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New Releases from Alban Books Up to 35% discount and free postage on all UK/Europe orders The Paulist Biblical Commentary

The Letter to the Colossians The New International Commentary on the New Testament

Edited by Jose Enrique Aguilar et al Paulist Press • £125.00 • ISBN 9780809106134 • HB • 1660 pages • 30 September 2018 A one-volume commentary on the books of the Bible designed for a wide variety of Bible readers, especially those engaged in pastoral ministry. The volume consists of a commentary on each of the 73 book of the Catholic canon of the Bible along with 12 general articles.

Scot McKnight Eerdmans • £45.99 • ISBN 9780802867988 • HB • 522 pages McKnight interacts closely with the text of Colossians itself while bringing the best of biblical scholarship to the table. He focuses on reading Colossians in the context of Paul's other letters, his theology, and his mission to preach the gospel to the Gentiles.

Keep Up Your Biblical Aramaic in Two Minutes a Day

The Gospel of John Introduction, Exposition and Notes

365 Selections for Easy Review Jonathan G Kline Hendrickson • £33.99 • ISBN 9781683070658 • Hard Flexisoft • 384 pages Helps you read a small amount of Biblical Aramaic daily, in a manageable and enjoyable way. This book focuses on the • • learning – vocabulary, fundamentals of language morphology, and syntax – in a maximally efficient and enriching way.

F F Bruce Eerdmans • £26.99 • ISBN 9780802875914 • PB • 437 pages

In this classic commentary on the Gospel of John, first published in 1983, F F Bruce leads readers through the rich and complex words of John the Evangelist with a careful verse-by-verse exposition of the Gospel’s original text, its historical context, and its ongoing relevance for the Christian life.

Cultures and Religions in Dialogue

Lexham Geographic Commentary on the Gospels

Volume VI Part One: Pluralism and Interculturality Raimon Panikkar Orbis Books • £74.99 • ISBN 9781626982802 • HB • 320 pages ▪ 30 July 2018 The first of two volumes that bring together the Englishlanguage version of Panikkar’s important work on Cultures and Religions in Dialogue. As always, Panikkar seeks to bring together East and West without compromising the integrity of the traditions of each.

Edited by Barry Beitzel and Kristopher Lyle Lexham Press • £41.99 • ISBN 9781683590446 • HB • 448 pages • 30 June 2018 Jesus' parables and illustrations are often brimming with geographic clues, but the significance of these distinctive details is often lost on us today. This book puts readers in the sandals of the disciples as they travel throughout Israel with Jesus, explaining the significance of geography for mining the riches of the biblical text.

New releases and recent bestsellers from Alban Books Best Bible Books

Stories with Intent

New Testament Resources

A Comprehensive Guide to the Parables of Jesus

John Gylnn Kregel Academic • £23.99 • ISBN 9780825443985 • PB • 336 pages • 30 May 2018 Glynn and Burer examine commentaries on every book of the New Testament, describing their approach, format, and usability; they then rank them on a scale of good, better, and best.

Klyne R Snodgrass Eerdmans • £48.99 • ISBN 9780802875693 • HB • 912 pages Surveys the primary issues in parables interpretation and provides an overview of other parables – often neglected in the discussion – from the Old Testament, Jewish writings, and the Greco-Roman world.

Learning Biblical Hebrew

Biblical Hebrew

Reading for Comprehension: An Introductory Grammar

An Introductory Grammar

Karl Kutz and Rebekah Josberger Lexham Press • £32.99 • ISBN 9781683590842 • HB • 368 pages • 30 June 2018 Designed for long-term retention, Learning Biblical Hebrew focuses on helping students understand how the language works and providing a solid grounding in Hebrew through extensive reading in the biblical text.

Keep Up Your Biblical Hebrew Volume One 365 Selections for Easy Review Jonathan G Kline Hendrickson • £33.99 • ISBN 9781683070603 • Hard Flexisoft • 384 pages This book presents, one day at a time and in order of descending frequency, the 365 most frequently occurring words in the Hebrew Bible (about 2/3 of the vocabulary that one typically learns in a 1st-year Hebrew class).

Early Jewish Literature 2 Vol Set An Anthology Edited by Brad Embry et al Eerdmans • £104.99 • ISBN 9780802866691 • HB • 1504 pages Offers more than 70 selections from Second Temple-era Jewish literature, each introduced and translated by a leading scholar in the field. Organised by genre, this anthology presents both complete works and substantial excerpts of longer works, giving readers a solid introduction to the major works of the era.

Page H Kelley Eerdmans • £33.99 • ISBN 9780802874917 • PB • 460 pages • 30 May 2018 Comprehensive in scope, this carefully crafted introductory grammar of Biblical Hebrew offers easy-to-understand explanations, numerous biblical illustrations, and a wide range of imaginative, biblically-based exercises. In this new second edition Timothy Crawford has updated the text throughout.

