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Palmerston by DCube: Large panel sizes maximize a view, even when closed.

DCUBE Group of Companies 3901 Charles Street Burnaby, BC, Canada

Linear House by Patkau: Awarded best residential design in Canada. 78 x 8.6 ft. in 8 panels.


A transom was replaced by 6 x 12 ft. panels, which are very easily moved by hand.

This 40 x 21 ft. acoustic system with 2 x 4� steel core is manually operated but could have been automated.

Makes light work of large and heavy doors

Project credits Phalanx Distribution Corp.

Manufacturer of the "MADE IN CANADA" Mansouri Collection 2012. Contact for exclusive distribution rights. Waterfront Homes

Slung! Doors is a custom, high-end niche builder and hand crafter of large, heavy doors and moveable wall systems. The Patented Slung! Suspension System allows the delivery of very large panel sizes for exterior and interior use, in residential, hospitality and institutional applications.

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Architecture: Volume 1  

A Special Edition From Design Bureau 2012