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Federal Bar Association prepares for new year with new leadership By Darrel J. Gardner The Alaska Chapter of the Federal Bar Association is gearing up for another great year under the leadership of president-elect Lane Tucker. Tucker replaced Assistant U.S. Attorney Kevin Feldis, who was president-elect. Feldis has taken an extended overseas detail to work with the U.S. Department of Justice in Indonesia. Tucker will assume her FBA presidency Oct. 1, at the conclusion of Jamie McGrady’s current term as president. Tucker is a partner at the law firm of Stoel Rives, and has nearly 30 years of experience in federal government contracts, SBA matters, white Lane Tucker is presidentelect of the Alaska Chap- collar prosecution and ter of the FBA. defense, and construction litigation. Prior to entering private practice, she was an assistant U.S. attorney, serving as the civil chief for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Anchorage. Prior to joining the U.S. Attorney’s Office, she was a trial attorney with the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. Alaska’s resident Ninth Circuit Judge, Morgan Christen, celebrated the completion of her new chambers and other improvements at the Anchorage Historical Federal Courthouse with a reception May 25. The extensive courthouse remodeling took several years of work by the General Services Administration. The event was co-hosted with the Alaska Chapter of the FBA. Invited guests included members of Alaska’s state Supreme Court and Court of Appeals; Alaska state, U.S. District Court, and Bankruptcy Court staff; U.S. District Court and Bankruptcy Court judges and their judicial assistants and law clerks; former and current Alaska District Lawyer Representatives; FBA-Alaska members; and representatives from the Alaska Bar Association. On July 20, the Alaska Chapter of the FBA presented a free “summer associate luncheon” at the James M. Fitzgerald U.S. Courthouse. This special luncheon was hosted by Chief Judge Timothy Burgess and District Judge Sharon

Gleason. The luncheon mission, the Inuit Cir- been held. Until our first FBA Conconsisted of a presentacumpolar Council, and ference in 2014, no FBA president tion by the judges offering the Arctic Council. She had ever visited Alaska. With more tips for new practitioners, has sailed with two Arctic than 18,000 members across the followed by an opportuOcean bathymetric map- United States, the FBA is second nity for attendees to ask ping cruises on the U.S. only to the American Bar Associaquestions and mix socialCoast Guard icebreaker tion for voluntary membership. The ly. The luncheon, with apHealy, and served as vis- visiting FBA presidents take their proximately 35 attendees, iting scholar with the Ex- Alaska experiences and impressions offered an excellent optended Continental Shelf back with them, and generally praise portunity for summer as- "The Alaska Task Force at the U.S. our state during their remarks at the sociates, law clerks and Chapter of the State Department. Kim- national FBA’s Annual Convention interns to gather with Federal Bar mel has a long career in in September, which is attended by distinguished members Association is gear- Alaska public policy fo- hundreds of federal practitioners of Alaska’s federal bench ing up for another cused on issues of rights and judges from all over the country. on an informal basis. great year. . ." and justice. She is a se- This is good for us and good for AlasThe Third Annual nior fellow at the Insti- ka. The FBA pays for the president’s Alaska Federal Bar Contute of the North, and trip, but there has to be an event that justifies the cost of ference scheduled for Aug. 12 at the is currently first sending the presiDena’ina Center was cancelled, un- lady of the MuI am truly proud of Alaska and dent to Alaska. I fortunately, due to the low number nicipality of Anour bar, but if we can’t get am truly proud of of registrants. The Alaska Chap- chorage. Kimmel sufficient attendance to hold Alaska and our ter did hold a reception, however, has practiced law an annual conference, we will bar, but if we can’t for Mark Vincent, the current na- in Alaska since likely lose this valuable opget sufficient attional president of the FBA. Mark 1996, and recently portunity to put Alaska on an tendance to hold came from Salt Lake City, where he earned a Ph.D. in important part of the national an annual conferworks as an assistant U.S. attorney. E n v i r o n m e n t a l legal stage. PLEASE support us ence, we will likely The reception was graciously hosted Sciences and Polby attending this conference. lose this valuable by Lane Tucker at her home, with icy from Central We don’t yet have plans for our opportunity to catering by Sweet Basil Café. The European Univernext attempt, but when we put Alaska on an chapter was able to conduct one pre- sity. The presendo, we would really appreciate important part of sentation, which took place at the tation was free to your support. the national legal Federal Building during a lunch- FBA members, stage. PLEASE time meeting. “Arctic Law and Poli- and the Alaska support us by atcy” featured Betsy Baker and Mara Chapter provided Kimmel. Moose’s Tooth pizza for lunch. FBA tending this conference. We don’t yet Baker is an Anchorage-based President Mark Vincent also at- have plans for our next attempt, but when we do, we would really appreciate your support. Thank you. Alaska saw a visit by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in early August. The panel participated in an informal bench-bar discussion Aug. 3, followed by a reception held at the James M. Fitzgerald U.S. Courthouse. The event was hosted by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit and the U.S. District Court of Alaska. The panel consisted of Circuit Judges Raymond C. Fisher, Richard A. Paez and Andrew D. Hurwitz. The judges discussed their respective pathways to the bench and answered questions from the audience. The Annual Ninth Circuit Judicial Conference was held in early July at the Big Sky Resort in MonBetsy Baker, Magistrate Judge Deborah Smith, Mara Kimmel, and FBA national presitana, the home state of Chief Circuit dent Mark Vincent follow the Arctic Law and Policy CLE. Judge Sidney R. Thomas. The conference returned to a three and one-

tended, and he spoke highly of the Alaska Chapter’s increased activity and membership growth in the past several years. I have been writing this column for a few years now and I usually do so without much editorializing. In this instance, however, I want to say that I am very disappointed in the lack of turnout for the Federal Bar Conference. Several people worked extremely hard to plan this conference, particularly Jamie McGrady, Brewster Jamieson and Mary DeSpain at the Bar Association. Brewster had lined up a fascinating, cutting-edge presentation on artificial intelligence and the law, with several speakers coming from out of state. We ended up having to pay a lot of money to one of the speakers, who had completely re-arranged his summer vacation plans to come to Alaska. Also, we have been extremely lucky to have had national Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy joins Alaska Chief Judge Timothy Burgess presidents of the Federal Bar Association come to Alaska specifically onstage at the 2016 Ninth Circuit Judicial Conference in Big Sky, Montana. for this conference every year it has consultant on ocean, Arctic, and international law and a tenured professor at Vermont Law School. Her work on Arctic resource development and marine management includes reports and presentations for the Alaska Arctic Policy Com-

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Montana Federal Public Defender Tony Gallagher (who has spoken in Alaska at an AKACDL conference) wins the Ninth Circuit’s John P. Frank outstanding lawyer award.

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