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Jewelry is a special way to delight and impress your loved one during the holidays. Jewelry pieces are beautiful all year-round and are a constant reminder of a special moment in someone’s life.

Considering your recipient’s personal style is important when choosing a jewelry piece. Something versatile can be a safe bet for both casual and formal wear if you aren’t exactly sure what to get.

If you are aware of your loved one’s fashion tastes, it’s easier to choose something to compliment their wardrobe and lifestyle. Personalizing your gift brings meaning and thoughtfulness with your selection.

• No matter if it’s on a pendant, ring or bracelet, the birthstone is a fantastic gift for both men and women. • A birthstone is specific to the recipient which invokes a sense of intimacy and thoughtfulness. • Recipients of a birthstone not only embrace its natural beauty but birthstones are also known to carry a symbolic tradition of good luck and good health.

• A watch is a great practical gift which can be worn on a daily basis. Not to mention nothing feels greater than a beautiful watch to compliment your daily outfit. • Most watches are interchangeable between different style wrist bands. Depending on the occasion, the wearer has a choice of a more formal or casual timepiece.

• In addition to watches having relatively low service fees in repair or customization, they last a lifetime.

• Earrings are a basic wardrobe accessory. More often earrings are a must-wear before any other accessory in most occasions. • A beautiful pair of earrings can style and highlight any outfit and are always the right fit. • In fact, even if your recipient has a collection of earrings, you can always use different types for a more versatile and rotating selection. Earrings come in a large variety of styles, designs and cuts.

• The bracelet is a timeless accessory. They are adaptable and help compliment an outfit easily. Like rings, bracelets can be mixed and matched with each other. • There are many different types of bracelets to choose from. Pearl bracelets for example give a beautifully formal look, especially when matched a pearl necklace. • Choosing a bracelet to wear for special occasions is a great idea. It can make an exciting accessory to an outfit. A diamond bracelet naturally catches light and shimmers with elegance on the recipient’s wrist.

• The ring is a traditional jewelry piece symbolizing eternal dedication. Rings come in a large variety of designs appropriate for any occasion. • A ring is special in that most people keep their ring for a lifetime. In fact, rings require only occasional maintenance, and in turn, will continue to look great for generations to come. • As outlined, there are many ring designs available for both men and women. From sleek and classic designs to more complex and sophisticated designs, there are many styles to choose from.

• A classic and elegant gift is the traditional necklace. Necklaces come in a variety of styles and types to match any outfit. • Giving the gift of the necklace is a great opportunity to perform the traditionally romantic gesture of putting it around your loved one’s neck for the very first wear. • Necklaces with a hanging charm give visual attention to a pendant or jewel of your choice. This can be a great way to showcase or symbolize your appreciation for the recipient.

• Diamonds have always been the perfect gift idea. Diamonds are a traditional sign to represent a pure, fortified and unyielding love. • The diamond is a highly memorable gift for its unmatched brilliance and clarity. The physical quality and sophistication of the diamond will last forever. • Diamonds are multipurpose. They come in many colors, cuts, carats and shapes. They can be integrated within necklaces, rings, pendants and much more.

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Jewelry Holiday Gift Guide | Jewelry is a perfect holiday gift for both men and women. This is a guide to the perfect gift for the specia...

Jewelry Holiday Gift Guide | Jewelry is a perfect holiday gift for both men and women. This is a guide to the perfect gift for the specia...