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Visit our new website The Way Opened Up by Jesus A Commentary on the Gospel of Matthew José A Pagola Matthew’s Gospel shows Jesus transforming the expectations of the people of Israel. Each passage is examined, both in the context that shaped Matthew’s telling of the story, and in the context of today’s Christian communities. Convivium • 978 1 93499 628 7• 264pp • PB • £23.99 £17.99

The Spirit and Christ in the New Testament and Christian Theology Edited by I Howard Marshall, Volker Rabens and Cornelius Bennema This volume gathers writings about the Spirit and Christ by notable scholars. It covers topics that are relevant for the worldwide Church today, such as the life-giving work of the Spirit, the Spirit in Luke and Acts, the gift of the Spirit in John 19-20, pneumatology and justification and community life through the Spirit. Eerdmans • 978 0 8028 6753 7 • 352pp • PB • £40.99 £30.74

The Tomb of Jesus and His Family? Exploring Ancient Jewish Tombs Near Jerusalem’s Walls James H Charlesworth Presents the findings of an international congress of experts who convened in Jerusalem following the apparent discovery of Jesus’ tomb. Includes essays on Jewish burial customs in the Second Temple period, beliefs about burial and the afterlife and the Holy Sepulcher. Eerdmans • 978 0 8028 6745 2• 592pp • PB • £31.99 £23.99 • Dec 2012

Is Scripture Still “Holy”? Coming of Age with the New Testament A E Harvey Asks if the notion of "Holy Scripture" in the light of modern critical study and postmodern literary theory is still credible? In particular, does the New Testament still qualify as a "holy" book? Compares the New Testament to other ancient documents, examines its presentation of Jesus, and considers its validity as a moral guide in the twenty-first century. Eerdmans • 978 0 8028 6808 4 • 159pp • PB • £14.99 £11.24 • Oct 2012

Formation of the Bible The Story of the Church’s Canon Lee Martin McDonald A carefully researched and reasoned explanation of the history of the formation of the Bible. McDonald examines the process by which these texts were brought together to form the Bible as the Church knows it now. Examines the history of the Bible from the collection (and translations) of the Hebrew Scriptures through the collection of the New Testament Scriptures, and finally the process of settling on the final forms for these collections. Hendrickson • 978 1 59856 838 7 • 292pp • PB • £16.99 £12.74 • Dec 2012

The New Testament on Sexuality William Loader A detailed discussion of all the texts in the New Testament which deal with sexuality in the broad sense of having to do with sex, from marriage to celibacy, incest to adultery. Explores the historical context of the New Testament writings and the varying sources for sexual ethics, from the Jewish Bible to Greco-Roman ideals. Eerdmans • 978 0 8028 6724 7• 526pp • PB • £43.99 £32.99

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The Prophet Jesus and the Renewal of Israel

Salty Wives, Spirited Mothers, and Savvy Widows

Moving Beyond a Diversionary Debate

Capable Women of Purpose and Persistence in Luke’s Gospel

Richard Horsley Positions Jesus as popular prophet engaged in a movement of renewal, resistance and judgement against Roman imperialism, Jerusalem rulers and the Pharisees. Refocuses and reformulates investigation of the historical Jesus in a thoroughly relational-contextual approach.

F Scott Spencer Demonstrates and celebrates the remarkable capability and ingenuity of several women in the Gospel of Luke. Analyses such women as Mary, Elizabeth, Joanna, Martha and Mary, and the infamous yet intriguing wife of Lot.

Eerdmans • 978 0 8028 6807 7• 152pp • PB • £12.99 £9.74 • Oct 2012

A Cultural Handbook to the Bible John J Pilch Explores the cultural background of key social concepts in the biblical world – including heaven, hell, dragons and kinship – in short, accessible articles. Pilch's fresh interpretations of the Bible challenge traditional views and explore topics often overlooked in commentaries. Eerdmans • 978 0 8028 6720 9 • 320pp • PB • £17.99 £13.49 • Nov 2012

God’s Saving Grace A Pauline Theology Frank J Matera Suggests that the saving grace experienced by Paul at his call and conversion functions as a unifying theological theme in the Pauline epistles. Matera implements a range of approaches to interpret the Pauline letters, from Christology and ecclesiology to anthropology and ethics. Eerdmans • 978 0 8028 6747 6• 576pp • HB • £18.99 £14.24 • Dec 2012

Called to Lead Paul’s Letters to Timothy for a New Day Anthony B Robinson and Robert W Wall A two-pronged exposition of 1 and 2 Timothy – examining both the biblical text in itself, and its use in a pastoral context – that will inspire Church leaders and equip them to mine the riches of these epistles for their own pastoral leadership. Covers many issues which have affected Church leaders for centuries - including the use of money, pastoral authority and the role of Scripture. Eerdmans • 978 0 8028 6740 7 • 240pp • PB • £16.99 £12.74

