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is a quarterly publication from METRO MODELS Contributors and models:

from the editor

Alaska Metropolitan Anessa Stine Arabesque Baroque Graciana McMillan Haruka Kish Honey Bender Iustinian Tomsen Katat0nik Pidgeon Kyra Nemeth Payton Heron Sally Yachvili Publication date: September 2008


all happens to be my favourite season. And one of the best aspects of fall is, in my opinion, the clothing. Jewel tones, layers, rich fabrics, and comfy casualwear dominate fashion and they also influence our virtual world as well. To that end, I’ve started a feature in METRO Virtual Fashion about First Life trends in Second Life. We’ve also got some truly original and fun content this issue, with a look at fashion in rock and roll, a focus on Katat0nik’s Elegant Gothic Lolita fashion, and an editorial on fashion that’s good enough to eat. I’m also pleased to bring you the second part of Arabesque’s series Style Your Destiny on your appearance and inventory management. Fall also seems to be a season of working and starting projects. At Metro Models, we’re working on a product line and model training. These projects are a way for us to help other models who may be just starting out. It’s hard to tell newcomers that we’re absolutely full as an agency and that they can’t join. Hopefully, these new endeavours will help up-and-coming models, despite the agency being full. Alaska Metropolitan

METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 3 | 4

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sweet couture Who says fashion can’t be fun? This is a look at couture concoctions based on the edible treats we love to indulge in. Best of all, Second Life is calorie free. Photography: Anessa Stine


Katat0nik’s fashion defies categorization, being a sinister-sweet combination perfect for the dead doll in all of us. In this candid interview, Katat0nik Pidgeon reveals her inspiration, design process, and advice to new designers. by Kyra Nemeth

rl meets sl 5 “key” looks in First Life fall fashion seen on the runways are interpreted using current Second Life fashion. This editorial also features a preview of the new Synergy skins by OPIUM.


Photography: Alaska Metropolitan


an interview with katat0nik

rebel chic Music and fashion have always been intertwined throughout history. This editorial takes the icons of rock and roll and interprets them virtually in a totally rockin’ homage.

style your destiny (pt. 2) This three part article series gives advice on your appearance and item management from a First Life image consultant, sure to help you manage a swamped inventory! Part two covers organizing and purchasing a wardrobe offering the best value for your Linden dollar, using the capsule concept. by Arabesque Baroque

By Honey Bender


F E AT UR ED MOD EL S covergirls: nessa & graci Anessa and Graciana are known fashion models and bloggers, perhaps best known for their team footwear blog On Your Toes. But this dynamic duo’s virtual lives are full of more than just shoes, as this in-depth interview reveals.

METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 3 | 5

Runway Kidz presents

October 17, 18 & 19, 2008 Six Shows – Three Parties ONE BIG EVENT

sweet couture Photography: Anessa Stine Models:

Anessa Stine Payton Heron Graciana McMillan Iustinian Tomsen

We are what we eat, so they say. But here in the virtual world we can’t eat, and for many of us fashion is our sustenance. Are we then what we wear? Well the content creators seem to be having a whole lot of fun creating garments and costumes that let us dress like the sweet treats we love, and furnish our homes with other delicious food inspired goodies. Candy, Chocolate, Cookies and Cupcakes galore… we’ve gone way beyond the virtual Whipped Cream Bikini (though still a popular item, no doubt) and straight into a world of ‘Couture’ type concoctions made of Breakfast Cereal, Ice Cream and Molten Chocolate. So step up to the virtual buffet and partake of some calorie free indulgences, a little bit of sugar to spice up your Second Life. Bon Appétit!

METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 3 | 11

on Anessa: **milu*cake** BODY CAKE choco hair – ::69:: rush2 Faded Brown skin – Dawn Shop, Lizette Latte Natural shoes – Stiletto Moody’s D’Orsay in Bad Seed red decor – **DP**yumyum greedy muffin set

METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 3 | 12

on Payton: [ lurveBite ] Marshmallow Dream Dress Frangipani Ice Rocks necklace JCNY Peal bracelet hair – ETD skin – BiancaF shoes – ZHAO

on Graciana: [ lurveBite ] Chocolate Dream Dress Earthtones necklace Kurotsubaki earrings & ring bracelet by JCNY hair – Kyoot Army skin – the Obscene shoes – Maitreya ChiChi

decor – BP big hot chocolate (BettyPage Voyager) cupcake de luxe by sevenstar METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 3 | 13

on Graciana: Momo Candy Dress | Violet Voltaire – Lollipop Guild jewelry | hair – ETD | skin – Fleur | shoes – ETD on Anessa: T-Shirt, Skirt & Socks by Momo | hair – PUDGE Fabulous Cotton Candy | skin – Dawn shop Lizette Black Current | shoes – ETD | necklaces by Refuge, bracelets by Fresh Baked Goods

decor – Cupcakes & Donuts by asahina Loon of * PANDA-YA! * METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 3 | 14

ice cream girl: Hat, dress and socks by Aoharu shoes – Maitreya ChiChi bracelet by Fresh Baked Goods spoon in mouth & necklace – H + K Eating Vanille Cake by Honey Kitty skin – PXL

smarti party: Smarti Party by Chi, Chiocca Latte shoes by Maitreya bracelet by Fresh Baked Goods necklace – Aelier AM Candy Necklace purse by Celestial Studios skin – PXL hair – Detour

decor – Happy Burger Chair by Happy House METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 3 | 15

couples costume – ‘Toots & Daddy’ by Kitsch*en*Couture decor – Kitsch*en*Couture ‘Cone Head’ Ice Cream Costume

on Iustinian: skin – The Abyss Revelation hair – Little Heaven Giorgio | boots – D2TK brown cowboy boots on Payton: skin – BiancaF | hair – ETD shoes – ZHAO METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 3 | 16

Chambre du Chocolat – Cienega’s Chocolate Sin Gown by Eshi Otawara Ume Mode’s colour change necklace skin – PXL hair – Exile decor – Strawberry Chairs by Rebel-X

METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 3 | 17


Alaska Metropolitan


Haruka Kish

Sally Yachvili

It’s only natural that virtual fashion would be influenced by the catwalk trends of real life. This editorial looks at five “key” looks for the Fall 2008 season and recreates them using some of our favourite Second Life designers. Also featured in this editorial is a preview of the upcoming Synergy skin line by OPIUM.

METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 3 | 19

The Artiste Characterized by layered, embellished garments with hand-sewn, do it yourself mentality. Pair feathers with embroidery with beads, but keep the look sophisticated and feminine.

Giusia’s Corner – Molly Africa embroidered dress BiancaF – Feather black coat Leezu Baxter Designs – Klara sandal Leezu Baxter Designs – Woolen cap Synergy by OPIUM – custom skin in Rose METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 3 | 20

Beauty Makeup is kept fresh and clean. Blush adds a softening touch while glitter eyeshadow adds interest and reflects the sequin detailing on the dress. Lips are kept natural. Soft, loose curls frame the face.

METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 3 | 21

Beauty Accentuate the eyes with a hard line. Lips should be dramatic, and both black and grey shades of nail polish are trendy again this season. No punk look would be complete without edgy, eccentric hair.

METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 3 | 22

The Nouveau-Punk This Fall’s updated version of punk uses hard textures like leather, suede and patent leather to create an edgy look. Accessories are important and multiple layers of chains were worn on the runway. Plaid is back in a big way this season and can also be incorporated into this look.

