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This Incredibly Benevolent Force

Jonathan Edwards

The Holy Spirit in Reformed Theology and Spirituality

Oliver D Crisp and Kyle C Strobel Eerdmans • £23.99 • ISBN 9780802872692 • PB • 248 pages

An Introduction to His Thought

Cornelis van der Kooi Eerdmans • £31.99 • ISBN 9780802876133 • HB • 160 pages Examines the relationship of the Holy Spirit to Jesus Christ and demonstrates how a fuller understanding of the interplay between Christology and pneumatology can encourage the Christian church to have open eyes and ears for the in-breaking of God’s “incredibly benevolent force” into the cosmological emptiness of today’s world.

Crisp and Strobel introduce readers to the formidable mind of Jonathan Edwards as they survey key theological and philosophical themes in his thought, including his doctrine of the Trinity and his philosophical theology of God and creation.

Spirit Hermeneutics Reading Scripture in Light of Pentecost

Karl Barth, the Jews, and Judaism

Craig S Keener Eerdmans • £33.99 • ISBN 9780802875617 • PB • 550 pages

Edited by George Hunsinger Eerdmans • £54.99 • ISBN 9780802875761 • HB • 192 pages

How Jewish was Karl Barth? This provocative question opens Karl Barth, the Jews, and Judaism – a volume that brings nine eminent Jewish and Christian theologians into direct and respectful dialogue on a crucial aspect of Barth’s thought and legacy.

Bridging the Word-Spirit gap between academic and experiential Christian approaches, Keener’s Spirit Hermeneutics narrates a way of reading the Bible that is faithful both to the Spirit-inspired biblical text and to the experience of the Spirit among believers.

Seeing God The Beatific Vision in Christian Tradition

Flawed Church, Faithful God A Reformed Ecclesiology for the Real World Joseph D Small Eerdmans • £29.99 • ISBN 9780802876126 • PB • 224 pages • 30 May 2018 How can we reconcile the ideal church described by theology with the broken church that we see in the world? In this book Joseph Small argues that the church’s true identity is known somewhere in the tension between the two.

Hans Boersma Eerdmans • £45.99 • ISBN 9780802876041 • HB • 512 pages • 30 July 2018 When we see God, are we looking with our physical eyes or with the mind’s eye? Both, says Hans Boersma in this sacramental and historical treatment of the beatific vision. Focusing on “vision” as a living metaphor, Boersma shows how the vision of God is accessible already today.

New releases and recent key texts in Theology from Alban Books Sources of the Christian Self A Cultural History of Christian Identity

Powers, Principalities, and the Spirit Biblical Realism in Africa and the West

Edited by James M Houston and Jens Zimmerman Eerdmans • £45.99 • ISBN 9780802876270 • HB • 696 pages • 30 May 2018 40 short biographical chapters illustrate how Christian identity has been formed by history, society, and God, and in so doing offer deep insight into our own Christian selves today.

The Monk’s Record Player Thomas Merton, Bob Dylan, and the Perilous Summer of 1966 Robert Hudson Eerdmans • £19.99 • ISBN 9780802875204 • HB • 224 pages This parallel biography of two countercultural icons plumbs the depths of Dylan’s influence on Merton’s life and poetry, and shows how each transcended his immediate troubles and went on to new heights of spiritual and artistic genius in the tumultuous era of 1960s America.

Systematic Theology Complete Edition Louis Berkhof Eerdmans • £38.99 • ISBN 9780802876324 • PB • 992 pages • 30 August 2018 In his monumental treatment of the doctrines of the Reformed faith, Berkhof covers the full range of theology in traditional systematic fashion, examining the doctrines of God, anthropology, Christology, soteriology, ecclesiology, and eschatology. The result is a comprehensive work written in a scholarly yet simple style.

Creation and the Cross The Mercy of God for a Planet in Peril Elizabeth A Johnson Orbis Books • £23.99 • ISBN 9781626982666 • HB • 256 pages Engages with the central Christian belief in a God who saves and how this belief affects life and practice at our crucial ecological juncture. Our faith tradition is deepened by being rooted more firmly in the ecological reality of the earth.

Esther E Acolatse Eerdmans • £26.99 • ISBN 9780802864055 • PB • 208 pages Attempts to bridge the enormous hermeneutical gap regarding attitudes toward the supernatural – one that exists not only between the West and global Christianity but also between the West and its own biblical-theological heritage.

