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THE MANY FACES OF HEROD THE GREAT Adam Kolman Marshak 9780802866059 Eerdmans • PB • £23.99 • Jan 2015 • 448pp For most of the Western world Herod the Great is an icon of cruelty and evil, the epitome of a tyrant. Marshak portrays Herod the Great differently, drawing on historical, archaeological, and literary sources. Marshak's fascinating account chronicles how Herod moved from the bankrupt usurper he was at the beginning of his reign to a wealthy and powerful king who founded a dynasty and brought ancient Judaea to its greatest prominence and prosperity. OFFER PRICE £17.99 NA28 NOVUM TESTAMENTUM GRAECE ET LATINE German Bible Society 9781619700475 Hendrickson • HB • £73.99 • Jan 2015 • 1008pp • A scholarly edition of the Greek and Latin New Testaments. Presents the text of the 28th edition of the NestleAland Novum Testamentum Graece and the Novum Testamentum Latine (Nova Vulgata) on facing pages, and includes the critical apparatus for both editions, facilitating a detailed study of the history of the Greek and Latin textual tradition. OFFER PRICE £55.49 FRAMING PAUL An Epistolary Account Douglas A Campbell 9780802871510

Eerdmans • PB • £25.99 • Jan 2015 • 448pp Campbell derives a basic “frame” for Paul’s letters on which all subsequent interpretation can be built. Though figuring out the authorship and order of Paul’s letters has been thought to be impossible, Campbell presents a solution to the puzzle. OFFER PRICE £19.49

ECHOES FROM THE PAST Hebrew and Cognate Inscriptions from the Biblical Period Shmuel Ahituv 9789652207081 Carta Jerusalem • HB • £65.99 Available • 526pp A collection of inscriptions dating back to the First Temple period, originating from kingdoms on both sides of the River Jordan. Translated from the Hebrew this handbook has been revised and expanded to include over 220 inscriptions. Each is illustrated by a photograph and/or facsimile, with transcriptions in square Hebrew letters and in pointed Hebrew. OFFER PRICE £49.49 DICTIONARY OF BASIC BIBLICAL HEBREW Hebrew–English Shlomo Karni 9789652204981 Carta Jerusalem • HB • £16.99 • Available • 190pp • Consists of two parts: a dictionary of the most common words in the Hebrew Bible; and an introduction to basic grammar and syntax with topics such as prefixes and suffixes; nouns; gender; number; adjectives; tenses; verbs and stems. OFFER PRICE £12.74 THE CARTA BIBLE ATLAS 5th Edition Revised and Expanded Yohanan Aharoni, Michael Avi-Yonah, Anson E Rainey, Ze’ey Safrai and R Steven Notley 9789652208149 Carta Jerusalem • HB • £33.99 Available • 232pp Provides precise details for each of the major events described in the Bible. Revised with fresh maps and texts to supply a more complete picture for many of the biblical narratives. OFFER PRICE £25.49

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