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Mohammed Akil Shihab

Message from the CEO Since its inception in 2006, has been proud of its efforts to help build the future of information communications technologies (ICT) in Yemen. Using the most innovative techniques, we have transferred the latest global advances to the local market, thus assuring sustainable development of our society and economy. Our aim is to turn our traditional economy into a modern, knowledgebased one: a quantum leap that will move Yemen to the front lines with highly developed nations....with , the future starts today.


Our Vision is Yemen’s leading provider of information and communication technology (ICT) solutions, specializing in the provisioning of innovative services and portfolios that are based on the convergence of two key industries: Information Technology and Telecommunications.

Our Mission Serve our clients with superior ICT solutions that ensure information (data, audio and video) availability at the right time, place and quality.

Our Values 1- We are innovative. 2- We are proactive, responsible and results oriented. 3- We are collaborative, honest and loyal. 4- We are organized, disciplined and professional. 5- We are passionate about customer and stakeholder satisfaction.



Our Team ’s team is our most valuable asset. It is composed of talented, high caliber individuals that have extensive experience. Their work is firmly grounded in our organizational ethics and values such as innovation, integrity, responsibility and our unshakeable commitment to fielding the most advanced know-how and expertise for Yemen’s ICT future. We believe that a healthy, positive work environment produces highly interactive, intellectually competitive, and intensely collaborative results. This work environment assures that we will attain the highest levels of performance, giving our customers the highest value proposition while guaranteeing their satisfaction. We are confident that this model will ensure the sustained and profitable growth of .

Our Goals • Provide world class ICT solutions that fit mid to large-sized organizations’ needs. • Spread ICT solution awareness in the market and lead ICT change in the market. • Provide products that are innovative, scalable, flexible and integrable. • Capitalize on people and their development - they are our most valuable asset. • Ensure viable strategic partnerships with our partners and stakeholders. • Have robust and dynamic networks with public, private and NGO sectors. • Have unmatched customer service. • Have effective and efficient business and financial models.



IT Overview Today’s business environment makes it imperative that the dynamic infrastructure requirements align with your business needs. IT Infrastructure Services (IS) | Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) deliver end-to-end, effective and reliable solutions that can transform your business operations.

IT Services 8

Information Technology Services

assists you in rapidly addressing business and technological challenges by identifying the projects, initiatives, and objectives required to produce a comprehensive and efficient IT framework. will Facilitated by our superior professional services group, plan, design, and implement IT infrastructure and applications that deliver solid value to your business. 9

• Unified Threat Management (UTM) • Antispam • Antivirus/Antispyware • Application Control • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) • Database Security • Endpoint Protection • Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) • Virtual Private Network (VPN) • Virtual Security • Vulnerability and Compliance Management • WAN Optimization • Web Filtering • Wireless LAN (WLAN)

Our Solution Providers: Cisco - Fortine

Network and Security Solutions provides network and security solutions that maximize performance of the network, are scalable and robust, and provide the flexibility to endure - thus meeting operational objectives and addressing future challenges. Our Network and security solutions include: • Routers • Switches • Wireless (WiFi) • Access Points • Firewalls • Application Networking Services • Networking Software (IOS and NX-OS) • Interfaces and Modules • Network Management and Automation 10


Infrastructure Server and Storage specializes in the supply, design, implementation and support of IT server and storage infrastructure. We offer a variety of different servers and storage options from the largest vendors in the IT industry to ensure the technology compliments your IT infrastructure and satisfies your business requirements. Our infrastructure server and storage solutions include outstanding:

Power Solutions Protect your system from power outages and maximize system operation by including reliable and economically green uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and backup power solutions. Power when there isn’t power is a small price to pay to make the difference between smooth efficient system operation and the impact of a system failure.