Keep Up Your Biblical Hebrew Biblical Volume Two 365 More Selections for Easy Review Jonathan G Kline Hendrickson • £33.99 • ISBN 9781683070634 • Hard flexisoft • 384 pages Volume 2 focuses on the next most frequently occurring group of 365 words (those that occur between 121 and 50 times in the Hebrew Bible), likewise presenting these words one day at a time in order of descending frequency, and in the context of verses in which they appear.

Jesus in Jerusalem The Last Days Eckhard J Schnabel Eerdmans • £41.99 • ISBN 9780802875808 • PB • 504 pages • 30 August 2018 The first book to describe and analyse, sequentially and in detail, all the persons, places, times, and events mentioned in the Gospel accounts of Jesus’s last week in Jerusalem.

Available to order at up to 35% discount and free postage On Islam

Spirit Hermeneutics

Abraham Kuyper Lexham Press • £42.99 • ISBN 9781577996743 • HB • 400 pages • 30 June 2018

Reading Scripture in Light of Pentecost

Part travelogue, part cultural critique, On Islam presents a European imperialist seeing first-hand the damage colonialism had caused and the value of a religion he had never truly understood.

Isidore of Seville

Craig S Keener Eerdmans • £33.99 • ISBN 9780802875617 • HB • 550 pages Keener considers what Spirit-guided interpretation means, explores Volume 70 the Ancient Christian Writers series implications of an epistemology of in Word and Spirit for biblical offers first complete Englishantranslation since hermeneutics, and shows howthe Scripture itself models experiential the lateNow 19thincentury of the works of Sulpicius appropriation of its message. paperback.


Systematic Theology

Translated by Thomas L Knoebel Paulist Press • £37.99 • ISBN 9780809106363 • HB • 272 pages

Complete Edition

Presents a marvellously holistic view of faith and action, developing the relationship between the intellectual and moral, the individual and social life of the Christian believer, all in the context of eternal life. New in the Ancient Christian Writers series.

Sources of the Christian Self A Cultural History of Christian Identity Edited by James M Houston and Jens Zimmerman Eerdmans • £45.99 • ISBN 9780802876270 • HB • 696 pages • 30 May 2018 Explores lived Christian identity through the ages. Beginning with such Old Testament figures as Abraham, Moses, and Daniel and moving through the New Testament, the early church, the Middle Ages, and onward, 40 short biographical chapters illustrate how Christian identity has been formed by history, society, and God.

Louis Berkhof Eerdmans • £38.99 • ISBN 9780802876324 • PB • 992 pages • 30 August 2018

An enduring theological classic now available in paperback. This complete edition of Louis Berkhof’s magnum opus includes both his Introductory Volume to Systematic Theology and his classic Systematic Theology.

Introducing the Old Testament Robert L Hubbard Jr and J Andrew Dearman Eerdmans • £33.99 • ISBN 9780802867902 • HB • 480 pages • 30 May 2018 In this up-to-date, student-friendly text, Robert Hubbard and J Andrew Dearman bring decades of scholarly study and classroom experience to bear as they introduce readers to the context, composition, and message of the Old Testament.

The Epistle to the Hebrews

Ezra and Nehemiah

Eerdmans Classic Biblical Commentaries

Two Horizons Old Testament Commentary

F F Bruce Eerdmans • £33.99 • ISBN 9780802875891 • PB • 448 pages • 30 June 2018

David J Shepherd and Christopher J H Wright Eerdmans • £23.99 • ISBN 9780802864321 • PB • 250 pages

First published in 1964 to instant critical acclaim, Bruce’s commentary has since become a classic work of evangelical biblical scholarship. Just before his death Bruce completed a full revision of the text, incorporating 25 years of further study.

Examines what Ezra and Nehemiah tell us about God and the people of Israel, reflects practically on leadership, and engages critically with those portions of the text that present special problems for contemporary readers.

Special Offer to librarians Up to 35% discount and FREE P&P in UK/Europe until 15th June 2018 ISBN 9780825443985 9780802874917 9781626982802 9780802866691 9780802875891 9780802864321 9780802875914 9780802867902 9780809106363 9780802875808 9781683070658 9781683070603 9781683070634 9781683590842 9780802867988 9781683590446 9781577996743 9780809106134 9780802876270 9780802875617 9780802875693 9780802876324



Best Bible Books Biblical Hebrew Cultures and Religions in Dialogue Early Jewish Literature Two Volume Set Epistle to the Hebrews Ezra and Nehemiah Gospel of John Introducing the Old Testament Isidore of Seville Jesus in Jerusalem Keep Up Your Biblical Aramaic Keep Up Your Biblical Hebrew Volume One Keep Up Your Biblical Hebrew Volume Two Learning Biblical Hebrew Letter to the Colossians Lexham Geographic Commentary on the Gospels On Islam Paulist Biblical Commentary Sources of the Christian Self Spirit Hermeneutics Stories with Intent Systematic Theology

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