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 • Catalan music is original from Catalonia, our country.

• The people of other countries don’t listen to Catalan music. But some groups have succeeded around Spain, but no out of it.

 • There are a lot of different styles of Catalan music, for example: Classic, pop, Catalan rock, rumba, etc


Classic Catalan rock

 • • • • • • • • •

Els amics de les arts Lluís Llach La Pegatina Los Manolos Txarango Serrat Lax’n Busto Cise Maria del Mar Bonet

La Pegatina

• Nowadays in our enviroment we listen to music like: La Pegatina, Txarango, Lax’n Busto, Els Pets, Els amics de les arts... • For example, La Pegatina and Txarango make rumba. • Lux’n Busto and Pets make popmusic.


• No Catalan group have participated in Eurovision. • Most Catalan groups are from Catalonia but there are others groups from València like Obrint Pas.

 • El palau de la música catalana is in Barcelona, and a lot of famous artists of all the world have performed in this palace. • It is very beautiful and elegant.

 Alba Poza and Natàlia Alvarez


This is a power point about our conutry, Catalonia! We speak abaout Catalan music

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