• Servers • Blade Servers • Storage Networking • Storage • Workstations • KVM Solutions • Green Energy Solutions • USB and FireWire • Unified Computing and Servers • Racks and Accessories Our Solution Providers:

HP - Dell - IBM - Aten - Cisco

Our Power Solutions Include: • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) • Power Distribution • Security and Environmental Monitoring • Cooling • Notebook and Mobility Solutions Our Power Solutions Provider: APC 12


Antivirus and Security Applications Solutions provides a comprehensive range of information security products, services and solutions. Our solutions stretch from protecting clients’ most valuable information assets on the desktop, to the most advanced, state of the art transaction security systems. Our Solutions Include: • Security Management • Endpoint Security • Messaging Security • Web Security • IT Compliance • Discovery and Retention Management • Data Loss Prevention • Storage Management • Archiving • Data Protection • Endpoint Management • Endpoint Virtualization • IT Service Management Our Solution Providers:

Symantec - MacAfee

End User Computing High performance End-User Computing (EUC) solutions are a requirement of every business today. has a wide range of offerings that includes desktops, notebooks, printers and peripherals, software and others.

Our EUC Services Include: • Laptops • Tablets • Desktops and All-in-One PCs • Monitors • Printers and Multifunction Printers • Ink, Toner and Paper • Point of Sale Systems • Thin Client and Zero Client Solutions • Care Pack and Extended Services • Scanners and Fax Machines

Our Solutions Providers: HP - Dell - Lenovo - WYSE 14


Database and OS Licensing Services

Security Peripherals Appliance specializes in providing leading security system solutions for your home and business. From simple intruder alarms to multibuilding digital CCTV and biometric access control systems, we create bespoke security solutions to meet your individual needs.

Our Solutions Include: • Biometric solutions, time and attendance • Security camera and video surveillance • Access control and inspection technologies • Tele-presence • Video conferencing • Voice and unified communications

Proper software licensing agreements save you money, while keeping an up-to-date and compliant IT environment. Figuring out which agreement is a best fit for your business can be time consuming and complicated. This is , the software licensing experts, can help.   where   Our Licensing services Include: • Windows Operating System Volume Licensing • SQL Server Licensing Services • Oracle Database licensing • Microsoft Forefront • Office volume licensing • VMware Microsoft - VMware - Oracle

Our Solution Providers: Honeywell - Ingersoll - Rand - Cisco - TANDBERG - Polycom - Lifesize 16


Enterprise Resource Planning Services Using our unique insights in the fields of information communications technology (ICT) and having deep experience with local business challenges, provides globally comprehensive, cost-effective, and innovative Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions to help you obtain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. We provide two types of ERP Solutions depending on the organization type. Our Oracle E-Business solution is best suited for the large organization and CANAIS ERP is the preferred solution for small and midsized organizations.

Oracle’s e-Business Suite (EBS) is Oracle’s first e-Business Suite (EBS) Implementer in Yemen. Oracle (EBS) is the leader in Enterprise Performance Management software. EBS supports a broad range of strategic, financial and operational management processes. It provides a complete and integrated system for managing and optimizing enterprise-wide performance to allow the organization to achieve a state of excellence. More importantly, EBS gives companies a competitive advantage and leverage in their operational investments.

Oracle’s e-Business Suite (EBS) Modules Include:

IS Services 18

Information System Services

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Logistics Service Customer Data Management Finance Product Lifecycle Management Procurement Manufacturing Human Resources Marketing and Sales Order Fulfillment Supply Chain Planning Maintenance Project Management 19

Canias Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Services Managing content and information is one of the most crucial requirements for today’s information economy. offers simple and elegant ECM solution packages to address the business needs of small to large organizations. One of our most powerful tools is the Laserfiche suite of applications. Laserfische is an ECM solution that is straight forward to purchase, deploy, modify, and manage; it also includes a workflow automation option.

, in cooperation with its strategic partner IAS, provides a comprehensive and industry-independent enterprise resource planning solution. Canias ERP is a technology based on open source standards and is supported by feature-rich software applications and tools. Canias ERP offers a stable and fully-integrated platform for implementing secure business processes and helps you effectively coordinate your departmental operations. Canias ERP offers you the ability to develop and generate effective reports. With the use of its graphical user interface, you can quickly and conveniently customize existing system applications or create new ones and deploy them rapidly for production use. Canias ERP Modules Include: - - - - - - - - - 20

Product Designing Sales and Marketing Purchasing Management Administrative Applications Production Management Human Resource Management Material Management Finance Business Intelligence and Strategic Planning 21

