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pond house

At the Pond House, “the gallery, a room almost always empty, is more vital to the house than any other space,” says Benjamin Kracauer. The architect designed the home’s 1,500 square-foot addition, which increased its footprint from 2,000 to 3,500 square feet. The new space contains an expanded living room, master bedroom and bathroom, and a larger kitchen. But Kracauer is most proud of its modest gallery. “The key to harmonizing the addition with the original house was the gallery,” he says. “It replaces the original kitchen and dining room, and becomes a new center hall for the enlarged home. The effect is as if a lung was added, allowing the ground floor to breathe through its new center, enhancing in equal measure existing house and addition.”

new preston, ct

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Architecture: Volume 1  
Architecture: Volume 1  

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