Muism – Union Jack top in “Chill” M*A*ii*K*I – Long black leggings Sinistyle – Chokehold gloves PERSONA – Triple chain necklace AW Designs – Court X shoes Gritty Kitty – Hello Goodbye hair Synergy by OPIUM – custom skin in Bronze

METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 3 | 23

The Superhero This innovative style features bold colour and line, and results in a masculine, hard look. Over the knee boots, capes, bodysuits with cutouts and shoulder pads are are all seen on the runway this season.

BiancaF – Cross 01 BAX Coen – Black suede boots Diamonde – Diva ring Truth – Di hair Synergy by OPIUM – custom skin in Rose METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 3 | 24

Beauty Makeup is bold and edgy with geometric eyeshadow, liquid lined designs and hard edged cheekbones. Slick back your hair to complete the look, or pull it off your face into a severe ponytail.

METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 3 | 25

Beauty Start with clean, healthy skin and only add a touch of makeup. Light lip stain, brown or coloured eyeliners, and natural brows. Hair is simple – gather it back into a knotted loose ponytail, or for a formal look, a coiled bun. METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 3 | 26

The Modernist Minimalism has returned on the runway, and this look is both comfortable and stylish. Think clean, geometric cuts, monochromatic colour schemes, classic knits, and simple jewelry.

Cubic Effect – Bulky knit in Beige Amodica Lookr – Grey tights deLa – “Bellini” silver bangles Maitreya – “Frenzy” banana heel in Ecru Tousled – Knotted hair Synergy by OPIUM – custom skin in Bronze METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 3 | 27

The Nomad The bohemian look has been revised this season with a number of cross-cultural references. Think African jewelry, Eastern European peasant embroidery, jewel tones, and layers, layers, layers. Fur is big again, but you can wear the cruelty free version! No furries were harmed in the production of this editorial.

ICING – “Fifth Avenue” outfit Vience – Rich fur ruff PERSONA – Wood/metal bracelets Maitreya – “Dune” boots in teal suede Cubic Effect – Bohemian Glow turban Synergy by OPIUM – custom skin in Rose METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 3 | 28

Beauty The Nomad is a look for a world traveller, so experiment with a variety of worldly makeup styles. Here we’ve gone for a luxurious teal shimmer shadow, a light dusting of blush, and nude lips. Brows are minimally groomed this season. Haruka’s hair was gathered into a turban to complete this exotic look. METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 3 | 29

An interview with

Katat0nik By Kyra Nemeth Photos by the designer

METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 3 | 32

ith all the walks of life and style here in SL


KYRA First of all, can you tell a little bit of your

its easy to get a little lost in the assorted

history here in SL? How long you’ve been here

fashions and fads that accompany each

and how you started out with the new experience

individual path. From the neko, the furry, the goth,

of community such as you belong to any

the tech-inspired right down to the closer to real

other 3d communities?

life fashionistas and their houses of style... there truly is a little bit of something for everyone. So why is it that we miss out on some of the more independently minded?

KATAT0NIK My good friend 713 Ayres introduced me to SL in Jan. 2007, she thought it would be a cool place for us to set up a virtual art gallery. 713 and I are both painters IRL and we were

Well thankfully after wandering the vast reaches

interested in new ways of showing our work, and

of our lovely grid, I mangaged to stumble across

SL was unlike anything we’d ever seen before. I’d

a charming little shop that I only can think to call

never been a part of a 3D community before, so it

“spooky cute”. In an overtone of gothic black the

was all new and exciting to me.

store itself was accented in the neon Windlight glow of pink and green that only Torley can truly

KYRA How long was it before you started build-

appreciate. The details of the exterior were made

ing and designing here? How did you start out or

up of skulls, cheerful flowers and other sinister-

get inspired to start making a business of it?

sweet contradictions. I was here chasing a rumor of freebies... What I found was a generous collec-

KATAT0NIK I learned very quickly from 713 how

tion of high quality freebies and dollarbies as well

to make a prim painting with my artwork on it,

as a shop and a designer to watch.

and that was my first build :D It took me a long time to build anything more complex than that,

