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Make Money Online: Make Money Blogging. 4 Important Things to Remember

Make Money Online: Make Money Blogging.

Make Money Blogging: 4 Important Things to Remember. To make money blogging sounds interesting and fun. In fact, blogging is very common, both on a personal and business level. Many people, who began with personal blogs, are now using them as a source of income. Blogs are a significant source of income for hundreds of thousands of people and is an accepted way for people to earn money.

You are holding an online conversation. As „Bloggersâ€&#x;, the objective is to share quality content with the people who are having that conversation and get paid.

How to make money blogging can be pretty involved and complicated. It is more than setting up a blog and writing articles. You need to use a clear well defined strategy to make your blog stand out; engage your visitors and keep your blog interesting.

Although itâ€&#x;s a lot of work, now is great time to start. It does take effort, planning and persistence, but with a clear strategy, making small changes and improvements over time; turning blogging into an interesting way to make money, may not seem so difficult.

Here is a short list of things to consider to help improve your blog, to get better results and to enjoy more income. 2

Make Money Online: Make Money Blogging.

Blogging Platforms

Blogging is just one way of publishing content and there are of course a number of ways to get started, some are free, others require a little investment. Blogging platforms, like the one provided by WordPress, make it much easier for writers to submit content. There are other providers that offer blogging services, but WordPress is probably the best. You can be setup in minutes using free blogs.

A number of free sites are available to start with, just register and get started. Although, they are good, especially for beginners, they have certain disadvantages and feature limitations. If you are new, then practicing with a personal blog before developing further is ideal. However, if you are making a commitment to earning a living using the content you put online, then you really need to be in control of it. You will need to buy your own domain name and hosting.

Recommendation, whether you use free sites or self hosting, create your blog using WordPress. If you do decide on buying your own domain name and hosting, then „HostGator‟ come highly recommended for hosting and „GoDaddy‟ for getting your domains. 3

Make Money Online: Make Money Blogging.

Research Your Niche: Big Picture First

To have any chance of making money blogging, you need to do “Research”. Yes, to make money blogging, you do need to do research. Is it possible to be successful without doing so? Well, yes I suppose it is, just like it is possible to step out your front door and find a fiver there at your feet. It is possible, but it is no way to try making a living.

Research doesn‟t have to be difficult, but it does have to be done on an on going basis. Many tell you to find „keywords relevant to your site‟ and then use these to create your content.

If you want to make money blogging, find where your traffic is. Use Amazon, Ebay and Google Insight to find good niches. Check clickbank for potential products as well. Go to YouTube to see if there are any related videos. Collect keyword phrases as you go, but find the niche and related niches first and then work down. (IE Big picture first).

Should you target highly competitive markets? Well the answer depends on several factors only you can decide. Experience, resources and commitments, finances and the need to see a return on investment (ROI), will all be influencing factors. So don‟t shy away from super competitive niches just because you have competition, but try to make an informed decision based on your research and resources. 4

Make Money Online: Make Money Blogging. Remember - „Never take on a stronger opponent directly unless your back is to the wall and you are willing to fight for your life.‟ – „Even the Strongest of opponents have weaknesses and will fall if targeted.‟-‟The Art Of War‟-

Creating Content Having a passion for writing may make it relatively easy to write content. However, finding the inspiration to create good quality posts is very difficult. To make money blogging, you need to write content people want and write it better than the previous ones.

Serious bloggers publish content continuously, 2, 3 or more posts everyday. For many, that is a formidable challenge, but with planning and a little practice, it becomes a lot easier. So how are you going to get the creative juices flowing? You have done your research and defined your categories. Define a time period, one week for example. Now write on your key category for that time.

Begin the week with a main article, include questions but don‟t answer them, give opinions and examples etc. Follow up with articles & videos answering these questions and any others that are asked over time. Start building back links to these posts. Quote other people and build content based on that. You are now curating content and building the conversation. Be creative, include different things a post. Like sharing images, videos, linking to other sites all help to engage your readers and 5

Make Money Online: Make Money Blogging.

encourage them to come back. Posting quality articles on a frequent basis will keep people interested and help you make money blogging.

Make Money Blogging How? Contextual adverts Well, the money comes with time, but a popular way of making money is with Contextual ads (EG. AdSense). There are alternatives to Google Adsense, but they are the biggest provider of contextual ads. Its free and they place their codes on your blog. Since most of the traffic leaves without purchasing, having contextual ads can give you an additional income stream from your traffic as they leave. The more that click, the more money you make. The price made per click varies depending on the keyword and how targeted traffic is.

A word of caution: Before accepting the terms and conditions and becoming an AdSense publisher, read through all the guidelines carefully. Google can and will terminate an account immediately and without recourse for not following the guidelines.

Affiliate Products: You need multiple streams of income from your blog. Another way to monetize it, is promoting affiliate products. There are plenty of affiliate companies needing affiliates to promote their products. „Clickbankâ€&#x; is the most obvious, but there are many more you could promote. Find products, both physical and digital, to promote. Signup to a 6

Make Money Online: Make Money Blogging.

few affiliate programs. Make a few reviews on affiliate products and add affiliate links to your articles. You profit when readers buy the product via the links in your reviews.

Will you make thousands of dollars in a weekend? Commissions on some products are very good, but this is about creating a consistent long term income that you can develop into a good living. If you approach each blog with a clear and consistent strategy, you can be very successful doing this. Yes it involves some effort, but there are far worse ways of making money than being paid for having a conversation.

Make Money – Create A Mailing List.

If you want things to get better then you need to take action to make things better. you can make money blogging but it‟s going to take more than slapping a few ads on your site.

“if you want to be successful offer a service. If you want to extremely wealthy control markets.”

Your blog is „Your Service‟, how successful it is depends on how much and how well it converts the traffic it gets to paying customers. Without a mailing list, Traffic is extremely important to the success of your blog. With a mailing list you can control markets. 7

Make Money Online: Make Money Blogging.

Yes, traffic is essential to make money blogging. You have to give your visitors good content to get traffic and the amount of traffic you receive determines your income. But it is by creating a mailing list that you get the most from your traffic. As visitors leave their name and email, you go from providing a service to controlling a market. you can follow them up with different offers again and again. That is when you really start to make money blogging. 8

Make Money Online: Make Money Blogging.  

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Make Money Online: Make Money Blogging.  

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