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Self-Serve Soft Serve That’s All About Fun A new take on the cafeteria line makes do-it-yourself yogurt a social experience


Yoforia’s design is he do-it-yourself craze has hit the food industry, perfect combo to sate their meant to be social, aland yogurt shops are riding the wave. Yoforia, a sweet tooth. lowing the customers to serve-yourself yogurt chain with more than 25 mingle in the circular shops worldwide, recognizes that going for frozen To make Yoforia look as fun as layout while controlling their own fro yo yogurt is an inherently social experience, so the it feels, Chun added color all experience. shop layouts emphasize fun by ditching the traditional caf- around the store. “Yogurt is ultimately the foundation of eteria line assembly. everyone’s creation, which we showed by using different colDavid Chun, principal of Los Angeles-based Chun Studio, is ored lights,” he says of the machine’s illuminated green, blue, the architect behind the yogurt chain’s smart design. Chun and orange walls that celebrate flavors like green tea and rose. savors the creativity of the self-serve model, which gives There are also green lighting elements at the toppings station customers an important element: control. “It’s an interactive that highlight key add-ins like fresh fruit, candies, and chocoexperience,” he says. “There are infinite possibilities where late. “The different shades of green help accentuate the differpeople create their own [dessert], so everyone can make some- ent flavors,” Chun says. thing different.”  With a layout and design as refreshing as frozen yogurt itself, Chun arranged the yogurt machines in a circular layout that Yoforia is offering a new take on ice cream socials, one swirl at fosters more movement and social activity. Patrons can a time.—Meg Mathis circle around the soft serve machines and topping stations together, hopping from station to station as they create the Project Credits: Polygal



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A Special Edition From Design Bureau 2012