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sanctuary on the hudson weehawken, nj

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Throughout the Sanctuary on the Hudson, Ira Smith and Erik Maran, principals at Smithmaran, relied heavily on shipbuilding elements to make the home feel like a floating haven. A system of gently curved wooden ceiling trusses run across the second story’s ceiling, separating the level’s main room from the kitchen. Smith and Maran call it the keel because it closely resembles the backbone of a ship’s internal structure. Small LEDs tucked between the trusses and the ceiling cast a soft glow down over the piece and the home’s spaces below. “It has a multi-functional poetic quality,” says Smith of the keel’s elegant looks and pragmatic function. “It’s all about daily poetry. It’s there to solve lifestyle issues.” Like the keel, certain spaces in the house pull double-duty, too. Smith and Maran designed the master bedroom to also act as a home office. It double-height space resembles a custom stateroom finished with walnut walls and furniture. There’s even a lofted nook that takes its cue from a ship cubby, framing a glass desk that peers down on the bed below. “You may as well be floating,” says Maran of the home’s overall design. “Like a fine ship, it really is the intersection of architecture and utility.”




Architecture: Volume 1  

A Special Edition From Design Bureau 2012