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Gold Nugget Jewelry: Buying Men’s Rings Before you set out to purchase gold nugget jewelry for a special man in your life, it is important to understand this type of jewelry. Once you know what it is and is not, you can ensure that you are purchasing authentic men’s rings, giving someone special in your life a gift to remember. What are Gold Nuggets? Gold nuggets are pieces of gold that occurred naturally. They are generally formed deep beneath the earth's surface, when gold and quartz in a molten state are forced into rock fissures during seismic events. When these natural deposits are exposed to the elements, the gold is washed and tumbled in rivers and streams, often removing the quartz host rock and leaving nuggets of near pure gold. Gold Nugget Purity Just like many other types of jewelry, gold nuggets come in a wide range of purities. Unlike 10k, 14k, and 18k, natural gold is alloyed by nature, and averages 20-22k pure gold. Measuring the Rarity When it comes to pricing gold nuggets for men’s rings, the rarity of the gold plays a major role in determining the value. Like a diamond, the larger the nugget, the more rare it is. A 1 ounce natural gold nugget is as rare as a flawless 5 carat diamond! Also, nuggets from Alaska are the most sought after origin, as they are connected with the mystique and history of the Alaska Gold Rush. Finding the Real Nuggets Chances are, when you buy gold nuggets, you want the real deal. Whether you are looking for a special ring for an anniversary or men’s wedding bands that contain gold nuggets, you need to be able to determine if they are real. In addition to its authenticity, you should also know whether or not the nugget was man-made or actually formed beneath the Earth.

If you want to be able to determine the real versus fake nuggets on your own, there are a few simple tests that you can perform: •

Look at the piece under a bright light. The shine and color of the nugget should be uniform throughout the entire piece.

Hold the gold nugget in one hand and a different rock in another. A gold nugget will be significantly heavier than any stone of the same size.

Hold a magnet near the gold. If it is attracted to the magnet, it is not real, as gold in nonmagnetic.

Once you have determined that the nuggets are real, you can choose among the many beautiful choices that are available for men’s rings. Gold nugget jewelry provides a very unique, thoughtful and lifelong gift for any recipient in your life.

Gold Nugget Jewelry: Buying Men’s Rings  

It is important to understand how to shop for gold nugget jewelry before you purchase men’s rings made with this beautiful jewelry. There ar...

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