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spring / summer 2017

He told me dragons did not exist, - then led me to their lairs...

Marie Hood Dress_ Lyons Blue_ 74-140

Life is but the fairest tale of all

Julie Dress_Dusty Rose Small Flower_ 74-140

The World Keeps Turnin’

Herica Jacket_Fusion Coral_ 80-140

In your dreams whatever they’ll be: Dream a little dream of me

Sheriff is back in town

Habian Hood Blouse_Java Melange_ 80-152 Graham Shorts_Lyons Blue Striped_ 74-152

Hubert Jacket_North Atlantic_ 80-140

Habian Hood Blouse_Lyons Blue Striped_ 80-152 Hami Tight Pants_Lyons Blue Striped_ 56-140

Styled with from AlbaBabY/KID: Gigi Bandana

Hulliver Jumpsuit_Plum Wine Striped_ 56-122

Halia Body_Blossom_ 56-98 Hecco Box Pants_Plum Wine_ 80-140

Styled with from AlbaBabY/KID: Ghita Blouse & Hana Bandana

Hedashy Crawlers_Plum Wine Striped_ 56-98

We are invincible …on a good day

A little magic can take you a long way

Together they would travel on a boat with billowed sail...

Habian Hood Blouse_Plum Wine Striped_80-152 Hami Tight Pants_Plum Wine Striped 56-140

Once Apon a Time...

Julie Dress_Angel Wing Big Flower_ 74-140 Styled with from AlbaBabY/KID: Karla Tight & Hana Bandana

Sabrina Blouse_Angel Wing Big Flower_ 68-152 Iris Box Pants_Orange.com_80-140

Smile and tomorrow you’ll see the sun come shining through for you

Sabrina Blouse_Angel Wing Big Flower_ 68-152 Hedow Baggy Crawlers_Orange.Com_56-110

Starting a whole new journey...

Hulliver Jumpsuit_Lyons Blue Striped_56-122

Halia Body_Antique White _56-98 Hobo Baggy Pants_Lyons Blue Striped_56-122

Miles Blouse_Fog _68-152 Hedow Baggy Crawlers_North Atlantic Melange_56-110

Styled with from AlbaBabY/KID: Ganyer Bandana & Annie Knee Socks

Koko Blouse_Bamboo_68-152 Medina Spencer_Plum Wine Striped_74-128

All you imagined will come true in your dreams

One sees clearly with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes.

Karla Suit_Bamboo_56-110 Styled with from AlbaBabY/KID: Hana Bandana & Ghita Blouse

I will leave my hat as I please - trading it for a kiss or a magic bean

Habian Hood Blouse_Lyons Blue Striped_80-152 Graham Shorts_Lyons Blue Striped_74-152

Styled with from AlbaBabY/KID: Kristian Socks

As escaped from a fairy tale he flies away raiding a unicorn and his dreams lead him way up high into the blue sky

Noah Short Crawlers_Real Teal_56-122 Styled with from AlbaBabY/KID: Martin T-shirt

There will come a fairy to teach me how to fly

Emmie Dress_Estate Blue_74-140 Styled with from AlbaBabY/KID: Bea Knee Socks

Styled with from AlbaBabY/KID: Hana Bandana & Lea Legwarmer

Hope Hood Dress_Dessert Sand_74-152

Kim Baggy Crawlers_Fusion Coral_68-122

Eline Tunic_Angel Wing Dotted Cubes_56-128

I am the streets of your childhood I will always know you

Sometimes as many as six impossible things have happened before breakfast

Miles Blouse_Fog_ 68-152 Hecco Box Pants_North Atlantic_80-140

Miles Blouse_Fog_ 68-152 Hecco Box Pants_Marmelade Melange_80-140

Styled with from AlbaBabY/KID: Hana Bandana & Annie Knee Socks

Mary Spencer_Bluestone _74-128

I have never tried it before therefore I know I can do it

The world was never as beautiful as when we dreamed it

Emmie Dress_Dusky Citron Small Flower_74-140 Styled with from AlbaBabY/KID: Annie Knee Socks

Jasper Baggy Crawlers_Castlerock Melange _80-152 Styled with from AlbaBabY/KID: Carter Shirt

Running away to join the circus...

Styled with from AlbaBabY/KID: Ester Tight & Hana Bandana

Sara Tunic_Plum Wine _56-128

Playing with magic dragons

Adventure is worthwhile in itself

Hedashy Crawlers_Lyons Blue Striped _56-98 Styled with from AlbaBabY/KID: Huxi Body

Styled with from AlbaBabY/KID: Magnus Body

Alex Baggy Crawlers_Real Teal _ 56-110

One day you might change the world,

...but for today let the world change you

What a beautiful day – I’m on my way

Hedashy Crawlers_North Atlantic _56-98 Styled with from AlbaBabY/KID: Hallur Body

Hedow Baggy Crawlers_Bluejay Harlequin_56-110 Styled with from AlbaBabY/KID: Hallur Body

Hedow Baggy Crawlers_North Atlantic Melange _56-110 Styled with from AlbaBabY/KID: Magnus Body & Galaxy Hat

Silje Heart Spencer_Fusion Coral_74-128 Styled with from AlbaBabY/KID: Anne Body & Hana Bandana

Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart

Alba Original - Lookbook SS17