Laserfiche Enterprise Content Management Laserfiche adapts to your existing business processes, building on them to make them smarter, faster and more efficient. It adapts to handle content-related processes across the enterprise, delivering immediate business value without sacrificing the agility necessary to meet changing business requirements. Laserfiche Modules: - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Laserfiche Web Access 8™ Laserfiche Quick Fields™ Laserfiche Import Agent™ Laserfiche Snapshot 8™ LaserficheWebLink™ Laserfiche Plus™ Laserfiche E-mail Plug-in™ Laserfiche Workflow 8™ Laserfiche Agenda Manager™ and Agenda Processor™ Laserfiche Audit Trail 8™ Laserfiche Integrator’s Toolkit™ Laserfiche Code Library™ Laserfiche Marketplace™ Laserfiche Mobile™

Mobility Solutions At we always strive to provide Yemeni organizations with the latest world class information system solutions to help them to increase their business agility, lower their operational costs, and most importantly, gain an advantage over their competitors. Building on this strategy, provides integrated mobility solutions that help companies improve workforce productivity and ensure business continuity for those organizations that have mobile or remote employees.

Mughmarat Mobility ERP Application Suite Mughmarat offers an ERP Mobility application that is supported by Bluebird and Samsung printers and handhelds.

MS3 Inventory Control Mughmarat MS3 Inventory application offers leading edge functionality, enabling 100% visibility into your inventory stock levels and includes complete reports.

MS5 Mobile Route Accounting Route accounting Software is a Multilingual Van Sales Force Automation solution providing your sales representative and drivers with singular flexibility and enhanced productivity. It supports all the Pre-Sales and Route-Sales operations, enabling distributors to better service their customers and manage the on field Sales fleet. 22


MS4 Geolocalized Census ECMS-Mughmarat Electronic Census Mobile Solution (MS4) is a product developed to conduct census operations over geographically distributed locations.

Outsourcing As an outsourcing partner of the best international solution providers, we bring world-class processes, global expertise in systems development, and our legacy of best practices to your door. We can enhance your organization’s information and knowledge infrastructure leading to precise, customized and timely production of actionable information that helps you be more efficient, achieve higher performance, and reach accurate decisions in less time.

Consulting We provide consultancy services for all of your IT needs and topics. Our high-level consultation engagements typically involve advising clients on their IT concerns, clarifying complex IT issues, and designing clear and proactive strategies to address client requirements. We help our clients identify and exploit opportunities offered by technology and develop creative solutions for IT-related situations and organizational restructuring.



Training and Implementation provides training, evaluation, and implementation for all of our ICT solutions. Our evaluation specialization ensures that we provide top quality implementation and advice based on a comprehensive knowledge of these recognizes systems. In addition, the important role that training plays in a successful system implementation. To us, training is the key element in ensuring that a system is used to its maximum advantage. This is why we always take a business process training approach. Users are trained specifically in the areas of the system associated with their day to day duties. This ensures knowledge transfer and practical hands on orientation.



Our Portfolio Cyber Security solutions enable an organization to preserve consumer confidence by detecting fraud, preventing losses, and protecting intellectual property. Leveraging our unparalleled integrated security experience, in-depth industry knowledge and innovative technologies like Stealth and SNORT, is able to deliver enhanced, cost-effective and flexible security to align with all of our clients’ strategic needs.

Security Advisory Services • Risk and IT Security Assessment - An industry or government standards-based assessment to identify sources of risk, evaluate their impact on core business process, and develop a plan that improves an organizations operational resiliency. • Security Architecture Review - A review of the network and security infrastructure, in the context of how effectively it supports the organization’s security program and growth strategy. Provides recommendations to improve security posture and compensating controls implemented via technical solutions to lower costs and reuse existing technologies and capabilities.


Cyber Security

• Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment (IVA) - Identifies technical and configuration vulnerabilities associated with mission-critical infrastructure components. • Penetration Testing - Full Scale Penetration Testing provides the highest level assurances that your organization’s most confidential information is secure. This is the most advanced cyber security service that provides. 29

Compliance Services Compliance Services assure adherence to specifications, standards, policies, and laws about information systems and support the overall organizational security risk posture that has been clearly defined.

