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Dance studio 111


phoenix, az

firm / WDS ARCHITECTURE Principal ArchitectS / MIKE MARDEN AND KRISTIN THOMA MAHAN project type / commercial images / provided by WDS architecture

Motorcycles moved out, and ballerinas moved in. At least that’s what happened in the space that now houses Dance Studio 111. To refit the former Kawasaki dealership to its more graceful occupants, architects Mike Marden and Kristin Thoma Mahan divided the open floorplate into four studio spaces, a large lobby, student rec room, and administrative offices. They kept Kawasaki’s original black and white color scheme, but they added pops of bright color to make the studio feel like an art space. “Adding to the existing black & white with new little accents of color throughout makes a bold but not overwhelming statement,” Thoma Mahan says. “The overall feel just gives off this hip and trendy vibe that really attracts the various forms of dance.” But look closely, and you’ll still see Kawasaki ‘s original sign tucked into a corner, a detail left to honor the building’s former self.

“The motorcycle showroom had an exposed structure where its mechanical ductwork and electrical systems wound through a system of open-web trusses… which was perfect for a dance studio,” Marden says. 98


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Architecture: Volume 1  

A Special Edition From Design Bureau 2012

Architecture: Volume 1  

A Special Edition From Design Bureau 2012