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pve residence palos verdes estates, ca

firm / dlf studio

Pop art and sparse architecture comingle at the PVE home. Douglas Esparza left the space minimalist to ensure that the home’s decor doesn’t come off as too much. Systems of built-in faceted cabinets hide away daily life objects like TVs and books, allowing the bright pop pieces to steal all the visual attention. A Roy Lichtenstein-inspired piece stares you down as you walk the main hall. And in the kitchen, Esparza wrapped the cabinets in a static cling graphic that resembles a partially-eaten Hershey bar. The cabinets act as a great reminder that pop art and refined architecture aren’t supposed to be too precious. The PVE home looks good, functions well, but generates fun, too. Inside and out, it’s a real treat.

Principal Architect / douglas esparza project type / residential images / provided by DLF studio




Architecture: Volume 1  

A Special Edition From Design Bureau 2012