Katatonik (main shop located at Axis Mundi) is a

and it wasn’t until earlier this year that I was able

growing line of clothes design by Miss Katat0nik

to make decent clothes. The idea of being able to

Pidgeon that is accompanied by mix and match

explore a whole new world of and creating things

works of shoes, hair and skins. The overall flavor

in a new & different way was very appealing to

of the line might be catagorzied as EGL (the goth-

me as an artist, and the fact that I could get paid

ic victorian/lolita) similar to some of the things we

to do so helped me come to the decision to dedi-

see out of the Asian sims...but oh so different and

cate more time to making things for SL. And here

standing on its own. With vivid colors, sharp-clear

I am :D

details and an over all fun-loving feel to her designs I simply had to meet Miss Katat0nik. Heres the dish...

KYRA Now the Katat0nik label only really covers your excellent clothing designs, but isn’t true that

Left: Very Cherry METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 3 | 33


you design and work on a great deal more than

ing hair with color change features that go with

that? What are some of these other projects and

my clothes as well. :D

how do they relate (or not) to Katatonik? KATAT0NIK Oh yes, I am an SL workaholic! In addition to my clothing shop, I have a few other shops I share with 713 Ayres. Our shoe shop, Stomp Lightly, showcases all my boots & mary janes - most of which match my clothing. We also have a tattoo shop called Numen Tattoos, where we sell tats made from our original artwork. My

KYRA I personally came across your shop in one of my exploring adventures one night while looking over different victorian and steam punk inspired sims - and ended up in Axis Mundi. Notably, your style is very Gothic Lolita inspired. Could you tell our reader what EGL means to you and what inspires your designs?

skin shop, Skins of Delphi, is where I sell hand

KATAT0NIK My designs are pretty much a reflec-

drawn skins with various makeups that go well

tion of my personality - sometimes dark, sometimes

with my clothing. I have also recently started mak-

sweet, detail oriented with a love of lolita fashion

METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 3 | 34

and a little punk & goth influence mixed in. When I draw my clothes I don’t go into it with a mindset of having to make EGL or any other specific style of clothing. I just draw what feels right to me because that is the only way I can enjoy doing what I do. A lof of my clothes do end up being lolita dresses, because that’s a style I have truly been in love with forever. KYRA Going with that inspiration, for someone that might just be starting out as a designer or just curious how you do the voodoo that you do... what is your design process? Some very clear markers to your items are the vivid colors and extremely fine detail of your designs.. I myself have seen very few shops that do the same consistancy in focus and lighting from the primitive layers right down to the last prim and sculptie attachments. Do you use any special software for this? KATAT0NIK I use a variety of programs for my SL work, including Photoshop, AvPainter, Blender, & Zbrush. I also have a Wacom Intuos 2 Tablet that I use to paint with, that is a big help. I try to approach my SL clothing as if I am about to create an RL painting because it helps me relax and feel free to be as creative as I want to be. Sometimes I’ll visualize a whole outfit I want to make and get started on it, and sometimes I just play around and make a fabric texture or draw some lace & try to make an outfit based on those details. For shading & lighting, I add very basic highlights & shadows early on, then work on the outfit until it looks like it is almost finished. Then I go and add fine shading & highlights, wrinkles, etc. I think it’s important to draw even the smallest shadows wherever possi-

Sweetheart METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 3 | 35

Strawberry Dream

stores here at Axis Mundi and a few satellite shops, most recently one opened at the new Alice in Wonderland inspired sim Jabberwocky. How does it feel to see your creativity blossom and spread? What are some of your future plans for Katat0nik? KATAT0NIK It is awesome being part of Jabberwocky, when it was first coming to life I could’t believe I was gonna have a shop on the same sim as all the lolita bigwigs! I will soon be expanding a little more - I have a small Katat0nik shop coming soon on the new Zombie Love sim and All Dolled Up, and I will be fixing up my old Caledon SteamSkyCity shop in the near future.

