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the sliver champaign, il

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Ample space is not a luxury available at most college campuses, and this is true at Fell’s Sliver project, an off-campus apartment building at the University of Illinois. “As a campus housing project, the main goal is to maximize the number of bedrooms available,” Fell says of the Sliver’s main objective. The Sliver, however, sits on a “non-conforming” 40-foot by 66-foot lot, a small size by most standards, and made even smaller due to a strict requirement for on-site parking. So, to push the number of bedrooms to the limit, Fell had to get creative building’s plan. “The most efficient building type for these restrictions is a duplex,” Fell says. Thinking vertically, the architect constructed the five-bedroom dupli side-by-side and raised the ground level up by a one-half story in order to tuck the parking underneath. The extra half-level even gives each unit’s roof terrace a clear view across U of I’s campus. It’s not a typical college rental, but that has absolutely worked to The Sliver’s advantage. “The building has a waitlist,” Fell says.

Project Credits Principal Architect: Andrew Fell Senior Associate: Sara Riebe Associate Architect: Martha Stoakes Design Associate: Tyler Harries Building Owner: Scott Cochrane, JTS Properties Wells and Wells Construction




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A Special Edition From Design Bureau 2012