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on all UK/Europe orders received on this form by 15th June 2012 Christian Theology in Practice: Discovering a Discipline Bonnie J Miller-McLemore For the past fifty years, scholars in both pastoral and practical theology have attempted to capture human religious experience and practice as essential sites for theological engagement. In this book the author shows how this trend in scholarship has led to an expanded subject matter, alternative ways of knowing, and richer terms for analysis in doing Christian theology. Tracing more than two decades of her own search for a more inclusive discipline, Bonnie J Miller-McLemore shows how pastoral and practical theology has developed during this time. Eerdmans ∙ 978-0-8028-6534-2 ∙ 334 pp ∙ PB ∙ £22.99 £17.24 Thinking Christ: Christology and Contemporary Critics Jane Barter Moulaison Moulaison engages contemporary critical understandings of Jesus Christ — including postcolonial, feminist, pluralist, ecological, and socialist — to argue that the core convictions of traditional Christology remain a viable, valuable, and even indispensable witness to the gospel in an imperiled world.

Genesis and Christian Theology Nathan MacDonald, Mark W Elliot and Grant Macaskill Sixteen scholars consider Genesis — one of the richest resources for Jewish and Christian theological reflection — in dialogue with historical and contemporary theological reflection. The essays offer new vistas on familiar texts, reawakening past debates and challenging modern clichés.

Fortress Press ∙ 978-0-8006-9873-7 ∙ 188 pp ∙ PB ∙ £16.99 £12.74

Eerdmans ∙ 978-0-8028-6725-4 ∙ 365 pp ∙ PB ∙ £23.99 £17.99

Icons and the Name of God

In the Name of God: The Making of Global Christianity

Sergius Bulgakov and Boris Jakim Renowned Orthodox theologian Sergius Bulgakov explains the theology behind the Orthodox veneration of icons and the glorification of the name of God. This translation of two essays makes Bulgakov’s rich thinking on these key theological concepts available to a wider audience than ever before.

Eerdmans ∙ 978-0-8028-6664-6 ∙ 192 pp ∙ PB ∙ £19.99 £14.99 Prophetic Evangelicals: Envisioning a Just and Peaceable Kingdom Bruce Ellis Benson, Malinda Elizabeth Berry and Peter Goodwin Heltzel Fifteen contributors share their visions for a biblically centred, culturally engaged, and historically infused evangelicalism. The authors’ reflections centre on such themes as social justice, multiculturalism, shalom, creation care, missionality, resurrection, and hope — and how these relate to evangelical theology.

Eerdmans ∙ 978-0-8028-6639-4 ∙ 225 pp ∙ PB ∙ £23.99 £17.99

Edmondo F Lupieri From the conquistadores in Central and South America to the Jesuits in China, the author traces the consequences of European war and conquest for global cultural identities from the age of exploration to the present. Unflinchingly critical, Lupieri shows how European-indigenous encounters shaped Christianity—and the world— irrevocably.

Eerdmans ∙ 978-0-8028-4017-2 ∙ 291 pp ∙ PB ∙ £16.99 £12.74 A Contemporary in Dissent: Johann Gerog Hamann as a Radical Enlightener Oswald Bayer In this biography--translated for the first time into English--German theologian Oswald Bayer describes the life and work of journalist-theologian Johann Georg Hamann (1730-1788). Although largely forgotten until recent times, Hamann as radical dissenter -- whom Goethe called the "brightest man of his age" -- remains relevant today, as Bayer shows in this book.

Eerdmans ∙ 978-0-8028-6670-7 ∙ 254 pp ∙ PB ∙ £16.99 £12.74

Light From Light: Scientists and Theologians in Dialogue Gerald O’Collins and Mary Ann Meyers Renowned scientists and theologians meet to discuss the concept of light as understood by modern physics and employed by biblical and patristic writers. Light from Light deepens readers’ understanding of light as posited by recent cosmological and physical theories, drawing connections with “light” as a theological metaphor. Striking glimpses into new scientific developments offer additional insight and interest.

