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DESIGN PORTFOLIO alastair upton

Classroom Project for NGO Sandhaimedu Tamil Nadu India 2007-8

Balustrade detailing for Wakefield Quay at Irving:Smith:Jack Architects Nelson New Zealand 2005

Developed design of Ceiling Structure The Celebration Mall Udaipur Rajasthan India at Abhikram Architects Ahmedabad Gujarat 2007

Seat installation for Arch201 Design Studio at UC Berkeley Don Edwards Wildlife Reserve San Francisco Bay USA 2005

Berhampore Food Centre - BArch Thesis Project Victoria University of Wellington 2009

Roly Poly Hills for Tui Glen Reserve Auckland Council 2013

South Wellington Bikepass Project Victoria University of Wellington 2009

Stanley Street looking south

Berhampore Golf Course north end

scale 1:200


1.7m footpath property boundary

3.7m carriageway

3.7m carriageway

property boundary

4.5m cycleway and footpath

mcalister park

plan - proposed

legend off-street cycleway and footpath new planting existing planting

1m wide planting boxes

parking north-bound traffic south-bound traffic

existing steps

adelaide road


dog excercise area


ad ide ro

s en ard ityg un m com sed po pro

waripori st

key plan

scale 1:1000

proposed changes to adelaide road section a-a scale = 1:200

adelaide rd

adelaide road

scale 1:200

section - existing

properties with no facility for off-street parking


property boundary

3.7m carriageway

2.8m footpath

3.7m carriageway

existing track linking to vogeltown


2.9m footpath

properties with facility for off-street parking


trolley bus poles moved to property boundaries kerb realigned by 1.0m parking added

parking removed poles moved to kerb edge kerb realigned by 1.6m

property boundary

section - proposed

scale 1:200

cycleway climbs up to meet field level low fence on path edge new bench path through trees formed into hillside

existing steps substation

new lighting

connection to berhampore shops via palm grove

private hospital

3m cycleway and footpath 5m carriageway 4.7m angle parking

new planted kerb extension new angle parking for kindergarten and park users

palm grove

stanley st

kerb extended by 1.3m

2m parking


no parking kindergarten designated crossing point

new planted kerb extension

6m carriageway existing 2m parking

substation maintained via rear access

1.7m footpath drop-off area

kerb reduced by 1.3m

two-way traffic

path widened to include edge of substation

post office avenue berhampore shops

luxford st

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