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autumn 2012. special edition “l’escola industrial”.

V created by Alba Armengol & Laura Codina. May 2012 Š

dearreader as every Thursday, it's a pleasure to have you here. This week we are proud to introduce you a small piece of the catalan modernist architecture: Terrassa's Engineering School. This centenary building is placed in the heart of the city, and unlikely becoming a simply old building amused by its new surroundings, it is claiming his own space. For some it is just a fact, for the arqs, could be the beginning of something... The city and university has been guarding this walls for year, preventing them from the effects caused by the passing days and years. The fact is that instead of building a hole new construction with all its scientific improvements and catching the lasts trends, it's an old structure who keeps in touch with the youngests minds and the last scientific discoveries. Doesn't it make you think?


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ALBA ARMENGOL enginyeria de disseny industrial i desenvolupament del producte / upc oct. 2012




The Terrassa School of Engineering (EET) is a higher education institution of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). With over 100 years’ experience training engineers, the School is recognised for its prestige, the quality of its programmes, and its excellent position in Spanish rankings. Its main mission is to help men and women develop leadership skills and the ability to innovate in various

The EET is characterised by an innovative, rigorous, internationalised approach that is applied to educational programmes of the highest quality. Study programmes, which are content and new methodologies, lead to degrees that are adapted to European guidelines. The School education that enables students to develop the professional and personal skills society now demands of engineers. Teaching methodologies are designed to produce graduates with strong skills in foreign languages, teamwork, creativity, self-directed learning, public presentations, and a range of other areas—in short, engineers with a strong, distinctive approach to learning and training involves providing personalised service, encouragement and support to each individual student.

The School serves as a research support platform and seeks to serve society by generating knowledge and applying technology to meet public needs.




The Terrassa School of Engineering evolved out of the Terrassa Industrial School, which was established by Royal Decree on 17 August 1901. The Industrial School trained students as industrial engineering technicians (mechanical, electrical and chemical), as well as training technicians at the elementary level and offering basic courses for workers. The specialisation of Manufacturing Technician (later known as Textile Engineering Technician) was established by Royal Decree on 10 January 1902. Teaching at the School began on 4 February 1902 in a provisional building located at number 4 Carrer Topete in Terrassa. The Terrassa

The School was originally established to train technicians for the textile industry in Terrassa, which dates back to the 12th century, but really took off in the 19th century with the introduction of the steam engine and mechanical looms. School was laid at number 1 Carrer Colom on 9 May 1902 and the building was inaugurated on 3 July 1904. The Industrial School is a building in the Catalan Modernista style. Designed by architect Lluís Muncunill i Domènech, it is of immense historical and architectural value and an integral part of Terrassa’s urban landscape.


TORY The Industrial School is one of the first works of LluĂ­s Muncunill and it was characterized by the influence of a historicist style. It is an isolated 2-floor building with ground floor and U-shaped that surrounds a patio.

The main hall, that gives direct access to the classrooms, the library and other rooms, is supported by steel columns and there is a bust of the founder of the school, Alfonso Salonsa. The main facade is notable for the stairs in the principal entrance and both lateral sections. According to the project of Josep Domènech i Mansana, two perpendicular naves were added to the ends of the original building that had the initial use of workshops.


the architect Lluis Muncunill and Parellada (St. Vincent de Fals Bages, February the 25th, 1868 - Terrassa, April the 25th, 1931) was a Catalan modernist architect. He developed his principal activity in the city of Terrassa, where was invested as a leader in the application of the modernist industrial architecture. Between 1892 and 1903 he worked for the city council and became the His legacy includes several buildings raised for various uses, all of them covering some ve types of industrial buildings. The variety regarding the constructive techniques allowed him to turn the old modernist city into a urban emplacement by using innovative systems such as vaults covered with brickwork, tied with iron braces, supported on cast iron columns.




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lauracodinaibern Š enginyeria de disseny industrial i desenvolupament de producte. october 2012








This is the logo of Terrassa's School of Engineering. It is the profile of the school and belongs to the initials EdT. The colors used are white and magenta.


informative leaflet of the school


architecture magazine about EET (Terrassa's Engineering School) created by Alba Armengol and Laura Codina.