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Visit our new website 2 Maccabees A Critical Commentary Robert Doran Explores the interplay between history and historiography in 2 Maccbees. Providing detailed philological analysis of the elegant Greek of the text, Doran carefully sifts the evidence for the historicity of the events recounted, while giving full attention to the literary and rhetorical qualities that mark this dramatic narrative. Fortress Press • 978 0 8006 6050 5 • 388pp • HB • £43.99 £28.59

Soundings in the Religion of Jesus Perspectives and Methods in Jewish and Christian Scholarship Edited by Bruce Chilton et al Considers the reception, celebration and neglect of Jesus' Jewishness in modern contexts and the impact such responses have had for Jewish-Christian relations. Topics explored include the ethics of scriptural translation and the ideological motives of Nazi theologians and other "quests" for the Historical Jesus.

Luke 3 François Bovon Bovon’s magisterial commentary on the Gospel of Luke is justly renowned for its combination of judicious historical and literary treatment of the Evangelist’s context and for its theological sensitivity. This volume completes the three-volume work and represents the author’s careful revision and updating of the German original. Fortress Press • 978 0 8006 9760 0 • 480pp • HB • £43.99 £28.59 • Dec 2012

Job 1 - 21 Interpretation and Commentary C L Seow This two-volume commentary is the first in the Illuminations biblical commentary series. Seow pays close attention to the reception history of Job, including Jewish, Muslim, Christian and Western secular interpretations as expressed in theological, philosophical and literary writings and in the visual and performing arts. Eerdmans • 978 0 8028 4895 6 • 896pp • HB • £62.99 £40.94 • Dec 2012

Fortress Press • 978 0 8006 9801 0 • 272pp • PB • £32.99 £21.44

Old Testament Pseudepigrapha

The Book of Judges

More Noncanonical Scriptures, Volume One

Barry G Webb Eminently readable, exegetically thorough, and written in an emotionally warm style that flows from his keen sensitivity to the text, Barry Webb's commentary on Judges is exactly what is needed to engage properly a dynamic, narrative work like the book of Judges. Explores the unique features of the stories themselves but also issues such as the violent nature of Judges and how women are portrayed in it.

Edited by Richard Bauckham et al Intended to complement James Charlesworth's Old Testament Pseudepigrapha, this new two-volume collection adds many previously unpublished or newly translated texts. This first volume presents the sacred legends and spiritual reflections of numerous works that were lost, neglected, or suppressed for many centuries, with authoritative yet accessible introductions to each text.

Eerdmans • 978 0 8028 2628 2 • 480pp • HB • £32.99 £21.44

Eerdmans • 978 0 8028 2739 5 • 800pp • HB • £59.99 £38.99 • Feb 2013

Alban Books Ltd, 14 Belford Road, Edinburgh, EH4 3BL, UK Tel: 0131 226 2217 Fax: 0131 225 5999 Web:

The Spirit and Christ in the New Testament and Christian Theology Essays in Honor of Max Turner Edited by I Howard Marshall et al Gathers writings about the Spirit and Christ by notable scholars including Richard Bauckham and James Dunn. Covers topics that are relevant for the worldwide Church today including the life-giving work of the Spirit, the Spirit in Luke and Acts, the gift of the Spirit in John 19-20, pneumatology and justification. Eerdmans • 978 0 8028 6753 7 • 387pp • PB • £40.99 £26.64

The Tomb of Jesus and His Family? Exploring Ancient Jewish Tombs Near Jerusalem's Walls James H Charlesworth About 25 years ago archaeologists discovered a tomb near Jerusalem that contained a family's ossuaries. Could this actually be the tomb of Jesus and his family? In January 2008 an international congress of scholars met in Jerusalem to discuss this question. This volume presents their findings. Eerdmans • 978 0 8028 6745 2 • 592pp • PB • £31.99 £20.79 • Feb 2013

Religions of the World An Introduction to Culture and Meaning Edited by Lawrence Sullivan This new survey text for comparative religion successfully marries traditional approaches with analysis drawn from anthropology and sociology to explain the making of meaning in leading religious traditions. Sacred space, ritual performance, sacred texts, historical overviews and phenomenological insights are all examined in this full-colour text. Fortress Press • 978 0 8006 9879 9 • 448pp • PB • £43.99 £28.59 • Nov 2012

After Vatican II Trajectories and Hermeneutics Edited by James L Heft Vatican II continues to be a popular topic of discussion and debate in the Roman Catholic Church and beyond. The council was an extraordinarily complex reality. It is no wonder, therefore, that opinions vary, sometimes sharply, as to its significance. This volume explores these major flashpoints. Eerdmans • 978 0 8028 6731 5 • 216pp • PB • £26.99 £17.54

Feminist Biblical Interpretation

A Cultural Handbook to the Bible

A Compendium of Critical Commentary on the Books of the Bible and Related Literature

John J Pilch In short, accessible chapters Pilch discusses 63 topics related to the cosmos, the earth, people, family, language, human consciousness, God and the spirit world and entertainment. Pilch's fresh interpretations of the Bible challenge traditional views and explore topics often overlooked in commentaries.

