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HEIGHT FIVE-SEVEN text by Michael Nolledo Photo by Raquel Olivo

LA-based crate-digger Logan Melissa is a minority within a minority—a female among diehard vinyl collectors. An MF Doom and Madlib super-fan, she chronicles her impressive hip-hop, soul, jazz, and funk finds at while showing off a personal style that includes two-piece bikinis and sundresses. What advantages and disadvantages do you have as a crate-digging lady? My breasts get in the way of me reaching forward. I have weak arms, and carrying a big stack weighs me down. Otherwise, there are no real disadvantages—it’s great! Plus…look, mom: I’m in a magazine! Do you ever try to match your outfits to the records you’re covering? Ha, no. Sometimes I’ll try to make my clothes thematically similar like the “Oxnard Stars” shirt I wore when I took photos for a post about Vanilla Fudge. (Oxnard, California, is the hometown of Madlib, who sampled Vanilla Fudge for a Lootpack record.) What are your digging habits? Cyberdigging is for the soulless, so I keep it strictly real world. I’m not so much into obscurity as I am into finding a really great deal on something. Ninety-ninecent bins are where I hang out. You don’t need to spend a lot to amass a supertight collection. What are the five most coveted records in your collection? The records I value the most have a life-experience component that makes them meaningful. I value my parents’ original Beach Boys and Parliament records, and a copy of this bluegrass album Old and in the Way. I have an original pressing of [Eazy-E’s] Eazy-Duz-It. But my rarest record is probably Rasputin’s Stash. ISSUE 40



ALARM Magazine #40  
ALARM Magazine #40