Eerdmans ∙ 978-0-8028-6667-7 ∙ 256 pp ∙ PB ∙ £23.99 £17.99

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Horizons in Theology Series Abingdon Press This series offers a brief but highly engaging set of essays on the major concerns and questions regarding various subjects as they intersect with theology—past and present. Senior scholars from each field address these themes in a clear and concise manner, addressing the scope and contours of the questions as they relate to theological inquiry and application. Proclamation and Theology 978-0-687-49343-2 ∙ 112pp ∙ PB ∙ £6.99 £5.24 Philosophy and Theology 978-0-687-33126-0 ∙ 84pp ∙ PB ∙ £8.99 £6.74 Violence and Theology 978-0-687-33433-9 ∙ 92pp ∙ PB ∙ £6.99 £5.24 Music and Theology 978-0-687-34194-8 ∙ 83pp ∙ PB ∙ £6.99 £5.24 Literature and Theology 978-0-687-49740-9 ∙ 110pp ∙ PB ∙ £7.99 £5.99 Globalization and Theology 978-1-426-70065-1 ∙ 96pp ∙ PB ∙ £6.99 £5.24

Library in Biblical Theology Series – Abingdon Press The purpose of this series is to bring the worlds of biblical scholarship and constructive theology together. It revives biblical theology as a discipline that describes the faith of the biblical periods while articulating normative understandings of modern faith and practice. God in New Testament Theology 978-0-687-46545-3 ∙ 176pp ∙ PB ∙ £13.99 £10.49 New Testament Theology : An Introduction 978-0-687-34120-7 ∙ 232pp ∙ PB ∙ £14.99 £11.24 Old Testament Theology : An Introduction 978-0-687-34090-3 ∙ 433pp ∙ PB ∙ £22.99 £17.24

Theologians in Focus Detrich Bonhoeffer Works, Vol 11: Ecumenical, Academic and Pastoral Work: 1931-1932 Detrich Bonhoeffer A comprehensive translation of Bonhoeffer’s important writings from 1931 to 1932, with extensive commentary about their historical context and theological significance. Several of the documents in this volume give important insights into his theology at this point. His ecumenical lectures and reports are significant documents for understanding the ecumenical debates of this period.

Fortress Press ∙ 978-0-8006-9838-6 ∙ 556 pp ∙ HB ∙ £40.99 £30.74 ∙ June 2012 Thy Word is Truth: Barth on Scripture George Hunsinger This collection of essays introduces Barth with clarity and depth, providing readers with an overview of Barth’s views on Scripture. George Hunsinger brings together ten distinguished scholars who cover such topics as Barth’s belief that Scripture is both reliable and inspired, his typological exegesis and his ideas about time and eternity. This book aims to whet the reader’s appetite to read and engage with Barth further.

Eerdmans ∙ 978-0-8028-6674-5 ∙ 256 pp ∙ PB ∙ £26.99 £20.24 Martin Luther’s Basic Theological Writings: Third Edition Timothy F Hull and William R Russell This introduction to Luther's most influential, noted, and important writings in the modern translations— including excerpts of his sermons and letters—presents Luther the theologian "steeped in the word of God, speaking to the whole church", providing an exciting encounter with the meaning of Jesus Christ for each age.

Fortress Press ∙ 978-0-8006-9883-6 ∙ 560 pp ∙ PB ∙ £32.99 £24.74 ∙ April 2012

Dorothee Soelle, Mystic and Rebel: The Biography Renate Wind A well-researched and searching biography of Dorothee Soelle (1929–2003), who became a true religious provocateur and one of the most prolific and widely read theologians of the post-war period. Her personality, work, travels, and the era itself combined to make her a pioneer and leader in the most exciting developments of the period.

Fortress Press ∙ 978-0-8006-9808-9 ∙ 224 pp ∙ HB ∙ £16.99 £12.74 ∙ June 2012

Fresh Perspectives Disability in the Christian Tradition: A Reader Edited by Brian Brock and John Swinton For two millennia Christians have thought about what human impairment is and how faith communities and society should respond to people with perceived impairments. Fourteen experts in theology and disability studies guide readers throughout history, offering clear commentary and highlighting important themes relating to the subject.

Perspectives on Ecclesiology and Ethnography Edited by Pete Ward An introduction to a new crossdisciplinary series that brings together the customarily divided disciplines of theology and ethnography. This first volume in the series frames the proposal that the Church is both theological and social/cultural. Contributions from twelve scholar-practitioners lead the way forward.

Eerdmans ∙ 978-0-8028-6602-8 ∙ 528

Eerdmans ∙ 978-0-8028-6726-1 ∙ 262

pp ∙ PB ∙ £29.99 £22.49 ∙ June 2012

pp ∙ PB ∙ £32.99 £24.74 ∙ April 2012

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