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The new markers along the trail need to withstand the test of time. “It was a challenge to achieve strength in the structures as well as durability in the panels,” says Keith Crossman of Acorn Sign Graphics, the company responsible for the markers’ fabrication. Acorn ultimately settled on CorTen steel, a metal that looks modern but won’t wear down as the years pass. “The markers work well visually in both the natural and urban locations in which they are placed,” Crossman says. “They evoke the past and connect to the present, honoring both history and progress.”


Project Credits Project Team: Burt Pinnock, Suzanne Tripp, Ben Winn Client: City of Richmond, Slave Trail Commission: Jeannie Welliver, Project Manager Marker base fabrication and installation: Acorn Sign Graphics Porcelain Enameled Panels: Windsor Fireform

Architecture: Volume 1  

A Special Edition From Design Bureau 2012