ble. It might not seem significant at first, but when you have lots of little details all on one piece of

KYRA If you could give any advice to some of

clothing, it stands out and makes a difference.

those out there that are starting out in building or clothing design, what would it be? Do you have

KYRA Now that we’re all a little more familiar to your to methods and products, could you tell us: do you as the designer have any personal favorites in your shop? And what makes that item(s) so?

any personal tips or tricks you care to offer them? KATAT0NIK Ooh I have a lot of random advice that may or may not be useful: • Be original. Try to make things that you haven’t

KATAT0NIK Alice, Malice, & Very Cherry are my favorites so far :D I spent a great deal of time on those dresses and I really wanted to push myself to do something significantly better than my previous outfits. I painted, erased, & repainted a lot of details on those pieces and the response to the finished dresses showed me I was doing something right. It was very encouraging and felt like I had made a great accomplishment as an artist & designer. :D KYRA Right now I know that you have your mainMETRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 3 | 36

already seen in SL. • If you can hand draw your textures, do it! And if you are going to photosource, do not use copyrighted images, and make sure you add handpainted details/wrinkles/whatever that will make the photosourced image work well for SL and show a bit of your style. Your customers will appreciate it. • Do your best, and when you’ve finished an item you’re happy with, look it over and find 5 (or more!) things to improve, then work on it some

more before uploading. • As long as you’re not stealing/copying/breaking the law, there is no right or wrong way to create clothing/prim items in SL. There’s just your way, my way, and everyone else’s individual way. Do what works for you, and don’t worry about others judging your work process. Some things that work for you might not work for others, & vice versa. Also, don’t feel lame if it takes you 5 hours to draw a stitch or bow. Some people work fast some people don’t - and that’s ok. All that matters is that you are happy with the way it looks when you are done. :) • Don’t get discouraged if you go through a lot of wasted uploads before you end up with something you like. I have yet to get something perfect on the first try and I’m sure many other designers are the same. (BTW, use the beta grid to upload test textures if you can! It will save you a lot of $L.) • When painting your clothing, put all your seperate details on different layers. Especially highlights, shadows, & seams. My psd files usually have over 100 layers. Having details on seperate layers is the best way to be able to fix specific details without having to redo others and it is worth it I promise :D • If you have a hard time drawing small things on the SL clothing templates, draw them big first & resize to fit the templates. Someimes this is the best way to get fine details in your work.  Visit Katat0nik at Axis Mundi 111, 96, 23

Carousel METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 3 | 37

nessa graci This issue’s covergirls are Anessa Stine and Graciana McMillan, two well-known fashion models and the ladies responsible for the On Your Toes blog. Both models joined Metro from the Second Style Models group, and stood out for their unique look, style sense, and photography skills. Cover photo:

Alaska Metropolitan

Interior photos: Anessa and Graciana Covershoot: On Anessa: Redgrave Mischa2 Tan skin | ::69:: Still hair | Cachet Theo blouse in Champagne | Ingenue Black Pencil skirt | No 128 necklace by Kraftika | Nonko Ballerina heels On Graciana: The oBscene Arouse Mojo skin | Armidi Scarlett hair in Chocolate | Icing – Temptation dress | Maitreya Slinky Stilettos | Regal Pearls by Paper Couture

METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 3 | 39

to blow off steam. Graciana: In particular the Ewing Fashion week, that is where we both really got to know each other and from then on we have been like peas and carrots. The On Your Toes blog came along later when Celebrity Trollop was looking for blogs to add to the Second Style network. We bounced some ideas off of each other, came up with the name, and then I asked Anessa immediately to jump on board... Anessa: Graci asked me to join the blog, and honestly I have enjoyed it ‘every step of the way’.. hehe, she is a joy to work with and a constant support. MVF: How did the two of you originally meet?

