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Grand Ole Opry House Flood Re-Build Nashville, TN

Firm / Plad Studio Principal Architects / David Plummer and Justin Lowe project type / performance venue PHOTOGRApher / Chris hollo

If you had tickets to the Grand Ole Opry in the beginning of May 2010, you would have been out of luck—the stage stood under four feet of water, due to Nashville’s epic floods. Once the floodwaters receded, it became instantly clear that the damage done to the music hall was extensive. But as the saying goes, “the show must go on,” so the Opry needed repaired, and fast. Plad led the charge through the whirlwind restoration, and agreed to share the details and the new-and-improved music hall. DB: The flood essentially destroyed the Grand Ole Opry’s interior. When you took on the restoration, what became your first priority? Justin Lowe: Priority number one was to get the Opry House back open – as soon as possible! For the first month or so, that was the only priority. The direction was to “put it back like it was,” except where we had an opportunity to improve accessibility. This was a 100,000 square foot project that was given 19 weeks from the day we were called to the site until the facility had to reopen for its first return CONTINUED >




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