• Cyber War Gaming With cyber threats and incidents on the rise, it is critical for government and commercial organizations to prepare for catastrophic events that could degrade or shut down their networks, and/or create insider threat capabilities with other cyber component assets (i.e., physical, personal, environmental, policy compliance, etc.). Cyber War Gaming exercises prepare organizational leaders to respond to a cyber attack

• Secure Infrastructure Engineering Provides a converged, global remote monitoring and management capability view across all of your IT infrastructure towers, as well as in-house and third-party suppliers, providing proactive and preventive incident and problem management and resolution.

• Infrastructure Architecture and Engineering Security Infrastructure Engineering Solutions is a suite of powerful technology that allows organizations to control its most precious commodity - Data. Providing organizations the ability to structure data so that they may manage, access, share it from anywhere in a secure and cost effective manner. 30

• Cyber Security Operations Center Solution IT Security Services transform the way organizations implement and conduct IT security by creating a comprehensive, collaborative, illimitable security solution that becomes the foundation for how the agency not only protects but also values information.

• Data Protection Services - Backup Recovery Management Service - Data Protection for Backup Service - Disaster Recovery Architecture Service

• Secure Cloud Solution Secure Cloud enables you to leverage the power and flexibility of a real-time computing environment to provision software applications, infrastructure, and platforms on an as-needed basis with subscription-based pricing options.

• Identity and Access Management Identity and Access Management engagements integrate the process, centralizing user account provisioning and administration, yielding improved security, lowered cost, increased productivity, and opening up new revenue and service opportunities.

Our Solution Providers: Cisco - Fortinet-Pass Code - Get Protract -Symantec - MacAfee 31

Telecom Overview In today’s information age, the telecommunications industry has a vital role to play. Considered as the backbone of industrial and economic development, the industry has been aiding delivery of voice and data services at rapidly increasing speeds, and thus, has been revolutionizing human communication. At we are ready to provide high quality service in this field as a professional specialist in such a dynamic and advanced industry. To support this goal, we have an international partner who is leading this sector worldwide. We provide our customers with the latest advances in telecoms technology, allowing the customers the flexibility to upgrade their technology without major costs. We also provide installation of network elements and an independent consultancy capability in areas such as auditing and company restructuring. telecoms can provide systems such as microwave, mobile networks, BelAir Service Provider Wi-Fi, Optical networks, IPTV solutions, billing systems (BSCS) and solar panels. telecoms focuses on three areas: Telecom hardware and software, Telecom services and Telecom consultancies.


Telecom Services


Telecom Hardware and Software Our services provide our clients a wide range of telecommunication hardware and software in the following areas: Ericsson Microwave System Deployment for: • TDM networks • Hybrid networks • Packets networks Our Microwave products from Ericsson are the leading technologies in: • Employing multiple frequency bands • MIMO • Sustained high availability with advance QoS • Low power consumption • Meeting future broadband needs offers end-to-end TDM and/or Ethernet Mobile backhaul solutions. Our microwave products enable deployment, evolution and migration of networks in a cost-efficient manner that fully supports the concept of lowest cost of ownership. Our highly flexible hardware, outstanding production capacity and ability to offer complete turn-key site solutions allow for quick and efficient roll-out of individual hops or complete networks. Our solutions allow two operators to share sites and the transport network.

BelAir Service Provider Wi-Fi BelAir is the leader in large-scale Wi-Fi and multi-access small cell wireless systems for mobile and fixed service providers. BelAir Networks feature a highly scalable network management system with support for remote updating of AP software, business intelligence and monitoring features. Whether you are a mobile carrier, a fixed operator or a new market entrant, BelAir has a bespoke solution for your needs. With BelAir Networks, Service Providers can offer new managed services, co-location or hosted wireless services to businesses and local Internet Service Providers (ISPs), including: • Enterprise Managed Services for SMB, Retail, K-12 and Hospitality • Wi-Fi Roaming Partners with Mobile IP Proxy and Virtual Access Points • Neutral Host Wi-Fi Services for Third-party Service Providers




Optical Network - Fiber Optic Cables FTTH - Fixed Access Optical Network products provide cost-effective, scalable and flexible solutions to meet customer needs today and in the future. We provide solutions to efficiently address fixed-mobile convergence, packet-based services, and “all-IP” services including high-speed connectivity while minimizing capital expenditure and operational expenditures. Our Broadband Access Nodes from Ericsson based on the innovative all-IP EDA portfolio, ensures a flexible, high capacity GPON solution, cost-effective rollout of fixed broadband including VDSL2, fiber pointto-point, GPON and telephony.