Graciana: Best decision I ever made! Anessa is

What prompted you to work together on the

really the heart and soul of the blog. She’s so

On Your Toes blog?

creative and has such a great imagination.

Graciana: Originally, Anessa and I met when trying out for the Second Style Modelling pool. It seemed that after that we kept running into each other and just instantly clicked. Anessa: I remembered the sweet redhead who had to wear the crazy fantasy creature outfit whilke I got to dress like a flight attendant (we both got picked btw). I threw myself in with what seemed to be a much more experienced group of models to be cast for a certain agency’s fashion week shows, day after day Graci(ana) and I kept being brought back, and we made small talk... finally making it into the show(s) - we really bonded through the stress of it all, and the humor we shared in private IMs METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 3 | 40

MVF: In addition to modelling for Metro, and the shoe blog, what other Second Life activites are you involved in? Anessa: Well modelling was really my second career, or maybe third, no wait fourth... I started by opening a club, PIN UPS Night Club, with my RL Twin Sister, successful SL DJ Jhuzen Ketsugo (fashion blogger for ‘SL Fashion Addict’), I was also building, making garments and other fun wearables as a hobby, and a budding photographer too... modelling came after, then blogging... and now so many things, I am very fortunate to get to do a bit of everything that SL has to offer.

Graciana: Recently, because of a RL move to a

MVF: What is your favourite aspect of virtual

new city I’ve been pretty much just socializing


anytime I get a chance. I have a great SL group of friends who I love and adore, that also includes my SL family. I still love modelling, working as a customer service rep at ETD and writing for Second Style and GLAM.

Anessa: I love meeting people and working with so many special individuals, modelling in SL is highly dependant on networking and also on lucky breaks, I have sure had my share of those. I see every runway show as a challenge and I always try to do better than before, I used to get so nervous i was practicaly sick, but now i just get this happy excited feeling, it’s a complete rush. I am always looking to expand my experience and try new things, and now getting a bit more into the behind the scenes and production side of runway shows, however modelling is still my main focus. Graciana: I love that I can be glamourous one minute, sexy the next, and then totally off the wall, given my hearts desire. MVF: Where do you see yourself going in the future of Second Life? Anessa: I am happy to keep doing what I am for now, making interesting shows and working with new talented people all the time. I also hope to mentor less experienced models and support their successful careers as much as I can. I also hope to continue blogging and writing and improve my photography work... but above all I hope to enjoy my time, as soon as it feels like a job and not like an enjoyable way to spend my days then I think it’s time to reevaluate.

METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 3 | 41

tography community is a great place to make contacts and be seen... get an account and start snapping. Don’t be discouraged, but also be realistic - modelling is not the only thing in SL... and nobody makes any money doing it, not really... so you better love it. Graciana: My advice would be to find a style that you love, but that isn’t just like everyone else. That may seem impossible at first, but once you get your feet wet, you find out what you like and what you don’t. Ironically, I believe the key is feeling good in your own skin (or an Graciana: In the future of Second Life, couldn’t imagine being here without my dear friends and SL family. I know they will be with me forever. Professionally, I see myself continuing modelling as time allows, and perhaps expanding my involvement with the SL publications I work with now. As for the blog, I really think we will continue to be the one stop place for SL shoe finds, that is as long as Anessa doesn’t leave me :) MVF: Do you have any advice for newer players that want to get into modelling in SL? Anessa: Well it might look like a glamorous life, and I am very fortunate to be where I am... but it seems like I started my career at just the right time, and as I said I have been so very lucky. The best advice I can give is to wait for the right opportunities, stay focused, network, enter as many competitions as you can, the flickr phoMETRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 3 | 42

exceptionally beautiful photoshopped one). I was reading Country Living the other day, of all things, and inside was a quote from Yves Saint Laurent, “Fashion fades but style is eternal.” I beleive this is true in all worlds.

