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villa wasserfall windhoek, namibia

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Jaco Wasserfall has a 40-year love affair with his home. He fell in love with the villa, which overlooks the Namibian capital city of Windhoek, as a small boy, when he rode past it on his bike ride to school every day. “I always admired the house and wondered why nobody bothered to look after it,” he says. When Wasserfall acquired the house in 1993, it was subdivided into three separate units. The architect first modernized the inside, then he excavated space for a new basement below. With the floor plan’s flow addressed, Wasserfall started restoring the home’s greatest detail: its highly-stylized exterior. The cheery blue paint and bright white ornmaentation give the home infinite curb appeal and best illustrate the home’s long local history. “I wanted to acknowledge a rich layer of history and time that a house like this holds,” Wasserfall says. “Not just the colonial occupancy, but many people and changes made of many years.”—maggie lange

The house originally couldn’t take the Namibian heat. “This is obviously a European city typology bungalow sitting here, but our climate is completely different.” Wasserfall added a patio and a pool so that his family can go outside and cool down.



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Architecture: Volume 1  
Architecture: Volume 1  

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