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Main objectives Design a sustainable home with appropriate adaptations Justify all decisions mainfeatures energies used Eolic



Hydraulic Geothermal


Deciduoustrees: Reducingenergy Orientation of thehouseaccording to thedirection of thesun

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FIRST TITLE The purpose of work is to sell the product or service to a public. The catalogs are an excellent way to sell a product to market. .

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Our products are designed for a family consisting of two adults and three children and a disabled person but could access housing other types of families.

The type of product that we offer are three houses: —> They are enviromentaly friendly (no damage to the enviroment) — Economic respect to the length of the houses

PRICE 89.000: House bioclimatic: 3

HOUSE 3 The objective is to design a sustainable home with appropriate adaptations to a person with physical disabilities. .Thegoal for thishouse is to be a project as sustainable in all respects, andtheecologicalfootprint is minimal andit is the most self-sufficient

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Main objectives


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Comfort and convenience Simplicity Ecologicaluse Security The budget is cut, respecting the environment and achieve savings in the economy in the future.

Most important characteristics

The house color is white (cold insulating) Thehouse hasonlyonefloor

PRICE: 70.598,26€ House bioclimatic 1

You uses all renewable sources and systems that fully adapt sustainability

HOUSE 1 The objective of this house is getting to be a project as sustainable as possible we want the minimal ecological footprint and is the most self suficient as posible , this houses consists only of energies renovables.

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Renewable energies that have been use dare:

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Windenergy Photovoltaicenergy Thermalenergy Geothermalenergy Biomassenergy The two methods used for saving energy were: Energy savings

Wallsand floorin sulating materials build

—> Insulatingwindows —>RainwaterReuse —>Faucetswithwater dispenser


Photovoltaic panels


PRICE: 68.000 House bioclimatic: 2

—>Manifold —>Heatpump

HOUSE 2 2.Theobjective of thishouse is to be sustainable, economicandecologicalfuture, and is designed for a familyenvironmentwith ample space


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