Bender By Honey

ge been a hu s y a w l a have d Rockstars dress, an I w o h on on hat inspirati r looks t e h t e g o t put rs I try to urite sta o v a f y m of remind me ck is not i r t e h T RL. , in SL and the style e k a t o t but to copy, your own. t i e k a m it, and interpret

METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 3 | 43

biker suit by DE Designs “Gail” hair by Gurl 6

ar Gretch Setzer Hot Rod guit ysocks Cowgirl boots by Bad Bobb METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 3 | 44

eague crop top by L ers by WRONG d n e p s u s d n a shorts ir by Gurl 6 a h ” t h g i F rl “Gu rnal boots by Infe cyber gloves

by Innisfree e by “Sid” necklac ou Gogo Mystakid

METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 3 | 45

e y Bare Ros b s s e r d x Late e per Coutur a P y b e c a neckl r padour hai m o P s e g d e Nonna H Artilleri tattoo by K sses by Jd a l g ” s i v l E “ y SPICA bracelets b

METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 3 | 46

jacket by AOHARU io “Ziggy” pants by Six Stud “Lavn” hair by Mirai “Alladin Sane” skin by Starman Fallen Gods

METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 3 | 47

Dress by AOHARU “Onio” hair by Mirai

skin by Naughty Designs

METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 3 | 48

style your destiny PART TWO by Arabesque Baroque In a 3-part article series, METRO is pleased to bring you advice on inventory management and style notes from a First Life image consultant and Second Life model, Arabesque. A MODEL INVENTORY, PART TWO

So it’s on to clothing. Lovely Second Life frees us from so many of the constraints of reality, so there’s really no need to organise your closet along Real Life lines. Forget about traditional delineations of casual and formal; don’t worry about the practicalities of cleaning and ironing. In SL we can wear an elaborate gown made of feathers to go skydiving if we want to! That means a rethink of closet co-ordination. If you want to gather a great inventory of clothing on a budget, here are my top tips. Just as in RL, it’s a case of keeping the big ticket items to a minimum but getting maximum use from them. We’re going to use the good old capsule concept but with a Second Life twist. Start with a skin range that you love. Choose one that offers a range of different makeup looks and if it has moddable features – all the better! Ideally, buy 2 makeups to begin with – a neutral “go-with-anything” look and another makeup

look that you love. That’s the really big spending out of the way. Next is shoes! I’d strongly advise buying the best you can afford – shoes maketh the man (or woman) in SL too you know! You need to know that the most versatile shoe color is a metallic. If you have chosen WARM coloring (see Part 1 of this series), gold or bronze will work best. Otherwise, silver is a good choice. The most versatile style is a simple heeled pump. Now it’s time for the fun to begin – start building closet capsules based on colors or pieces that you adore. I’ll use a case study to illustrate what I mean.


Hopefully after last issue’s article on “body bits”, you have them all neatly tucked away in the appropriate compartments of your inventory, cunningly labelled for emergency changeovers under pressure!

My RL friend recently entered Second Life METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 3 | 49

"...there’s really no need to organize in the form of the gorgeous Ife Skytower. I helped her to make her shape and then it was time to shop – what else! She wanted an ethnic look so I showed her the skin ranges offering good dark skin-tones and she went with the lovely Linda at PXL. We bought an au naturel makeup to start with and Ife looked instantly cool in this plus a new versatile and inexpensive hair from Aden – even in her newbie outfit! I urgently had to introduce her to Stiletto Moody’s. Having seen a matching lipstick in the Linda makeup range, it didn’t take us long to snap up a classic pump in a not-so-classic color, fuschia! A perfect color for Ife. Black girls look great in brights!

