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A bulletin written by 1-2 E.S.O. students in Diego de SiloĂŠ Secondary School in Albacete

* Issue #6

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December 2009

PAGE 1: • A new school year

Published by I.E.S. Diego de Siloé—Albacete

PAGE 2: • J. K. Rowling • My home country

PAGE 3: • Space

PAGE 4: • Wolves • Snow in Albacete

PAGE 5: • Comenius Project


School began on the 17th September n my first day of class, I knew almost no one in that

class, second B. I arrived at 11 am, it was the presentation day, I used to be with my friends but that day nobody stopped and I said hello to everyone. All the girls were very nice and greeted me too. I was talking to them for a while and two days after we became good friends and discovered that one of them was my lost twin, Julia. She is like my little sister and I love her dearly. A few days later I started studying and doing homework, but before we were introduced to our new teachers: Art, Palmira Lazaro, Antonio Arnedo in Music, in History we have Jose Luis, in French Llanos, Technology Antonio Garcia, Paco Alternative, Sebastian Natural Science, Maths Llanos, Jesus Llopis Spanish Language, English Vincent and Maria Dolores Citizenship. We started doing our excercises and most of us are doing very well. But things are becoming more and more difficult, what do you think?.

Written by Yolanda López 2B ESO

and I started the second year in this High School. I met my old friend from the first year, but I also met new ones. Most of the teachers were also new, except for the History and English teachers. Art and Citizenship Education were the new lessons, because last year we had Music and Technology. Another important event was the Comenius project. Our English teacher, Vicente, told us about it: schools from countries of the European Union, including ours, participate in this program, which lets them work together. It is named after a Czech philosopher and teacher. On the 19th October, the Comenius teachers from France, Germany, Lithuania, Czech Republic and Belgium came to our class. They talked about their projects and showed photos of the school, the children… I enjoyed it a lot.

Written by Liam Jackson 2ºB


irst day at school it was very funny because I saw

all my friends again. Then we met all the new teachers. The first week I was enchanted with the school. It is the first month of school. In our free time all my friends and I usually go to the canteen to buy a sandwich and if I want, we buy bags of chips or sweets. At the end of the classes we go to the canteen again. If we go out at three o’clock we buy a bag of chips because we want to go home… when we go out at three o’clock we are hungry. On Fridays, we go to I.E.S. Leonardo Da Vinci to see some friends. Last Friday, we went to this high school, but unfortunately there were two girls arguing in the park in front of the high school. But, I like to see all my friends everyday.

Written by Paula Castaño 2ºB

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J.K. Rowling

J. K (Joane Katheleen) Rowling was born in 1965 in England. When she graduated she moved to Portugal where she taught English as a foreign language. She married in 1992 and gave birth to her daughter, Jessica, in 1993. When her marriage ended she and her daughter returned to the U.K to lived in Edinburgh, where Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s stone was eventually completed. Jo married Dr. Neil Murray in 2001 and Jessica’s brother, David, was born in 2003 and their sister, Mackenzie, was born in 2005. The first Harry Potter’s book was published in 1997 in the U.K and the last was published in 2007. Joane is one of my favourite writers becau-

se I enjoy her books a lot. Written by Laura Rodenas 1B ESO

My home country My name is Renato and I am from Paraguay. Paraguay is a pretty country. Paraguay has nice people and they aren’t dangerous. Paraguay is in the center of South America, on the right of Argentina and on the left of Brazil. The most important of Paraguay is the river Ypacarai and its capital, Asuncion. I live in the west of Asuncion in a little neighbourhood called Barrio Obrero in the ninth House. But now I live in Albacete, Spain. Paraguay has seven million inhabitants and a good national football team. I love Paraguay because it is my home country. Written by Renato Soloaga 1B ESO

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Space Chunks of dirty ice left over from the formation of the solar system, comets are some of the least changed objects in space giving scientists a peek into

Scientists have found more than 90,000 asteroids (rocky remains from the formation of the solar system about 4.6 billion years ago) in the asteroids belt between Mars and Jupiter.

In the solar system there were planets, many stars‌ The planets of the solar system are: Mercury, Venus, the Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Pluto was in the solar system but now it isn’t. There is a DWARF PLANET.

Written by Rocio Lucini 1B ESO

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Wolves In the Iberian Peninsula there are animals in danger of extinction. People kill them and destroy their natural habitat. One example of this is the wolf. Wolves eat rabbits, wild boars, deer, etc. Man destroy their food because they hunt and wolves haven’t got food to eat in the woods and they have to go to the villages to look for food. Then they attack sheep and shepherds don’t like this, so they set up traps. If we aren’t careful wolves will disappear little by little from our Iberian Peninsula.

Written by Luis Calero 1B ESO

Snow in Albacete

Last Tuesday we have a big snow storm in Albacete.

People laughed and played with the snow that was on the roof of the cars, on the floor, in any shop window. Everything was covered with snow. Snow occupied large parts of the street, although there were many people who could not bear to go walking on the ice as they could slip and fall. Children played with their backpacks to make snow angels, dolls, snow houses, throwing balls, etc. .. I like snow, the truth is that I like to play as any child with his new toy. There are times when I am not enthusiastic for the simple fact that I have to get up and be covered with snow and very cold to go to school. But anyway, I don’t lose the illusion of playing with my teammates, even fooling around occasionally, but what I like the most is being at home watching with a cup of hot chocolate and thinking it’s a freezing thing out there because other people have obligations like work or other things. My conclusion, you have to enjoy it! Written by Laura Córdoba 1B ESO

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Comenius Project This year our school is involved in a Comenius Project with schools in France, Germany, Czech Republic, Belgium and Lithuania. Comenius seeks to develop knowledge and understanding among young people and educational staff of the diversity of European cultures, languages and values. The name of the Project is “My City + Your City= Our Europe”. Last October a group of European teachers from these secondary schools visited us and stayed in Albacete for five days to discuss the parts of the Project and to know our culture and cuisine. They did many interesting things like travelling to Chinchilla, where they tried some typical meals of the city such as Ajo Mataero, Atascaburras, or Gazpacho Manchego. They also visited the main tourist places in Albacete, such as Abelardo Sánchez Park, La Feria avenue, Carlos Belmonte stadium, the bullring or Knife Museum. However, their most important activity was visiting our great secondary school “I.E.S. Diego de Siloé”. Here they saw our facilities, met the Comenius students and had meetings to discuss ideas for the next activities with students, that will be exchanging traditional Christmas Carols from each city and travelling to Belgium. On Wednesday 21st October they went back to their countries after having an amazing experience in Albacete. In my opinion, activities like travelling to different countries to know different cultures and traditions and communicating in English to progressively improve, enriches us and provides advantages to communicate without problems wherever we go. You can find more information in our website Written by Mª Llanos Romero Velasco 2B ESO

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Issue #6 * Issue #6 December 2009 On the 19th October, the Comenius teachers from France, Germany, Lithuania, Czech Re- public and Belgium c...