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Schönberg Home Addition charlotte, nc

Firm / DIALECT DESIGN Principal Architects / TOBY WITTE & JAHAN NOURBAKHSH project type / residential PHOTOS / courtesy of dialect design

In the Schönberg addition, Toby Witte and Jahan Norbakhsh brought the concept of a backyard treehouse inside. “The Schönbergs asked us to create a wing for their three daughters, ages 4, 7, and 11. They wanted one room each, a shared bath, and a common area to play and read,” Witte says. Since trees surround the home, the architects playfully incorporated them into the second-story addition by building a stepped library that peers out directly into the leafy branches. “The library’s summit is expertly nestled in the treetops, and the space is fashioned of bookcases acting as cushioned benches,” Witte says of the small nook. It’s a tiny spot where the girls can sprawl out, read, and look out into the trees, which they enjoy doing often.




Architecture: Volume 1  
Architecture: Volume 1  

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