Along with the raspberry lipped makeup from PXL, Ife had the start of her first closet capsule. No need for new hair - the Aden style will work with lots of looks. So now it’s time to start collecting a few pieces that will work in Ife’s Fuschia capsule. We quickly found this new release hotpant suit at Haute Style & Co., as well as a delightfully different dress by Eshi Otawara called I am Made of Glitter. So Ife is well on her way to an awesome wardrobe, with a folder labelled “Fuschia Moodys Capsule”. She can build on this until she can afford another “splash out” moment - perhaps a new skin or footwear. Create your own closet capsules around individual pieces that you just have to have and LOVE to wear. Don’t worry about buying a lot of “ordinary” basics for SL. You will just get bored with them. But if you splurge on something and you sense it will be a keeper, make sure you collect some other pieces that work with it to create a range of different head-turning looks. The cheaper items in each capsule can be recycled fairly regularly to keep things fresh. A lot of SL fashion is relatively dispos-

METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 3 | 50

e your closet along Real Life lines."

Arabesque Baroque has been in Second Life for almost two years (if you include a previous incarnation *winks*). She spent time on the writing staff of Second Style magazine before deciding to focus on a role as Advertising Executive for METRO Virtual Fashion magazine. Arabesque recently launched her blog called "dreaming with alice" (http://arabaroque.word-

able, but I certainly have quite a large number of things I simply can’t part with. which focuses on fashion as well as

And my final important tip – deconstruct! Within each capsule, try organising everything into sub-folders based on layers -undershirt, shirt, jacket etc. Even skirt prims, collars etc, may be worth separating out, especially those in neutral black or white. As long as you make sure everything is labelled with the name of the outfit it originally belonged to, you’ll have no trouble putting it back together when you need to using your inventory search function. You’ll be amazed how many different ways you can combine things!

In her First Life, Arabesque is a consultant de-

the broader in-world experience. signer of market research with additional qualifications in Personal Image management. She is also heavily involved in the performance of classical music as a full-on hobby. Arabesque devotes some of her rather limited spare time to Second Life because of the opportunities for self-expression and the inspiration provided by the wealth of creativity. She loves meeting and talking to talented SL designers, builders and artists.

Good luck. Next time, accessories and other finishing touches. METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 3 | 51

on the blog:

a summary of the latest at While the summertime might be a little bit lazy for some Second Lifers (and who’d be online on a gorgeous summer day?) the Metro blog was still updated during the sunny months. First Arabesque posted on DP Serendipity by Masuri Dryke, a new and talented designer of ladies’ casual wear. As part of the Footwear Expo ‘08 (Metro was pleased to work with Hathor Models for the Expo fashion show this year) some of the Metro models showed eccentric new styles from She’s So Unusual by Rowan Carroll. The new store by Rita Groshomme and Gala Phoenix, Curio, opensed in July, and Arabesque reviewed some of the stunning new skins by Gala. Definitely worth checking out! I also wrote a quick introduction to the Fashion Finds group started by Sasy Scarborough, which is yet another way to network the virtual fashion world on a frendly, drama-free website. Check it out at PERSONA by Myllie Writer is one of my favourite designers, ever since she was featured with Annah Whitfield for the first New Shoots show. Arabesque took a

look at some of PERSONA’s new jewelry offerings, delightfully understated and in a variety of metal and wood colours. Ara also showcased some of the designs of the prolific team Adam and Eve. Sachi Vixen’s talent extends to skins, shoes, clothing, and hair. It’s truly a onestop shop for your avatar. I also showed some of my favourite skins from BiancaF and La Sylphide, and posted a series of studio photos of me in my favourite BiancaF fashion pieces. My “from the editor” photo is in one of this talented FirstLife-turned-virtual designer’s trenchcoats! Also check out some of my favourite picks from the New Shoots III show, featuring upand-coming fashion houses Sweetest Goodbye and Naive! Arabesque also posted some of her best finds from the 2008 Hair Fair. Each hairstyle is put together with an outfit, so be sure to check it out for great fashion ideas!

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METRO Virtual Fashion - vol 2 issue 3  

Volume 2 issue 3 of Metro Virtual Fashion, a magazine featuring the world of Second Life fashion. MVF is produced by an in-world model agenc...

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