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TEXT By Saby Reyes-Kulkarni Photos by David Milne

51 in 51 Not ones to back down from The Flaming Lips’ world-record challenges, The Melvins spent September and October trying to become Guinness World Records holders for touring all 50 United States (plus DC) in 51 days.


Squarepusher Bending minds and blending senses with the electro/bass maestro’s new A.V. experience

but I think they’re surprised that it is as good as it is. They knew it would be cool. I’m really happy with it. Do you have any more writing planned for this year? We have a lot of work planned for this year. And we have a lot of things that we’ve recorded that are going to come out that no one knows about yet. So it’s going to be a good year—before the world ends at the end of the year.


n his latest album, Ufabulum, trailblazing bassist / electronic musician Squarepusher (neé Tom Jenkinson) abandoned live instruments in favor of a strictly digital approach. But beyond the music—a mix of pulsing beats and breaks, squelches, bass rumbles, and familiar Squarepusher melodies—Jenkinson’s accompanying live show has stolen headlines. Like a joint alien transmission and multimedia art show, the luminescent setup flashes monochromatic LED patterns on a pair of large screens and a custom-made mask. Here Jenkinson takes us inside his dream- and synesthesiainspired visuals. How much did you have visuals in mind while you were making the music on Ufabulum? Often I experience an imaginative effect from music—and have done for all my life. The music will bring about anything from a sensation of color to an ISSUE 40



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ALARM Magazine #40