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gold coast glitz chicago, il

firm / Scott Himmel architect Principal Architect / scott himmel project type / residential PHOTOGRApher / toni soluri

Square wood details contrast bright and bold contemporary art inside this Gold Coast home, but despite its current beauty, the apartment did not always amaze. Originally, the clients stumbled straight into the living room as they entered through the front door, the windows tilted away from the building, and the walls themselves were not at 90-degree angles. “Accomplishing rectangular rooms in an old building was difficult, because we didn’t realize at first that the windows were out of whack,” architect Scott Himmel says. It took some time to plumb the walls and reprogram the entire apartment, but once accomplished, things really began to harmonize from room to room. In the living room, all eyes dart straight to the geometric, glossy wood ceiling that was cleated in place. “The ceiling is truly stunning,” says Himmel of the millwork. “But the best part of the whole design process was that I helped curate the collection of 21st century furniture and quirky art,” he adds with a laugh. Just ask the blue Goofy who keeps watch over the living room—between its woodwork and offbeat decor, this apartment is a feast for the eyes.




Architecture: Volume 1  

A Special Edition From Design Bureau 2012