Edited by L Schottroff and M Wacker This groundbreaking reference tool is here available in English for the first time. With contributions from more than 60 female scholars, this is the only onevolume feminist commentary on the entire Bible, including books that are relatively uncharted territory for feminist theology.

Eerdmans • 978 0 8028 6720 9 • 319pp • PB • £17.99 £11.69 • Nov 2012

Eerdmans • 978 0 8028 6097 2 • 1056pp • PB • £53.99 £35.09 • Dec 2012

History of the World Christian Movement

The Mass of the Roman Rite

Volume II: Modern Christianity from 1454-1900 Dale T Irvin and Scott W Sunquist The second volume in the most comprehensive history of global Christianity. Beginning with the missionary expansion of the 15th century, the story traces the fracturing of the Christian movement among Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant versions. Orbis Books • 978 1 57075 989 5 • 500pp • PB • £26.99 £17.54 • Nov 2012

Its Origin and Development Joseph A Jungmann First published in English in 1951 and one of the greatest achievements of th 20 century theology, Jungmann’s towering work is a comprehensive study of the origins, evolution and theology of the Mass from its earliest forms to the dawn of Vatican II. It is now revised with a chapter unavailable in the previous English-language edition. Ave Maria Press • 978 0 8706 1271 8 • 1056pp • HB • £59.99 £38.99 • Dec 2012

Alban Books Ltd, 14 Belford Road, Edinburgh, EH4 3BL, UK Tel: 0131 226 2217 Fax: 0131 225 5999 Web:

Christian Social Teachings A Reader in Christian Social Ethics from the Bible to the Present Edited by George W Forrell This classic collection of Christian statements on social ethics, now fully revised and augmented, provides a panoramic view of the 2000-year development of Christian concerns for political justice, peace, civil rights, family law, civil liberties and other "worldly" issues. Readings range from the Bible to Church fathers to Bonhoeffer and Pope Benedict XVI. Fortress Press • 978 0 8006 9860 7 • 500pp • PB • £25.99 £16.89

The Reliability of the New Testament Bart Ehrman and Daniel Wallace in Dialogue Edited by Robert B Stewart This volume highlights points of agreement and disagreement between two leading scholars on the subject of the textual reliability of the New Testament. Provides readers with a fair and balanced case for both sides and considers the questions: What does it mean for a text to be textually reliable? How reliable is the New Testament? and How reliable is reliable enough? Fortress Press • 978 0 8006 9773 0 • 224pp • PB • £14.99 £9.74 While stock lasts

The Political Aims of Jesus Douglas Oakman Amid competing portrayals of the "cynic Jesus," the "peasant Jesus," and the "apocalyptic Jesus," the "political Jesus" remains a marginal figure. Oakman argues that advances in our social-scientific understanding of the political economy of Roman Galilee, as well as advances in the socalled "Third Quest" for the historical Jesus, warrant a revival—and a critical revision of the understanding of Jesus as an instigator of revolutionary change. Fortress Press • 978 0 8006 3847 4 • 200pp • PB • £17.99 £11.69 • While stock lasts

Inscribing the Text Sermons and Prayers of Walter Brueggemann

Moral Issues and Christian Responses Eighth Edition Edited by Patricia Beattie Jung and L Shannon Jung An introduction to contemporary moral issues from decidedly Christian, yet diverse, moral perspectives. Issues considered include: the distinctiveness of Christian ethics, sexuality, reproductive rights, prejudice, immigration, the environment, economics, biomedical ethics, death and dying, terrorism, war and globalisation. Fortress Press • 978 0 8006 9896 6 • 496pp • PB • £46.99 £30.54 • Nov 2012

Ancient Judaism and Christian Origins Diversity, Continuity and Transformation George W E Nickelsburg Provides a broad picture of the results of the past 50 years of scholarship on early Judaism and Christianity. The discussion is organised around a number of traditional topics: Scripture and tradition, Torah and the righteous life, God's activity on humanity's behalf and historical circumstances. Fortress Press • 978 0 8006 3612 8 •288pp • PB • £16.99 £11.04 • While stock lasts

The Book That Breathes New Life Scriptural Authority and Biblical Theology Walter Brueggemann “For more than a generation readers have regularly benefited from Walter Brueggemann's lively studies of biblical texts. These essays take a step behind that textual work to muse on issues of biblical authority and to survey the landscape of Old Testament scholarship regarding key critical questions and major theological developments."— Terence E Fretheim Fortress Press • 978 0 8006 9830 0 • 252pp • PB • £16.99 £11.04 • While stock lasts

The Word That Redescribes the World The Bible and Discispleship Walter Brueggemann

Walter Brueggemann ''In this wonderful collection of sermons and prayers, we are privileged to hear [Brueggemann] fight with, be surprised by, playfully delight in, and finally be subdued by scripture. And when he gets down and dirty in prayer, what a conversation to overhear!'' — William H Willimon

Brueggemann's writings address the situation of Christian communities in today's globalised context, with its consumerist lifestyles and vast inequalities. His insights, forged in rugged encounters with the texts of the Old Testament, are sharp, painful and indispensable.

Fortress Press • 978 0 8006 9827 0 • 240pp • PB • £16.99 £11.04 • While stocks last

Fortress Press • 978 0 8006 9829 4 • 256pp • PB • £14.99 £9.74 • While stocks last

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