ In All Things From Teilhard to Omega Personal Transformation and a New Creation Pierre Teilhard de Chardin: Selected Writings Spirit of Fire Teilhard de Chardin and Eastern Religions Postage


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