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A busy summer gives way to a very busy autumn By Susan Cox

ten while walking among wide in early October. A the capacity crowd in the new feature of the Bar’s As I write this, fall is unmistak- Dena’ina Center’s large presence at the AFN conably here. Although the calendar hall, signing books and vention this year will be says it’s summer until the fall equi- posing for pictures with a demonstration of the nox arrives on Sept. 22, the leaves young children. And she virtual clinic, where volare turning color and fewer cruise lingered after the converunteers will be assisting ships are calling at the docks in Ju- sation to speak one-onpotential clients with regneau. Besides the lingering flowers, one with members of the istration. In addition, we kale and potatoes in my garden and Bar and the community. met with organizers who "We can elevate fish in the freezer, little remains of Justice Sotomayor’s willhave already begun planpublic discourse summer but memories. I hope that, ingness to engage in such ning next year’s MLK Day through like me, you all had a chance to re- conversations greatly enpro bono clinic in Faireducation and charge your batteries over the sum- hances the public’s unbanks. And several memmake a positive mer – taking advantage of much lon- derstanding of the legal bers of the Bar Board of difference ger days, exploring our great state system, leaving a lasting Governors and Deborah through our and spending time with family and impression on all who atO’Regan joined us at the service." friends. tended. We were fortuweekly meeting of the TaAlthough sections and commit- nate to be able to sponsor nana Valley Bar Associatees take a hiatus during the sum- an event that informs the public and tion. mer, there’s been a lot happening reinforces confidence in our nation’s Krista and I also visited the with the Alaska Bar Association in judiciary. Our thanks to Justice So- Dillingham legal community last the last few months besides the Bar tomayor, Judge Christen and all in- month. We had a wonderful potexam. A major highlight was our volved. luck lunch at the new courthouse, public event with Supreme Court I was privileged to take part in and talked to many of the lawyers Justice Sonia Sotomayor in August. another notable moment in Alaska providing legal services to indigent The Alaska Bar had extended invi- history: the installation of Susan Alaskans in the Dillingham area. tations to Justice Sotomayor in the Carney on the And the Board of past to speak at a bar convention Alaska Supreme Governors, along I was privileged to take part or during a court break. When we Court. Justice with some Bar in another notable moment in heard she would be vacationing in Carney is the staff and legal Alaska history: the installation Alaska this summer, we jumped at 24th services providappointee of Susan Carney on the Alaska the chance to ask her to do some- to the court and ers, went out to Supreme Court. thing with the Bar. We were excited the third woman Palmer to share to have her accept our invitation – to hold that posiideas and sociallittle did we know the event would tion. She brings ize with the Matdraw the fabulous turnout that it years of trial experience and public Su Valley Bar after our board meetdid. More than 1,200 people attend- service to the bench, including as a ing last week. All of these occasions ed, and well more than half were member of the Bar’s board of gov- bring to mind the many ways we not members of the Bar. Kudos go to ernors. The high regard in which can and do make a difference for Bar staff for making all the arrange- she’s held by the Fairbanks commu- Alaskans. The inspiring examples ments, getting the word out and nity and her peers was evident at of lawyers, from bush Alaska to the handling security her installation; a Supreme Court, have a huge impact and the media packed crowd wit- on overall confidence in the rule of She amazed the entire au– all on short nonessed her robing law. It falls on all of us to promote dience with her ability to tice. under a life-size a positive perception and increase multi-task: answering quesAs the article portrait of Jus- the diversity of the legal profession, tions posed by Judge Morgan in this edition of tice Jay Rabinow- and to educate Alaskans of all ages Christen while walking among the Bar Rag deitz, for whom she about the legal system. And we have the capacity crowd in the scribes in more clerked at the out- so many opportunities to do so – Dena’ina Center’s large hall, detail, Justice set of her career. • teach high school students for the signing books and posing for Sotomayor adSupreme Court Live program – We look forward pictures with young children. dressed many the next one’s in Palmer in Octoto her future contopics, ranging ber, tributions and imfrom her own personal experiences pact on Alaska jurisprudence. • mentor participants in youth to her views about how diversity court and mock trial experiences, While in Fairbanks, our Pro enhances the court. She amazed Bono Director, Krista Scully, and I • volunteer for a pro bono program the entire audience with her abil- met with several local attorneys to – through ANDVSA, ALSC, the ity to multi-task: answering ques- discuss the new virtual online legal Early Resolution Project, the virtions posed by Judge Morgan Chris- clinic that will be rolling out state-


A Supreme Court Justice, pot and a couple of podcasts By Meghan Kelly

stores in the state. This is certainly an interesting time to be a lawyer in I know you will enjoy Alaska and I hope you will reading Monica Elkinton’s share stories of your expeaccount of Justice Sotoriences with this new area mayor’s visit to Anchorof the law. age in this issue of the Stepping away from Bar Rag. I’m sure many "I know that I the contents of this issue, I of you were in attendance am not alone in wanted to share a podcast but for those who were not expressing my that I read about over the able to be there, Elkinton’s hope that our recent holiday weekend. piece deftly conveys the en- state agencies Some of you might energy and excitement of the continue to reevent. ceive the funding joy listening during your morning commute. It conAlso in this issue you’ll they need!" cerns a scenario similar read about the latest develto a nightmare I’ve had: a opments for Alaska’s marijuana industry. Our update from lawyer with almost no experience in Jason Brandeis coincides with a re- criminal law is assigned to a crimicent article in the ADN announcing nal case with a significant possible the Marijuana Control Board’s ap- sentence (20 years to life). proval of the first marijuana retail

This is a reality for attorneys in states like Louisiana, where underfunded public defenders’ offices are so short-staffed that courts are ordering private attorneys to take on pro bono clients. Reporter David Zax tells the story of one attorney’s experience on a recent episode of This American Life which you can stream here: See also (court order appointing attorney Bailey to represent an indigent client facing criminal charges). I know that I am not alone in expressing my hope that our state agencies continue to receive the funding they need! Meghan Kelly is editor of the Alaska Bar Rag and works in Kodiak.

tual online legal clinic, or at MLK Day, • help with the Color of Justice or the Success Inside and Out programs, • host a radio show, or • get involved in the work of local bar associations, Bar sections, the Alaska Judicial Council, or the Alaska Commission on Judicial Conduct. As the seasons turn and kids go back to school, let’s dedicate ourselves to helping others understand how the law works and how lawyers can help their lives. We can elevate public discourse through education and make a positive difference through our service. I hope you’ll embrace an opportunity to get involved. Susan Cox was recently elected president of the Alaska Bar Association.

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