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KNOWING GRĂ€CIA Through the following presentation we want to introduce our neighbourhood, GrĂ cia, giving one proposal of night tour. This information could be useful to you to have a nice meeting with someone special or with your friends. Enjoy it!


The night tour in the Gracia district could begin in the Salvador Espriu gardens. The "Jardinets" are located on the end section of Paseig de Gracia.

In this neighborhood lived the Catalan poet Salvador Espriu. It is a characteristic meeting point because you can wait sitting on grass.


To enjoy the environment where better to start the evening than in the cellar Bar Mut. A small local acclimated in the seventies where you can savor an aperitif with a stuffed olives and some chips. With natural light and a warm, offers luxury snacks and excellent seasonal menu, always starting from impeccable quality raw material.


Opened in September 1868 and located at the end of Verdi Street, not far from the market. Is a lively place where there are some seats for neighbors to chat and a play area for children . Highlight the presence of some bars as The Brewery. Unfortunately, there are only a small terrace, and almost always full


We suggest to have dinner at Teatreneu, this is an emblematic theatre of Gracia, where you can eat mediterranean food, tapas and drink some good wine. There are different areas inside the thatre, the main entrance or hall is the area where you can eat something, and in the background there is a small theatre where take place different shows: comedy, monologues, magicians, live music..


After a good dinner, is a must to eat a sweet dessert. Creps Barcelona is located in Verdi street, 1 minute walking distance from TeatreNeu, and you can choose from many flavours. There are two Creps Barcelona in Gracia, and both are in Verdi Street. One of them is a take away service, and the other one is a restaurant. This second one is for people who prefer have a sit while they are enjoing these deliciuos desserts.


Before to go out to have dance, we suggest to have some cocktails into a bar. That’s why we are introducing the Châtelet and Saint Germain. These are two different bars, Châtelet is close to Plaça de la Virreina, and Saint Germain is located at Torrent de l’Olla street. You can join there fantastics drinks to be prepared to dance during the whole night.

KGB And if you like to dance, you sure will enjoy this classical nightclub! Located in Alegre de Dalt Street, it was set in an old textile factory. It is a typical place in GrĂ cia because it offers very different events, such as exhibitions, theatre plays, dance representations and a lot of concerts!

XURRERIA To finish the night tour, we strongly recommend a typical farewell: having some “xurros” to breakfast before going back home! This “xurreria” is located in Joanic Square, and it open all the night long.

We hope you’ll enjoy this tour!

Knowing Gràcia  
Knowing Gràcia