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Chris Force: ----MUSIC EDITOR

Scott Morrow: ----DESIGN DIRECTOR

Lindsey Eden Turner ----WRITERS

Michael Danaher, Noah Davis, Megan Dawson, John Dugan, Mallory Gevaert, Patrick Hajduch, Mike Hilleary, Dave Hofer, Connie Hwong, Meaghann Korbel, Deborah Jian Lee, Zach Long, Bobby Markos, Felix Martin, David Metcalfe, Todd Nief, Michael Nolledo, Saby Reyes-Kulkarni, Timothy A. Schuler, Jessica Steinhoff, John Taylor, Jeff Terich, Benjamin van Loon photographers & illustrators

Josh Band, Faith Coloccia, Shelby Duncan, Christopher Häring, Olivia Jaffe, JUCO, Noah Kalina, Chona Kasinger, Robin Laananen, Michael Lavine, Marshall Franklin Long, Raquel Olivo, Lisa Predko, Drew Reynolds, Jon Shaft, Simon Simard, Samantha Simmons, Nathanael Turner, Sloan Wolf cover image

Soundgarden by Michael Lavine ----marketing manager

Danelle Sarvas: business development managers

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