IPTV with End -to- End Solutions IPTV provides flexible and scalable infrastructure solutions in converged networks. This service is available to business users, residential users and rural users alike. Our most important IPTV key features are capacity, robustness, scale, quality of service, and traffic separation. The IPTV solution is designed to cost-effectively support traffic uptake from development of high-definition TV and unicast IPTV services, such as on-demand and time-shift TV.

Business Support and Control System (BSCS) - LHS/Ericsson Company BSCS is a convergent, end-to-end billing and customer care system for any type of communications service provider to include: • • • •

Mobile telephones Fixed-line (land-line) telephones Broadband data Subscription television

solution offers an unrivalled combination of out-of-the Our box features with a high level of configuration. Currently, BSCS is installed with 145 operators in 80 countries to meet the all levels of need such as: • The end-to-end requirements of an entry level communication service • Fast scalability and flexibility for providers with high growth potential • Easily integration into complex IT environments of mature businesses with very demanding large scale subscriber bases

Our Solution Provider: ERICSSON 36


Solar Panels, Batteries, Chargers, Inverters and Generators We provide design solutions and install hardware for: • • • • •

Solar panels Batteries Chargers Inverters Generators

Our attractive solutions combine high efficiency, robust design, and more power with unprecedented reliability. Our Solution Provider: UNITEL

Telecom Services We provide our customers with the highest level of service, highly engineered solutions, site deployment in minimum time, and acceptance testing of equipment installation. telecommunications solutions include: • Installation and commissioning of multi-vender BTS Equipment for GSM and CDMA Services, • RF Antenna Installation • Roll-out • Microwave antenna installation for microwave Indoor Unit (IDU), and Outdoor Unit (ODU) • Outsourcing services • Local expertise

Managed Services for Mobile Networks (Out Sourcing) Mobile Network Managed Services include the operation and maintenance of multi-vendor and multitechnology environments, enabling a mobile operator’s senior management to concentrate on their core business. Mobile Networks Managed Services will: • • • • • • •

Enhance mobile network quality Enhance mobile network performance Reduce costs Increase revenue Improve cost efficiency Manage mobile network complexity Support the launch of new mobile network services

With Mobile Network managed service solutions, the mobile operator benefits from having the right competence in the right place at the right time. 38


• Special Communications Applications for Government, Utilities, Oil and Gas Sectors

offers custom communications solutions that enhance security and public safety. These products include secure applications for the military, the Ministry of Interior, and other government security services that require the highest level of availability in the most demanding environments. offers this unique capability to large public sector companies in consultation with our security sector partners. will design, build and deploy a bespoke solution to meet your most challenging requirements, wherever that may be. Our Solution Provider:

Telecom Consulting Our consulting services focus on enhancement and improving the technical efficiencies which increase revenue. also reviews business plans and helps customers with technology selection based on their business requirements.




Network and Company Restructuring and Consulting


This service evaluates the network elements of network design/operation versus the achieved performance. Our approach is based on collecting data from all network elements, analysis of the data and providing a detailed report of findings and recommendations for improvement. By retrieving “All Performance” can evaluate data from the network, network performance and find network/ company weaknesses.

Other Consultancy Services - Forecast network capacity by analyzing network distribution traffic and traffic model. will provide the corresponding forecast and suggestions to capitalize on this forecast. - Evaluate network performance using End to End (E2E) audits. E2E audits help the operator find root causes for subscriber complaints and network weaknesses. E2E audits provide cost effective solutions with the following benefits: • Higher quality of service • Improved subscriber satisfaction • Guaranteed network service availability and reliability • Reduced operating expenses • Increased revenue



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