Charred Root of Meaning Continuity, Transgression, and the Other in Christian Tradition Philipp W Rosemann Eerdmans • £41.99 • ISBN 9780802863454 • HB • 240 pages • 30 August 2018 Ecologists tell us that periodic wildfires, though devastating, are necessary to the rhythm of nature. The death of the old allows something new to grow. Christian tradition functions much the same way, says this book, examining how transgression and destruction are crucial in the foundation and preservation of tradition.

A Christology of Religions Gerald O’Collins Orbis Books • £29.99 • ISBN 9781626982819 • PB • 192 pages • 30 July 2018

Adopting the person and saving work of Christ as the master key for organising themes treated by theologies of religion, O'Collins expands on the relevance of the theology of the cross for thinking about “the others” and the impact of Christ’s priesthood on all men and women of all places and times.

The Hermeneutics of the Biblical Writers Learning to Interpret Scripture from the Prophets Abner Chou Kregel Academic • £19.99 • ISBN 9780825443244 • PB • 256 pages Chou proposes a “hermeneutic of obedience,” in which believers learn to interpret Scripture the way the biblical authors did – including understanding the New Testament’s use of the Old Testament.

Order online entering offer code ABTHS18 at the checkout Middle Knowledge Human Freedom in Divine Sovereignty John D Laing Kregel Academic • £23.99 • ISBN 9780825443305 • PB • 416 pages • 30 May 2018 Examines the doctrine of providence based on the theory of middle knowledge, which holds that creatures have true free will but God has perfect knowledge of what each creature could and would do in any circumstance.

The Beauty of the Lord

The Brain, the Mind, and the Person Within The Enduring Mystery of the Soul Mark Cosgrove Kregel Academic • £15.99 • ISBN 9780825445262 • PB • 176 pages Cosgrove contends that humans are unities of soul and body in which both the spiritual and the physical interact. From this perspective, he presents informative overviews of contemporary debates about the brain, including consciousness, free will, “God spots,” personhood, and life after death.

Theology as Aesthetics Jonathan King

Common Grace (Volume 2)

Lexham Press • £21.99 • ISBN 9781683590583 • PB • 384 pages • 30 July 2018

Abraham Kuyper Lexham Press • £45.99 • ISBN 9781577996699 • HB • 864 pages • 30 August 2018

Rarely do theologians take up the theme of God's beauty – even more rarely do they consider how God's beauty should shape the task of theology itself. The Beauty of the Lord is a renewal of a truly aesthetic theology and a properly theological aesthetics.

On Islam Abraham Kuyper Lexham Press • £42.99 • ISBN 9781577996743 • HB • 400 pages • 30 May 2018

Part travelogue, part cultural critique, On Islam presents a European imperialist seeing first-hand the damage colonialism had caused and the value of a religion he had never truly understood.

Christians, Muslims, and Mary A History Rita George-Tvrtkovic Paulist Press • £15.99 • ISBN 9780809153282 • PB • 272 pages • 30 May 2018 Moving through history, views of Mary's role in ChristianMuslim relations have constantly shifted back and forth from bridge to barrier and back again. This book focuses on history, and the use (something polemical, sometimes irenic) of Mary as either a bridge or barrier between Islam and Christianity.

God’s Gifts for a Fallen World

Kuyper firmly believed that though many people in the world will remain unconverted, God's grace is still shown to the world as a whole. The second volume of Common Grace contains Kuyper's doctrinal exploration of the impact and implications of this belief.

Isidore of Seville Sententiae Translated by Thomas L Knoebel Paulist Press • £37.99 • ISBN 9780809106363 • HB • 272 pages

Isidore of Seville was one of the dominant contributors to the development of medieval Catholic theology. Sententiae is his major theological work.

Mary, Star of Evangelization Jacob Phillips Paulist Press • £24.99 • ISBN 9780809153374 • PB • 192 pages • 30 August 2018

This book not only outlines the theories behind key strategies for conducting the New Evangelisation in considerable depth and detail, but reveals the fundamentally Marian texture which they share, so the hitherto untapped resources of the title of Mary as "Star of the New Evangelisation" are brought vividly to light in new and unexpected ways.

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Beauty of the Lord, The Brain, the Mind, and the Person Within, The Charred Root of Meaning Christians, Muslims, and Mary Christology of Religions, A Common Grace (Volume 2) Creation and the Cross Flawed Church, Faithful God Hermeneutics of the Biblical Writers, The Isidore of Seville Jonathan Edwards Karl Barth, the Jews, and Judaism Mary, Star of Evangelization Middle Knowledge Monk’s Record Player, The On Islam Powers, Principalities, and the Spirit Seeing God Sources of the Christian Self Spirit Hermeneutics Systematic Theology This Incredibly Benevolent Force

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