Eerdmans • 978 0 8028 6762 9 • 384pp • PB • £19.99 £14.99 • Jan 2013

The Disciples According to Mark Markan Redaction in Current Debate C Clifton Black This second edition brings The Disciples according to Mark up to date through a new afterword that traces scholarly currents in Markan redaction and discipleship, responds to critics of the first edition, and assesses its precursors, inadequacies and contributions. Eerdmans • 978 0 8028 2798 2• 416pp • PB • £29.99 £22.49 • Dec 2012

Luke 3 A Commentary on the Gospel of Luke 19:28-24:53 François Bovon Completes the three-volume work magisterial commentary on the Gospel of Luke. This commentary is justly renowned for its combination of judicious historical and literary treatment of the Evangelist’s context and for its theological sensitivity, informed by the wealth of the Christian interpretative tradition. Fortress Press • 978 0 8006 9760 0 • 492pp • HB • £43.99 £30.79 • Dec 2012

Paul: Apostle to the Nations An Introduction Walter F Taylor Who was Paul; what did he do, what did he write? Walter F Taylor brings together a wealth of contemporary perspectives in a clear and accessible synthesis, bringing to bear on his subject the best of recent socialscientific and cultural-anthropological thinking on Paul. Fortress Press • 978 0 8006 3259 5 • 224pp • PB • £26.99 £18.89 • Oct 2012

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The Political Aims of Jesus Douglas E Oakman Amid competing portrayals of the ‘cynic’, the ‘peasant’, and the ‘apocalyptic’ Jesus, the ‘political Jesus’ remains a marginal figure. This book argues that advances in our social-scientific understanding of the political economy of Roman Galilee, as well as advances in the so-called "Third Quest" for the historical Jesus, warrant a revival – and a critical revision – of H S Reimarus' understanding of Jesus as an instigator of revolutionary change. Fortress Press • 978 0 8006 3847 4 • 176pp • PB • £17.99 £12.59

Feminist Biblical Interpretation A Compendium of Critical Commentary on the Books of the Bible and Related Literature

Edited by Luise Schottroff and Marie-Theres Wacker A groundbreaking reference tool for contextual biblical interpretation is here available in English for the first time. With contributions from more than sixty female scholars, this is the only one-volume feminist commentary on the entire Bible, including books that are relatively uncharted territory for feminist theology. Eerdmans • 978 0 8028 6097 2 • 992pp • PB • £53.99 £40.49 • Dec 2012

Reading the New Testament for the First Time Ronald J Allen Offers a truly elementary guide to the New Testament’s world, its story, and its message. Includes how to choose a Bible and how to find passages and introduces readers to key characters and major ideas. Also includes background information on how and when the New Testament was written and a guide on how to apply the New Testament to our lives today. Eerdmans • 978 0 8028 6735 3• 168pp • PB • £10.99 £8.24

The Reliability of the New Testament Bart D Ehrman and Daniel B Wallace in Dialogue Edited by Robert B Stewart The textual reliability of the New Testament is logically prior to its interpretation and thus important for the Christian religion. This book provides a fair and balanced case for both sides and allows readers to decide for themselves: What does it mean for a text to be textually reliable? How reliable is the New Testament? How reliable is reliable enough? Fortress Press • 978 0 8006 9773 0 • 224pp • PB • £14.99 £10.49

The New Testament The Invention of the Biblical Scholar A Critical Manifesto Stephen D Moore and Yvonne Sherwood Argues that the modern biblical scholar is a product of the Enlightenment. This study poses pressing questions for scholars and students of biblical interpretation: What other forms might biblical criticism have taken? What untried forms might biblical criticism yet take? Fortress Press • 978 0 8006 9774 7 • 120pp • PB • £11.99 £8.39

Mark as Story An Introduction to the Narrative of a Gospel David Rhoads, Joanna Dewey and Donald Michie For thirty years, Mark as Story has introduced readers to the rhetorical and narrative skill that makes Mark so arresting and compelling a story. New in this edition are a revised preface and an afterword describing the significant role Mark as Story has played in the development of narrative criticism. Fortress Press • 978 0 8006 9909 3 • 208pp • PB • £16.99 £11.89

A Literary History Gerd Theissen Examines the problem of the emergence of the New Testament canon out of the wide variety of early Christian literature. Drawing from Max Weber's discussion of the evolution of religious organisations, Theissen describes the development of early Christian literature as a series of phases in the life of the movement: the charismatic, the pseudepigraphic, the functional and the canonical. Fortress Press • 978 0 8006 9785 3 • 304pp • HB • £32.99 £23.09

Studying Paul's Letters Contemporary Perspectives and Methods Edited by Joseph A Marchal Each chapter in this volume shows how differences in starting point and interpretive decisions shape different ways of understanding Paul. A range of scholars each focus on what a particular method brings to interpretation and applies that method to a text in Paul’s letters. Fortress Press • 978 0 8006 9818 8 • 248pp • PB • £21.99 £15.39

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SPECIAL OFFER TO NT SCHOLARS Up to 30% discount (while stocks last) on all UK/Europe orders received on this form by 15th December 2012




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