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flatiron apartment new york, nY

FIRM / urban edition principal architect / JEFF GOLDBERGER project type / residential PHOTOGRApher / Chris Smith

DB: With the Flatiron Apartment, the homeowners wanted a minimalist home, but they also wanted their Bridge trophy and awards collection to serve as a focal point. How did you accomplish this without sacrificing minimalism’s refined look? Jeff Goldberger: Minimalism is often characterized by calm abstraction, often peaceful but sometimes static. My clients are master Bridge players—one a world champion, the other a well-known writer/commentator of the game. They needed to showcase a large collection of trophies and books, so it was an integral part of the design. Two key design elements shift this apartment from neutral into drive. Somewhat subtly, the angled whitewashed oak flooring adds energy to the space. More obviously, in freeing the bookshelves from a frame, wrapping the corner to give it three dimensions, and minimizing the vertical elements to emphasize horizontal movement, the shelves and their contents enliven and interact with the space, rather than sit on the wall like a photograph. CONTINUED >



Modernized Minimalism

Architecture: Volume 1  

A Special Edition From Design Bureau 2012