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jewel restaurant melville, long island, ny

Firm / dallago associates Principal Architect / karen dallago and sharon dallago-genden project type / restaurant PHOTOGRApher / Glenn bucalo

At the Jewel, “the more bling and fun elements, the better,” says designer Sharon Dallago-Genden. The Long Island restaurant’s whimsical interior architecture certainly reflects the combined dramatic styles of its vivacious owners Tom Schaudel, a renowned chef and Long Island native, and Mark Beige, proprietor of Rubie’s Costumes, a go-to emporium for all things sparkly and sequined. Schaudel and Beige specifically asked for a fun space, and sisters/designers Karen and Sharon let their imaginations run wild. To ensure that the 10,000 square-foot space always feels right, they built in elements that can be amped up or toned down, depending on the crowd. “We worked really hard to make the 10,000 square-feet flexible,” says Sharon Dallago-Genden. “On a slow night, elements can be dimmed down so that the restaurant isn’t too much.” These elements include a 50foot chandelier made from over 500 colored glass orbs, and rows of ceilingmounted table lamps, which Dallago-Genden admits were a “hard sell” to Schaudel and Beige. A large open kitchen turns cooking into a performance, and hand-painted quotes painted on custom chalkboards remind diners that they shouldn’t take their food too seriously. “My favorite quote comes from Tom’s dad,” Karen Dallago says. “It’s, ‘Shut up and eat your dinner.’” And if you’re a man, you get to enjoy the restaurant’s wittiest design moment while taking a bathroom break. “On the urinal wall, we put up an image of the paparazzi,” Dallago-Genden says. “It looks like they’re looking at you. Then we put flashbulbs in each of their cameras. When you hit the urinal, the flashbulbs go off and funny sayings come out of speakers tucked into the walls,” she says. The Dallagos, Schaudel, and his daughter composed the hilarious sayings. Sharon even recorded the funniest saying herself. “It questions, ‘Do you really need to use two hands?’” CONTINUED >




Architecture: Volume 1  
Architecture: Volume 1  

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